Abine Blur Review For The Cryptosphere In 2020

Just like the agricultural revolution and the industrial revolution changed the face of the world. In the same way, the digital revolution has the same impact. With greater people participation and disruptive technologies, it is significantly improving people’s lives. But, all these benefits came at a huge cost, which is compromising the privacy of people.

Your personal details including your address, phone number, credit card details, and IP address are easily available on the internet and are traded. And worst, you cannot control it. Sounds concerning, Right?

This is where Abine can help you with its intense security and privacy-protecting suites. It is trusted by over 20 million people worldwide to protect their identity from getting used in the wrong way.

What is Abine?

Abine is an online privacy company that offers easy-to-use online tools that allow you to control what personal information companies, third parties, and other people will see about you on the internet.

Based in Boston, USA, Abine has been available since 2014 and was originally launched back in 2011 as DoNotTrackMe.

Abine helps you to remain anonymous and lets you decide who gets your private information and who doesn’t. It has two apps, DeleteMe app, which removes personal information from search engines and Blur app, a unique multi-purpose password manager. Both are highly recommended tools in this highly evolving digital space, where data security and privacy are of utmost importance.

The rest of the blog will feature the Blur app and how it makes the cryptosphere more secure…

The Blur App Overview

Blur is the core product of Abine and is installed as an extension to your browser. It offers online security services like password management, email masking, and virtual burner credit card (unique disposable credit card) to maintain your privacy.

Let us discuss each of its features one by one.

Password Management

In the evolving digital ecosystem, where every service is present online, creating a separate account for each service has become necessary. And, to simplify the process of account management, we tend to set a common username and password. The practice itself is not safe and increases the chance of hacking.

Blur can save you from this trouble. From the creation of strong passwords to securely storing it, Blur does it all.

When creating a new account, you can use Blur to create a complex hard-to-crack password with just one click and also store it with them securely, so that you never lose access to your account. It follows a zero-knowledge security model which includes several security features.

All passwords are encrypted using AES-256 encryption and implementing host-proof hosting, Blur ensures only you can decrypt your personal information.

Through Blur’s mobile app, you can sync all your accounts and passwords with all your other devices. And, the service also refrains you from reusing passwords.

Masked Emails/Mobile Phone Number/Credit Card Info

Blur has some unique masking capabilities that let you mask your emails, phone numbers, and credit card detail so that any potential scammer can’t get hold of your personal information.

Through the mask button, Blur creates and auto-fills a new and different email-id, phone number, and credit card detail which it gives instead of real information. 

All the masked email, phone number, and credit card data are real. Therefore, whenever someone sends a mail to your masked email, that email is forwarded securely to your real email id. And, the same is the process with your masked phone number. 

In the case of a masked credit card, if a merchant overcharges one of your Masked Cards, no extra charges will be added on your real private credit card you’ve set up with Blur.

Blur’s concept of masking works in the same way call forwarding and email forwarding works. But, for payments, it uses a much more sophisticated system. 

Other Features

  • AutoFill 

The “AutoFill” feature lets you autofill masked credit card details, addresses, and even full identity forms. This feature separates Blur from other password management systems where you need to find and manually enter them. 

  • Anti-tracking 

The anti-tracking feature is free for all Blur customers. It blocks all those third-party platforms that collect your browsing history, social media, online transactions to sell your data, or for displaying ads. 

Also, it provides the full statistics on tracking and details of blocked websites while browsing the web. 

  • Autolock

The Autolock feature logs you out of the Blur account during an active session at specified intervals (15 min to a day) or on browser restart. This ensures your passwords are protected from unauthorized access to your computer or device. 

  • Importing password

Blur allows you to import passwords from other password management systems directly or via CSV. You can directly import from several services like 1 Password, KeePass, Dashlane, etc. 

Plan & Pricing

Blur is available in two versions- free to use version and premium version. The free version includes email masking, encrypted passwords, tracker blocking, and auto-fill.

While the premium version includes everything from the free version plus masked cards ( burned cards), masked phone, and back-up and sync option. 

For premium unlimited plans, you need to pay $14.99 monthly and yearly $99. You can also go for the basic plan that costs $39 yearly and includes only a masked credit card feature. 

The Signing-up Process

Starting with Blur is very easy and takes no time to create an account. The first step is to add and enable the Blur extension to your browser. The service will redirect to a webpage, where you need to sign-up using your email-id and password, and its completed. 

You will be shown a backup phrase, which you need to save separately. In case, if you ever forgot your Blur password, the backup phrase is the only way that allows you to restore your account. 

Separately, you can also enable two-factor authentication for an added layer of security. 

Customer Support

Abine Blur’s customer support team can be reached Monday-Friday (9 Am- 5 PM) via live chat or email support.

The free users will hear back from Blur within 3 business days and premium customers are reverted within 1 business day. 

Also, the website has detailed FAQs that are quite resourceful and the majority of the issues you may face can be found listed here with proposed solutions. 

How is Blur useful for cryptos?

For users dealing in cryptocurrencies, Blur is a highly recommended tool for account protection and privacy solutions. And, it has got many applications in the cryptosphere.

Right from password management, masked email and credit cards, anti-tracking, and auto-lock, Blur can be used for greater account protection and wallet security. 

Through Blur’s masked card feature, you can make secure deposits and withdrawals without revealing your identity and card details. 

In 2015, Abine Blur tested a beta platform with Coinbase, where it allowed Coinbase users to link their wallets and make bitcoin payments at any e-commerce store through masked cards. 


Abine’s Blur turns out to be a pretty straightforward and reliable browser extension. It does an admirable job of protecting your privacy, thereby improving your whole digital experience. No more snooping, spamming, spoofing, and phishing. 

With excellent cross-device compatibility and cloud backup features, Blur scores ahead of many standalone password managers in the market. Surprisingly, with all premium security tools, Blur is extremely cheap. 

Currently, one of the best privacy solution tools in the market. 


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