Bankera Loans Review: Lending for the Blockchain Era !!

Cryptocurrencies have brought many people from rags to riches, but many have gone from riches to rags too.

This can happen quickly in the cryptosphere if things are not done wisely.

But as the market is maturing, so are the decisions of players in the market. Previously, many would dump their cryptos and exit for a profit or an irreparable loss.

Now, you have alternative things to do, even if your position isn’t playing so well.

One can easily keep their cryptocurrencies and also open a credit line on them to fulfill the needs, thereby lessening the pump and dump-game.

  • Wondering how?

Well, blockchain-based cryptocurrency loans make this possible.

One such company rolling the ball in this area is Bankera Loans and its blockchain-based lending techniques, which is also the discussion point of today !!

Bankera Review & Crypto Loans Introduction

Bankera Loans is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency lending platform for the 21st century that provides crypto-backed loans to its customers.

These are collateralized loans where the customers are required to keep their cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, DASH, etc. as collateral to get cash-based loans or crypto loans. This makes it an efficient way to open crypto credit lines without giving-up the actual ownership of cryptocurrencies at nominal interest rates.

Also, this a smart way for borrowers to get the much need liquidity and, at the same time, have the option of claiming back your cryptocurrencies, which can be even worth much more in the future.

There is more to Bankera loans, which makes it one of the exciting prospects to borrow/lend cryptocurrencies, so stick with us !!

How Does Bankera Loan Work?

Bankera Loans works in the same way as other crypto lenders – clients can use their crypto assets as collateral and get a loan of up to 75% of their crypto value (one of the highest LTVs in the market).

On a high level here is sneak peek into its working:

#1. Deposits Assets

Register on Bankera Loans and get done with your KYC quickly.

Individual verification usually takes no more than one business day. Business verification may take longer and will depend mostly on how quickly you can provide the required documentation.

Once this is done, deposit your collateral cryptocurrency into the wallet of Bankera Loans and wait for the blockchain to confirm it. This should not take more than a couple of minutes to an hour, depending upon the collateral you have chosen.

#2. Choose Your Term

Choose the currency in which you would like to receive your loan or, in other words, open the credit line. Check the LTV ratio and review the interest rate from your end, along with the time period.

#3. Receive Loan

Once your collateral is confirmed, and Bankera Loans verifies, the things from their end withdrawals will be made directly to your account.

At Bankera Loans, you can get a loan up to the LTV of 75%, but let, for example, the LTV is 50%, and the total worth of your collateral is $10,000, then you can receive a loan up to $5000.

#4. Maintain LTV

Keep an eye on the value of your collateral and keep maintaining your LTV by repaying it or increasing the value of your collateral.

#5. Repay

Interest payments are debited automatically every month. The credit line is repaid manually on the platform, and loans extended even beyond one year.

#6. Withdraw Collateral

The repayment of the loan is quite flexible. You can pay any time, and there are no penalties on early payment too. Also, you can avail discount on the interest rate if your collateral or repayment is in Bankera tokens (BNK). You can repay all or part of your loan at any time, including the assets deposited in your Bankera Wallet.

Once you have repaid your full loan amount along with interest, you can easily withdraw your crypto collaterals from the Bankera wallet to another crypto wallet in your control.

How To Get Crypto Loan from Bankera?

Getting crypto loans from Bankera is a very straight forward affair and is much quicker than traditional lending markets because Bankera loans are almost instantaneous

Step 1. If you are a new user, sign up for a new account and complete your KYC by submitting relevant photo ID proofs

Step 2. Deposit assets in the currency you will use as collateral. For example, deposit BTC, ETH, DASH, etc.

Step 3. Click one of the buttons requesting to get a credit line.

Step 4. Choose your terms and follow instructions. Review the loan amount, LTV, interest rate, the duration, etc. in this step

Step 5. Submit the application. If your application is successful, the credit line will be instantly issued to your wallet on the Bankera Loans website.

Features Of Bankera Loans

  • Bankera Minimum Loan Limit: $25 (€25)
  • Bankera Maximum Loan Limit: $1 million
  • Bankera Loan To Value Ratio (LTV): 25%-75%
  • Bankera Loan Term: Up to 1 year (can be extended)
  • Bankera Loan Interest Rate: 6.95%-12.95%
  • Bankera Loan Calculator: Inbuilt in the Bankera platform

Which do Cryptocurrencies Bankera Loans accept?

As of now, the Bankera platform accepts four cryptocurrencies as collateral, and they are namely, BTC, ETH, XEM, and DASH, whereas withdrawal & repayment can be done in EUR, BNK, BTC, USDT, XEM, and DASH.

Why Choose Bankera Loans?

Bankera Loans has certain USPs, which makes it an interesting prospect to be used for crypto-backed loans.

The loans at Bankera start from $25/€25 (from what we know – the lowest minimum in the market), payouts are almost instant, and clients are serviced globally – so nearly every crypto holder can get financed.

Loans can be paid out in Euros or cryptocurrencies (BTC, USDT, …).

Loans are issued for one year but can be repaid earlier (with no penalty) or can be extended for a more extended period. Interest rates start from 6.95% with no hidden fees.

This is why one should choose Bankera Loans and must keep atleast keep in contention.

Who Can Use Bankera Loans?

  • Crypto Hodlers

Get financing without selling your cryptocurrencies. Place Bitcoin, Ether, or other crypto assets as collateral and receive a credit line of up to 75% of the collateral value.

  • Crypto Investment Funds

Crypto fund house can use the loans as credit for investments, leveraging positions, or to diversify your portfolio

  • Businesses & Companies

These loans can offer financing to various companies that own crypto assets which aren’t yielding any liquidity by just been there in wallets

  • Exchanges & Brokerages

Exchanges and crypto brokers can use the loan funds to invest in growth, get financing for operational expenses, or for other specific business purposes they may have.


If you are someone who has used this platform already? Then do share your experience with us in the comments below !!

If you haven’t yet looked Bankera Loans, check them out soon as the registrations might close due increase in popularity of crypto-backed loans !!

Note: Supported globally, excluding several countries (such as US, Japan, China, Lithuania) and some countries due to their high-risk status (such as FATF “call for action” list, high terrorism risk, etc.).


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