Best Crypto & Bitcoin Debit Cards To Use In 2020

The introduction of crypto debit cards is a turning point in the evolution of the crypto sphere. They assist in mainstream adoption of the cryptos to giving users a way to spend their cryptos, which otherwise mostly stays in the wallet.

Crypto debit cards free you from the responsibility of carrying a device anywhere you go and functions just like a standard debit card.

Just top-up your crypto debit card with BTC or any other crypto, and you are good to go. The card issuer handles the rest of the processes like fiat conversion, transaction processing.

And, crypto debit cards are completely safe, which helps to build confidence among the users using cryptos. That’s why now let me share with you the best Bitcoin and crypto debit cards to use in 2020.

Best Bitcoin & Crypto Credit-Debit Cards To Use MCO VISA Cards

The MCO VISA Card is a prepaid card available only to residents of the US and Singapore as of now. It recently got approval to launch its MCO VISA card program in Europe and expected to be there anytime soon.

The card comes in five different variants and is built-to-last with its metal build, which gives a distinct and elegant look.

The card offers a host of benefits to users like up to 5% rewards on all card spending, 100% rewards on Spotify and Netflix, and 10% rewards on Expedia and Airbnb. Plus, there is no monthly fee imposed on the use of the card. The rewards are credited in form MCO tokens in your wallet for an agreed period.

The card can be used to pay in over 40 million PoS worldwide, wherever VISA payments are supported. It also supports ATM withdrawals and offers free withdrawal up to a certain limit. To obtain the card, the user needs to fulfill the KYC verification process.

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Wirex Bitcoin Visa Payment Card

Wirex VISA card is a next-generation multi-currency travel card that lets you use more than 12 digital and traditional currencies at the point of sale, wherever VISA payments are accepted.

The Wirex card is available for use in Europe and select countries in the Asia Pacific region. You can check for your region by visiting this link.

Benefits offered in Wirex card are:

  • 0.5% BTC cashback on in-store spendings
  • Low monthly fee
  • Transfer funds in and out of your account through SWIFT/SEPA
  • Track your payments and manage your account through in-app messages

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Wirex debit card is ATM withdrawals are not free but expect that to change soon as the adoption of crypto rises.

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Uquid Card

Uquid Card is a straight-forward Bitcoin prepaid card with valid use only in the United Kingdom. Unlike other crypto debit cards, which are launched in partnership with VISA or MasterCard, Uquid has no such partnership.

However, the card is packed with features that help it to offer multiple benefits to its users.

  • Zero fees on PoS transactions and free online shopping
  • Can be linked to PayPal
  • Unlimited ATM withdrawals
  • Manage your funds through a PC or mobile device
  • Instantly convert your digital currency to a different currency
  • No KYC requirements
  • Refunds and rewards are credited directly to your card
  • Uses a state-of-the-art secure technology platform to keep your finds secure

There are no charges for the delivery of the card. For pricing and limit on transactions, check here.

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Cryptopay Prepaid Card

Cryptopay is a Bitcoin prepaid card available for users in Europe, UK, and Russia. And, likely to be launched soon in Singapore. Despite not having a partnership with any major payment services provider, the Cryptopay cards are accepted worldwide.

The Cryptopay prepaid card has two variants:

  • Plastic prepaid card: Suitable for ATM withdrawals and offline shopping
  • Virtual prepaid card: Suitable for online shopping and account verifications

Some of the distinct features of Cryptopay prepaid cards are:

  • Shop anywhere in the world, wherever major cards are accepted
  • The card works offline, online and internationally, making it simple to use
  • Can top-up your prepaid card directly from your Cryptopay Bitcoin wallet
  • Supports worldwide ATM withdrawals
  • No KYC verification required, but residents of France have to complete the KYC process per French law

Click this link below to check the “Pricing and Limits” of the card.

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The BitPay is a prepaid VISA card that is available and supported across all states in the United States.

It offers a straightforward user interface, wherein users need to load BTC or BCH balance in the BitPay app and can start spending funds within minutes. Plus, the card can be used with any retailer worldwide, whoever accepts VISA payments.

Some of the features of the card are:

  • An initial order fee applicable of $9.95 (payable in BTC and BCH), after that, no monthly fee
  • KYC verification mandatory to place order for the card
  • No transaction fee within the US
  • You can manage your card and track transactions from the app

BitPay charges a dormancy fee of $5 per month if the card is no used for 90 days until the BitPay Card is again.

To know more about pricing, check here.

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Bitsa offers plastic as well as a virtual prepaid VISA card that allows you to top-up from cryptocurrencies, vouchers, debit or credit cards, and even through bank transfer.

The card is available for users residing in Europe and can be used for online shopping, in-store purchase, ATM withdrawal, SEPA credit transfer, transfer between cards. The card can be used for everything where VISA is accepted.

One of the unique features of this card is, despite being a VISA card, it can keep the identity of users anonymous. Applying for Bitsa prepaid VISA card does not require users to complete the KYC process.

Check the link to know more about the card.

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If now, you are confused about which Bitcoin debit card to choose among so many options?

I would recommend you select the card which is valid in your country after checking the card issuer’s background.

And, don’t forget to have a look at pricing and limits as it is vital to know the actual cost of using the card. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment box and which card you like the most !!


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