Best Bitcoin Mining Softwares To Use In 2020

If you have come here looking for the best bitcoin mining softwares, then you are in the right place.

Bitcoin mining has evolved a lot since its introduction and is currently a different ball game with its own economics.

With high investment and operating costs, the whole bitcoin mining activity got concentrated on mining pools run by large companies, giving too little scope for individual miners to start and profit from it.

On the other hand, through cloud mining, it gets effortless for individuals to start mining with smaller costs.

But not everyone likes cloud mining.

So if you have decided to get into bitcoin mining through self-hosted mining farms or by joining mining pools, then this guide will help you to select the best bitcoin mining softwares for that purpose.

Best Bitcoin Mining Softwares For Mac/Windows/Linux

#1. NiceHash Miner

Anyone who has been involved in the crypto mining activity must have given a thought of using or have used NiceHash miner. It’s an excellent place for newcomers to start and learn the tricks of this occupation.

Based on the concept of sharing economy, NiceHash is a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of computing power/hash power. It’s a bit different from cloud mining, as it only connects the end-users of hash power.

The set-up process of NiceHash miner can be completed within minutes, and users can start mining immediately. For mining, you first need to select the pool on which you want to mine and then place the order for hash power. Once the miner confirms the order, the hash power is redirected to the pool, and you receive cryptocurrency as a reward.

Features of NiceHash miner:

  • Supports NVIDIA and AMD graphics card, Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Automatic algorithm switching
  • Can buy a massive amount of hash power and spend it in a concise duration
  • Flexible cost structure, you pay as you mine

The benefit of using NiceHash miner is, it doesn’t require massive investment and specialized skills for running mining operations.

Check Out NiceHash Miner

#2. Honeyminer

Honeyminer allows anyone with their computer, irrespective of the type and spec to mine cryptocurrencies, and generates a passive income from it. Its sophisticated mining tool does not require any input from the user and runs on the background of your computer operation.

If you are concerned with the safety and privacy of your computer data as it runs on the background. To be sure, Honeyminer employs some of the highest standard security features on its platform. Strong encryption, 2FA & strict password policy, audited code, and cold wallet storage ensures your every piece of data is secure and safe.

It also offers its patron an opportunity to increase their earning through its Honey Hotel program by renting extra hash power from the company mining operation.

Regarding profits from mining, a lot depends on the power of your computer and the market position of cryptos, including the mining difficulty.

Check Out Honeyminer 

#3. MultiMiner App

Probably one of the best mining software that allows monitoring and crypto mining on Windows, iOS, and Linux. It is suitable for both newcomers and professional miners.

It’s a simplified version of BFGMiner. Also, it has simplified switching devices (CPU/GPU/FPGAs) between cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Some of the advanced features include:

  • Detects available mining hardware and through its intuitive display shows the most profitable coin you would like to mine
  • Configurable strategies for automatically mining currencies
  • Integration of online services helps to provide up-to-date coin information
  • Automatically detects, monitor, and control standalone miners on your network
  • Can remotely monitor, configure and control any MultiMiner rig on your network
  • Allows monitoring of rigs from your mobile phone or desktop
  • Automatic updates keep MultiMiner and BGFMiner updated and safe

Check Out MultiMiner

#4. CGminer

CGminer is one of the most trusted and oldest names in the industry and continues to be under active development, even after six years of launch.

Coded in C, which means it is compatible with all system types, be it Windows, OS X, or Linux, and is popular for FPGAs and ASIC mining. It works via command line, for example, whether to detect any new hardware you have connected or enabling verbose mode, you need to enter keyboard command. 

CGminer can even be used by hardcore miners and offers a ton of benefits like advanced detection of new blocks, remote monitoring capabilities, overclocking capabilities, API monitoring, configuring files.

It supports most of the Bitcoin ASIC miners and allows you to mine solo or with any pool.

CGminer provides great control over your hardware, like when it comes to adjusting fan speed, voltage, or giving a command to a specific mining machine providing the ability to fine-tune your FPGAs or ASIC for better gains.

Check Out CGminer

#5. EasyMiner

More than a miner, EasyMiner is a graphical open-source version of CGminer and BFGminer and suitable for those who dislike mining on command-line based mining platforms.

Extremely easy to use with a neat interface, EasyMiner allows you to mine different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others.

The software is only compatible with Windows, Ubuntu, and ASIC mining hardware. It lets you go solo with mining or join a mining pool on the Moneymaker mode. 

It also offers real-time analysis and statistics of your mining performance that includes hash rate, accepted/invalid, and total shares in the past hour, earnings potential, and other information. 

Check Out EasyMiner

#6. BetterHash

BetterHash is counted among the top free bitcoin mining softwares that allows anyone to mine bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies using their existing computer system. The mining software is compatible only with Windows 64bit OS.

With its simple user-interface and options of advanced setting, it is an ideal option for both beginners and professional crypto miners.

It supports a wide range of coins starting from Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Monero, Dash, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Gold.  Some of  its advanced features include:

  • The quick and easy set-up process
  • Can automatically select the most profitable coin for mining
  • Zero cost structure, no mining and withdrawal fee
  • Supports both GPU and CPU mining
  • Can connect and monitor ASIC miners
  • Automatic updates keep the software bug-free and safe
  • Benchmark utility
  • Autostart with system
  • Payment in bitcoin & other cryptos

Check Out BetterHash Miner


Successful crypto mining depends on a lot of factors, including hardware type, access to a cheap power source, market conditions, mining difficulty level, and foremost, which type of mining software you are using. 

A good mining software offers you the flexibility and higher chances of profitability from existing resources. It acts as a bridge between your hardware and the mining network, and the one with more versatility stays ahead in the race.

Now, if we discuss in terms of which option is better for beginners, then NiceHash, HoneyMiner, and BetterHash have a clear advantage due to its flexible hardware requirement.

And, CGminer, MultiMiner, and EasyMiner look suitable for the professional miners. 

If you have any personal experience regarding any mining software, do share your thoughts or if you have questions, feel free to write to us in the comments below 🙂

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