How To Get Bitcoin/Crypto Loan Without Collateral?

Are you looking for Bitcoin and crypto loans without collateral with no verification?

Well, you are in the right place !!

First things first:

There is no such thing as a BTC loan or a crypto loan without any collateral or verification.


If you are, you shouldn’t be because that will be too good a deal to be true.

Chances are someone is trying to scam you, if they are presenting any deal on similar lines.

I have been into this industry from the past three years almost and 100% of the time such fairy tale deals have proven to be shady or scammy.

So stay away from them.

What you should do next is to find out the right Bitcoin loan and crypto loan companies who will keep your cryptocurrencies as collateral to give a fair amount of loans.

This way, you will not part away from the future value appreciation of your digital assets and at the same time, get the much-required loan to meet your needs.

It is simple, when you have the money, return it and get your cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin whatever you have kept as collateral back.

I have done some homework on your behalf. Here are some of the companies that you can try to get Bitcoin and crypto loans if you are already holding

How & Where To Get Instant Bitcoin/Crypto Loans No Collateral & No Verification In 2019

If you have Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, this is the best place to land for an instant Bitcoin or crypto loan. Make sure to keep your crypto wallet as well as your photo ID proofs handy.


Make sure to get your $25 as welcome bonus reward when you take a loan worth $500 or more using this promo link of oursNote: US & China users not allowed yet !!

I found YouHolder earlier this year, and it has become my favorite service when it comes to crypto loans.

YouHodler is a Fintech company registered in Cyprus, Europe and has been gaining a lot of support from crypto loan seekers from around the world.

They specialize in providing crypto-backed loans funded in USD, EUR, or stablecoins. As of now, at YouHodler, you can keep  Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Ripple (XRP), DASH, Augur (REP) and other popular cryptocurrencies as collateral to get your fiat or stablecoin loans.

It gets better:

YouHodler has an LTV of 90%, which is the maximum in the crypto-backed loan industry.

Meaning, if you collateralize 1 BTC on YouHodler and if the BTC is trading at $10,000 price mark, you will get $9000 in USD or EUR or stablecoin. Hence allowing you to get the maximum loan out of your crypto holdings.

Whereas, other players in this space provide up to 50% LTV.

Moreover, you can take loans as low as $100 up to #30,000 for a period between 30 to 180 days from the YouHodler platform. So here is how you get access to a crypto credit line on YouHolder:

  • Go to YouHodler & click on ‘Open Account.’
  • Use your email ID to complete the registration.
  • Now complete your KYC by submitting relevant photo ID proofs.
  • Go to the ‘Wallet’ section and deposit the cryptocurrency you wish to keep as collateral
  • Go to the ‘Get Loan’ section and select the amount of crypto you want to keep as collateral.
  • See the LTV you wish to opt for and click ‘Get Loan.’
  • Your loan is processed in seconds.

 Check Out YouHodler Now

Borrow Bitcoin Without Collateral

Borrow money for bitcoin is common but borrowing money in Bitcoin without any collateral isn’t that easy !!

Oh yes, there is one company that gives you loans without any collateral in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Of course, they are not a scam, but they don’t provide loans for Bitcoin. Instead, they use Bitcoin’s blockchain for processing their loan payments. They work like a traditional financier where your other documents are checked to know your creditworthiness.

So there is a subtle difference between borrowing money against Bitcoin and getting loans funded in Bitcoin. Bitbond does the later whereas YouHolder does the former.

I hope now you are clear and would like to ponder upon this idea of not selling your crypto holdings and instead collateralize it to get instant loans.

Last but not least, you need to go through the KYC process on all such crypto collateralized lending platforms. There is no way of getting around it. I think it is sensible to do so also because you will have much need proof in case something goes wrong.

Adios !!

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  1. What the hell is the fucking point of even taking a damned loan if you have to pay more into the collateral than the goddamn loan amount itself ? Since at that point you already have the money to use for whatever, so why lock them away for a smaller amount that comes with fees and interest.

    The whole point of a loan is to buy something that you don’t have the money for, and pay the loan back with a amount and timeframe that fits your economy/income.

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