How & Where To Buy Bitcoin With PayPal?

Looking to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with PayPal?

Well, you are in the right place. But first things first,

There is no direct way of buying BTC in PayPal. But there are certain easy ways to do that and that’s what we have tried to list here in this article.

So make sure you check the whole list:

Buy Bitcoin From/In Paypal App [No ID]

Services Selling Bitcoin For PayPal Quick Links
Paxful [All Countries] Buy BTC Now [Recommended]
LocalBitcoins [All Countries] Buy BTC Now [Second Best]
eToro Buy BTC Now
VirWox [Discountinued] Buy BTC Now

Note: No ID is a myth. You mostly need to give your ID at almost all the places to buy BTC if you are touching fiat. if you want to buy Bitcoin anonymously without ID here are ways !!

#1. Paxful [buy bitcoin with paypal]

Paxful is another peer to peer service like LocalBitcoins but it is much bigger as it supports several other currencies including Bitcoin.

Paxful is based out of the US and is operating in the space since 2015. Surely, this is some experience given the pace at which cryptosphere moves.

Another cool thing is, it supports many payment methods which even LocalBitcoins don’t support (300+ payment methods including PayPal). Paxful is also having an escrow system so that sellers & buyers cannot cheat you when you have paid them or released the bitcoins.


#2. LocalBitcoins [buy bitcoin for paypal]

LocalBitcoin is the biggest peer to peer Bitcoin exchange in the world and the good thing is, it covers almost all the countries on the globe.

The service is operating since 2013 and the company is based out Finland. They have Bitcoin buyers and sellers in 240+ countries and 7000+ cities around the world.

But they do require a KYC and registering on it is as easy as configuring your email.

Apart from that, as it is present in so many countries they naturally need to adapt to various payment methods as per the needs of individuals.

On LocalBitcoins, buyers and sellers can post their ads and mention in terms & conditions to complete the trade only via PayPal. If you are a buyer, you just need to select your country and payment method as PayPal to see sellers who are wishing to sell BTC for PayPal.


#3. eToro [buy bitcoin with paypal]

eToro is a decade old company providing the best trading infrastructure to traders around the world to securely trade ETFs, Stocks, Bonds, Cryptos, etc with more than 5 payment methods including PayPal.

Their USP is their social trading platform which allows users from different nationalities to interact, engage, and follow each other.

Recently, they have even started crypto trading but these cryptocurrencies aren’t withdrawable. That’s because, on eToro, you don’t get the actual currencies instead you just bet on the price and benefit as per the price movements.

But the UI is very intuitive and if you are someone who doesn’t want the headache of taking care of real coins but still wants to play with the prices, eToro is for you !!


#4. VirWox [Service Discountinued]

VirWox is another service through which you can buy BTC using PayPal in an indirect way.

But for starters, this is not a Bitcoin company or exchange that sells BTC. Nevertheless, you can first buy SLL, the native currency of the VirWox exchange and then sell these SLL for Bitcoin.

But this should be your last option while purchasing BTC via PayPal because the service is very costly and I see no reason to pay them 10% conversion fee when you have other cheaper options that I have listed above 🙂


Well, now you understand how to buy Bitcoin for PayPal payments but these exchanges or services are not safe for storing your bitcoins.

That’s why we have researched hard to make the list of the best crypto wallets, which you should look into before trust any other wallet.

But if you don’t have time to do that and want a single recommendation, you should go for Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, which has become my go-to Bitcoin wallet since its launch.

Adios !!

Sudhir Khatwani


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