How & Where To Buy Bitcoins (BTC) Anonymously Without Verification 2020

Bitcoin is a pseudonymous digital asset.

But for buying Bitcoin at many places, you need to reveal your identity by going through a KYC check which even breaks that pseudonymity.

This is mostly done by exchanges that are providing fiat to crypto services to adhere to AML/KYC laws in their country.

The chances are, you already know this, and that’s you are here to look for an alternative for buying Bitcoin anonymously. But the truth is, it is hard to buy Bitcoin without any ID.

We have tried to list some of the methods, we think are safe for you to buy BTC with no KYC verification. But you should take these options with a grain of salt.

5 Best Ways To Buy Bitcoins (BTC) With No Verification & No ID [Anonymosyly In 2020]

#1. Wall Of Coins

Wall Of Coins is a Bitcoin marketplace where buyers and sellers can coordinate to deal in Bitcoin. It is a cash-based system and doesn’t intend to go for credit cards in the future too.

This is done to protect the identities of buyers and sellers. You are not required to do any KYC checks on the platform, but you do need to give a phone number & email ID for coordination with the seller. Tip: You can use an alias number & email ID for this and prevent your identity.

The idea is simple, go to Wall of Coins and search for a seller. The seller will give you 2 hours to deliver the cash to a specific location, and once the seller confirms the payment, your coins will arrive to you in 15 minutes.

As of now, Wall Of Coins works only in the USA, but in the future, it plans to expand.

Check Out Wall Of Coins

#2. BitQuick

BitQuick is another US-based service that provides US customers to buy Bitcoin anonymously.

BitQuick is too a cash-based system, where wire transfers, ACH, cheques, etc. are not accepted. Though you need to exercise some common sense to prevent your identity and it is very much possible.

Just select an order from the BitQuick’s order book and enter your email address. This can be an alias email. As you do this, you will get the payment details where you need to go and deposit only cash.

However, there is a risk of exposing your identity by going to a bank to deposit cash. But you can bypass it by sending any of your friends or acquaintances to do this part.

But if you are OK to go to the bank and deposit yourself, you can do so because the seller will never know who you are.

Make sure whoever is depositing is taking the receipt from the bank. Now use this receipt to show it to BitQuick who is acting as an escrow in between.

As soon as you confirm payment has given the receipt your coins will be delivered to your Bitcoin address.

Check Out BitQuick

#3. LocalCoinSwap

LocalCoinSwap is a fast, secure, and private P2P platform that helps its customers worldwide to do private transactions.

LocalCoinSwap supports 10+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, to create an efficient marketplace that is accessible to all without any KYC or ID Verification.

Hence there are no long waiting periods for identification/verification of documents. You are instantly ready to start on LocalCoinSwap by registering using an alias email ID.

Just look out for a suitable seller’s advertisement, initiate the trade, then pay the seller as per the mentioned terms and conditions. Once the seller confirms your payment or you show the receipt of payment to the seller, LocalCoinSwap will deposit the Bitcoin in your account

Isn’t it simple !!

Check Out LocalCoinSwap

#4. Hodl Hodl

Hodl Hodl is a global P2P Bitcoin exchange that allows end-users, i.e., Bitcoin buyers and Bitcoin sellers to connect with each in an anonymous way to deal with Bitcoin.

It is not an escrow exchange; instead it users multisig wallets to enhance security as well as bypass the requirement to do KYC/AML for the platform users.

Using multisig makes it possible for Hodl Hodl to avoid compliance to any complex laws as it is not holding any of the assets of the users.

This way, it facilitates trade directly between users without the users giving-up their identity. This makes it even cheaper than most of the other P2p exchange options available in the market.

Check Hodl Hodl Now

#5. ATMs

Lastly, Bitcoin ATMs is another smart way of purchasing Bitcoins anonymously.

Bitcoin ATMs are special-purpose machines that send Bitcoin on your wallet address when you feed them with relevant fiat cash like USD or EUR.

Just head to CoinATMRadar like sites and select your country to see map-wise the nearest Bitcoin ATM for you. Don’t forget to check the ATM details properly as some ATMs only supports either buying or selling.

How To Buy/Purchase Bitcoins Without ID or Anonymously In UK, Germany, Australia, India, or Canada?

I believe that by now you must have understood that you can buy bitcoins anonymously, so there is no need to search more about it on Reddit.

But two-cents advice from TheMoneyMongers would be to keep your Bitcoin ultra-secure irrespective of whatever buying option you select from the above list.

We are saying this because none of the above services are competent enough to store your bitcoins. So as soon as you get your coins, you should withdraw them to non-custodial Bitcoin wallets.

Lastly, I am exploring some more ways of buying Bitcoin anonymously that I will be updating on this list in the coming weeks. If you know any other better ways, feel free to send it our way.

Also, don’t forget to share this guide with anyone who is searching for the best way to buy Bitcoin anonymously in 2019 !!

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