How To Convert Ripple (XRP) To Bitcoin (BTC)? [Fast]

Can I be honest here?

Well, Ripple coin is a garbage coin for me. I don’t see any reason to own it.

Of course, it has been here for many years, but I still don’t see any usecase for it. It looks like you have also come to realize the same that’s why you are here to exchange all of your XRPs to BTC.

I wouldn’t stop you. Instead, I would urge you to do so and even ask you why you bought XRP in the first place. But I know, I cannot overdo it as it is an individual choice to invest in something like XRP.

So no more beating around the bush, if you are interested in swapping your XRP coins to BTC in the safest and quickest possible way?

Here is the step by step process using Changelly service:

How & Where To Exchange Ripple (XRP) To Bitcoin (BTC)?

Step #1. Sign-up a using your email ID. No other KYC or ID documents are required to use this service at this point.

Step #2. Go to your inbox and confirm your subscription to Changelly if you have got any mail from them. If you haven’t, ignore this step.

Step #3. Now once you are logged-in to Changelly, you need to select XRP and BTC pairs as shown in the below image. Do mention the amount of Ripple coin you wish to exchange for BTC in the shown manner. Doing this will automatically show you the amount of BTC you will be getting after the conversion.

Note: In this example, I am exchanging  1000 XRP for BTC.

Step #4. Click on ‘Exchange Now’ option as shown in the above image and you will be taken to the below-shown screen where you will be able to see other details of the exchange such as amount and conversion fees. Here you can also change the amount of XRP you wish to exchange for BTC.

Step #5. Click on ‘Next Step’ as shown above and you will see this screen further demanding your BTC address from you where the converted bitcoins will be sent. If you don’t have a BTC address, you can quickly make it by choosing from our recommended list of Bitcoin wallets.

Note: This is the BTC address on which you will get your bitcoins in exchange for XRP so enter the address cautiously.

Step #6. Double-check the BTC address and click on ‘Next Step’ button as shown above to see this screen. Here you will be shown all the details of the conversion like the fees, amount being exchanged, expected time, etc. If you wish to change this, you can go back and change it.

Note: These details are being shown to you before the actual exchange to make sure to check them proactively

Step #7. Check all the details and after that, click on ‘Confirm and make payment.’ Once you do that you will be shown this screen asking you to send ‘XRP’ on it. You can copy-paste the address or use the QR code to transfer XRP to this address from your Ripple wallet.

Note: You have 36 hours to send funds otherwise the transaction will be canceled automatically, but I suggest you send it ASAP before the exchange rate of XRP/BTC pair changes.

Step #8. As you have sent you XRP to the given address, you will start seeing this screen ‘Wait for exchange.’ It means your transaction is processing and will be confirmed by the XRP blockchain soon. Usually, it takes 15 confirmations for depositing XRP which happens quickly.

The swapping process itself happens almost instantaneously, but the blockchain network takes the rest of the time. Typically, the exchange comprises of these three stages:

  • Getting confirmations
  • Exchanging XRP to BTC
  • Sending BTC to your wallet

Step #9. Sit back and relax till your conversion is underway. As soon as XRP’s deposit is complete and conversion of XRP to BTC is done, you will be shown this screen telling you about all the details of the exchange.

If you wish to verify your transaction click on ‘See transaction on blockchain’ option and you will be taken to a blockchain explorer where you can see your transaction.

Congratulations, Tada….!!! You have done it 

Conclusion: Convert Ripple For Bitcoin

So this is how you convert XRP to Bitcoin.

Though this guide is for exchanging Ripple to Bitcoin, you can use it for exchanging other currencies that Changelly supports. Changelly now supports more than 60 cryptocurrencies and provide reliable conversion services between them.

Lastly, most people who ask  ‘can I exchange Ripple for Bitcoin on coinbase & Binance?‘ and the answer is resounding Yes (!) but the process is more tedious and time-consuming.

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