How To Convert Zcash (ZEC) To Bitcoin (BTC) Quickly?

During the Bitcoin bull, many altcoiners flock to Bitcoin.

It is the same for Zcash HODLers too. While there might be several reasons to get rid of Zcash but the only I think is because Bitcoin is superior to Zcash in all terms. (excuse privacy for now)

Excuse because BTC will eventually develop privacy and making other private coins like Zcash redundant in the future. But that’s just my opinion about which only I should care.

So use this guide if you are someone who wishes to convert their ZEC to BTC for whatever reason. This guide will help you in a step by step manner to exchange ZEC to BTC most quickly and safely!!

So here is it:

How & Where To Exchange Zcash (ZEC) To Bitcoin (BTC)?

Step #1. For converting ZEC to BTC, the first step is to sign-up for Changelly using your email ID. There are other services also to do this exchange, but for this tutorial, we have taken Changelly because it is one of the oldest crypto swapping services in the market. Moreover, it doesn’t require any KYC or ID verification to start with !!

Step #2. Check your inbox and confirm your subscription to Changelly. Ignore this step if you haven’t got any mail from them.

Step #3. The vital thing starts from here. Now once you are logged-in to your Changelly account, select the amount of ZEC coins you want to exchange for BTC. Choosing the amount of ZEC will auto-populate the BTC amount, and it will show you how much you will get in bitcoins.

Note: In this example, I am exchanging  10 ZEC for BTC

Step #4. Once selected the amount of ZEC now click on ‘Exchange Now’ button shown in the above image. As soon as you do that you will see the below screen showing you the gist of exchange like fees, exchange rate, time, etc. Verify the details here, and you can even change the amount of ZEC you wish to exchange for BTC here too.

Step #5. Once verified, now click on the ‘Next Step’ button shown in the above image. As you do so, you will see this screen prompting you to put your BTC address where you wish to receive your bitcoins. Enter your BTC address with caution and if you don’t have a BTC address yet, get one by choosing from our popular list of wallets for Bitcoin.

Step #6. Once you have entered your correct BTC address the ‘Next Step’ button shown above will get enabled automatically. Now click on it to see this screen, which will show you the exact details of the exchange. Note: These are the details just before you proceed to do the actual conversion.

Step #7. Once you have checked the details, click on ‘Confirm and make payment’ button. As soon as you do that you will be shown ZEC address. This address belongs to Changelly, and you need to send your ZEC coins on it to initiate the conversion as per the details shown to you before.

So take your ZEC wallet out and copy the address or scan the QR code to transfer ZEC on it.

Note: You have 36 hours to send funds otherwise the transaction will be canceled automatically, but I suggest you send it ASAP before the exchange rate of ZEC/BTC pair changes.

Step #8. As soon as you transfer ZEC to BTC, your conversion will start, and you will see this screen ‘wait for exchange.’ It means Changelly is waiting for the Zcash’s blockchain to confirm the transaction. It usually takes a few confirmations before the actual deposit is considered successful and it might take an upto 30 mints for this.

The swapping process itself happens almost instantaneously, but the network takes the rest of the time. Typically, the swap comprises of these three stages:

  • Getting confirmation
  • Exchanging ZEC to BTC
  • Sending Bitcoin to your wallet

Step #9. The only thing you need to do now is to wait for Zcash transaction to get sufficient transactions and Changelly to exchange it for BTC. Once that is done, you will see this screen informing you about the successful conversion.

On this screen, you can also check the actual transaction history on the blockchain by clicking on “See transaction on Blockchain” button as shown in the above image.

Congratulations, Tada….!!! You have done it 

Conclusion: Which Is the Easiest Way To Convert ZEC To BTC

In my opinion, this is the easiest and the safest way to change your Zcash coins to BTC because Changelly’s UI is very clean and intuitive even for first-time users.

Moreover, Changelly has been doing this since 2015 and have developed expertise in supporting new users. Their support staff is quite proactive, and in my case, they have responded to me promptly whenever I have reached out to them.

Lastly, though this guide is for exchanging ZEC to BTC the process of changing BTC tor ZEC or any other currency that is supported by Changelly is the same.

So feel free to use this guide and do send it to your friends who want to exchange from one cryptocurrency to another in a hassle-free way !!

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