Pionex and BitUniverse are both automated cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Pionex is a cryptocurrency bot trading solution with 16 free in-built trading bots. It also offers additional features like wallet service and frequent payouts.

BitUniverse is a 24/7 smart crypto trading bot that allows you to implement over a dozen bots across multiple exchanges and cryptocurrencies.

Both platforms are easy to use and offer top-notch security and encryption. So, which cryptocurrency trading bot is better and why? Let’s answer this question in this detailed Pionex vs. BitUniverse review.

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Pionex Vs. BitUniverse: Supported Exchanges & Cryptocurrencies Comparison

Pionex and BitUniverse both support numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrencies.

Pionex doesn’t mention on its website the exchanges it supports. However, it gets liquidity from Binance and Huobi and supports at least three exchanges: Binance, Huobi, and Coinbase Pro.

When it comes to supported cryptocurrencies, the Pionex website has a list of cryptocurrencies the platform offers. These include all the popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DOT, etc.



On the other hand, BitUniverse supports over 26 exchanges, as stated on its website. These include Binance Futures, Huobi, OKEX, Coinbase Pro, and more.

Besides, BitUniverse supports over 6,000 cryptos, including BTC, ETH, UNI, USDT, DOGE, USDC, LTC, and many more.


Verdict: It’s a tie, as both Pionex and BitUniverse support a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges and trading pairs.

Trading Tools, Strategies, Platform Features Comparison

Though Pionex and BitUniverse are both automated crypto trading platforms, they vary a bit in terms of the features and functionalities they offer. Let’s discuss the features and tools of each platform and which one is better.

Let’s start with Pionex’s features first.

  • Manual Trading

Pionex has an order form that allows users to place orders manually. You can place Limit, Market, and Grid orders and select from Buy, Sell, and Swap orders. This gives you more control over your trading strategies.

  • Grid Trading Bot

Pionex has a grid trading bot that allows you to place a series of orders in any direction. You can either buy low, sell high or sell high buy low as per your strategies. With this bot, you can buy the tip and increase your profits.


  • Arbitrage Bot

The arbitrage bot lets you buy and sell the same trading pair on different exchanges and profit from a difference in the price. This is a low-risk trading strategy that can help you generate consistent profits.

  • Rebalancing Bot

Pionex’s rebalancing bot allows you to implement a rebalancing strategy in a few easy steps. The bot automatically realigns the weightings of your portfolio by periodically buying and selling assets.

  • Smart Trade

Pionex’s Smart Trade bot automatically places buy and sell orders while you are sleeping or attending an important meeting. It analyzes parameters like time, volume, price, etc., to make intelligent trading decisions on your behalf.

  • Trailing Buy/Sell and Stop-Limit

Pionex’s automated trading platform automatically places trailing buy/sell and stop-limit orders. You don’t need to trail your stop-loss manually, as the bot does that for you.

  • TradingView Charts

Pionex comes with a fully-featured TradingView platform. You get access to multiple chart types, time frames, indicators, drawing tools, and other features. You can back-test strategies and find winning strategies that work for you.


  • Interface and Ease of Use

Pionex has one of the most beginner-friendly trading interfaces in the bot trading space. The trading terminal has a TradingView charting system in the center and a list of trading bots on the right. You can choose from the bot of your choice with just one click.

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Pionex clearly offers a robust set of features. How does BitUniverse stand against it? Let’s find out.

Here are the key features and functionalities of BitUniverse.

  • Portfolio Tracker

BitUniverse presents itself as an automated portfolio tracker, which is the platform’s most prominent feature. It has a built-in cryptocurrency manager that calculates profit and loss, tracks real-time price fluctuations, and forecasts future trends.

The portfolio tracker showcases all the stages of the crypto trading process and shows them in the dashboard. As a result, you can oversee all aspects of your portfolio from a single window.

  • Integrated Trading Bot

Coming to the trading bot, it’s quite straightforward and has the basic features. It can execute buy/sell orders, set stop-loss/take-profit orders, and manage trailing stop-loss orders. You also get access to some other crypto trading options.

Coming to trading strategies, BitUniverse’s trading bot supports Grid trading only. The bot allows you to place a series of buy/sell orders in both up and down directions to generate a profit in a sideways market.

  • Interface and Ease of Use

BitUniverse also has a seamless interface. It allows users to trade in two ways: on a mobile app or the web version platform. BitUniverse uses its proprietary charting system. You can place orders manually or set up bots with a few clicks.

Verdict: Pionex is the clear winner, as it offers way more features and functionalities than BitUniverse.

Pionex vs. BitUniverse Strategies

The available strategies are an essential aspect to consider when selecting a bot trading platform. You need a bot that supports various trading strategies, so you can be profitable in all sorts of market conditions.

Let’s look at the trading strategies each platform supports.

Pionex supports a multitude of trading strategies. These include Grid trading, arbitrage trading, rebalancing, BTC and ETH Moon, DCA trading, and TWAP trading. Furthermore, Pionex comes with a full-fledged TradingView charting system that helps you set up trading signals and back-test strategies.

pionex trading ui

BitUniverse, on the other hand, supports Grid trading only. Though the Grid trading bot works well, that’s the only thing you get with BitUniverse. Almost all cryptocurrency bots offer that strategy nowadays.

Verdict: Pionex is the winner, as it supports more trading strategies than BitUniverse.


Pricing & Subscription Structure Comparison

The pricing structure of the two platforms is pretty interesting. Let’s compare the pricing structure of Pionex and BitUniverse.


Let’s talk about Pionex first. Pionex has a pricing structure similar to most other cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. It’s completely free to use, and you don’t have to pay any monthly subscription fee.

However, it charges a market maker and market maker fee of 0.05% each. If you’re not familiar with the market maker/taker fee structure, here’s a quick explanation.

pionex fees

When you place a buy/sell order, two things happen. It either enters the order book or gets executed immediately.

Orders that enter the order book add liquidity to the market. Hence, they are known as market maker orders. Limit orders and stop-limit orders are an example of market maker orders.

On the other hand, orders that get executed immediately take away liquidity from the market. Hence, they’re known as market taker orders. Market orders are an example of market taker orders.

Every order you place will either be a market maker or a market taker order. So, you’ll have to pay a flat 0.05% on every order you place using Pionex.



BitUniverse is completely free to use. It doesn’t charge any fees, and you can use all the bots and exchanges without paying a dime. BitUniverse also has a prime plan priced at $20 or 20 BUBs. BUBs are a type of point you get for referring BitUniverse to other users.

There’s no clear information on how BitUniverse Prime is different from the free version. BitUniverse says it helps traders become more profitable.

There’s also a caveat you should be aware of. Recently, there’s news that BitUniverse is reducing the number of available bots for free users. So, we might see limited features for free users in the near future.

Verdict: Pionex is the winner, as the platform is free to use, and you only pay a 0.05% fee on executed orders.

Customer Support & Product Security

Crypto bot trading platforms that allow you to integrate exchanges are generally safe and carry minimal risk. These platforms don’t store your funds in their own wallets. Instead, they connect to exchanges via APIs.

For instance, if you integrate your Binance exchange account to Pionex or BitUniverse, your funds will stay in your Binance account. They will not, in any case, be transferred to your bot trading account.

So, as long as your exchange takes the necessary security measures, your funds will stay secure. In addition, both Pionex and BitUniverse take additional security measures to enhance platform security.

Pionex states on its website that it has a Money Services Business license by FinCEN, making it a trusted place for users. BitUniverse states that it implements military-grade security to provide users with a safe and secure trading experience.

Coming to customer support, both Pionex and BitUniverse have dedicated support teams. Pionex providers support via Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. It also has a presence on Facebook and Reddit.

Moreover, Poionex has a blog, YouTube channel, and a FAQ section where you can find a lot of helpful information.

BitUniverse provides customer support by email, Telegram, and Twitter. It also has a fast FAQ section and a Medium blog.

Verdict: it’s a tie, as both Pionex and BitUniverse provide adequate product security and customer support.



Pionex and BitUniverse are both feature-rich crypto-bot trading platforms. However, there are certain differences you need to understand.

BitUniverse only supports Grid trading strategy, whereas Pionex offers a multitude of strategies to choose from. Pionex also has a more straightforward fee and pricing structure, opposed to BitUniverse.

Overall, Pionex offers more features and a better value for money. This makes Pionex the better platform of the two.

BitUniverse doesn’t charge any fee and has a completely free version, so it could be beginners new to crypto bot trading.

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Here is how Pionex & BitUniverse compares to other trading bots:

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