NFTs are more valuable than ever. Hence there is always a risk of losing them. Thanks to their high price, hackers are always on the look to find NFTs that they can hack and resell. Hence, as an NFT collector, you must use a secure NFT wallet to keep your crypto assets secure.

There are many types of NFT wallets available out there, including software wallets and hardware wallets.

However, among all hardware, NFT wallets are known to be the most secure wallet out there. Unlike hot wallets or cold wallets, it keeps your cryptocurrencies offline and disconnected from the internet. So there is no way hackers can access your NFT wallet.

So the question is, what are the best hardware wallets for NFT? Well, there are many wallets available out there. And to make it quick, below, I have shared some of the best hardware wallets for storing NFTs:

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Best Hardware Wallet For NFTs

  1. Ledger Nano X
  2. Ledger Nano S Plus
  3. Ledger Nano S
  4. Trezor Model T
  5. Trezor One

#1. Ledger Nano X

Ledger is one of the best hardware cryptocurrency wallet makers out there. The company has existed in the crypto ecosystem for years now. They have multiple best cryptocurrency wallets. Among them, there is the Ledger Nano X.

It is an excellent NFT wallet that comes with impressive features and top-notch security. The wallet supports over 1300 cryptocurrencies along with NFTs.

Moreover, on Ledger Nano X you can install up to 100 apps. Plus, it supports more than 5,500 different tokens.

Plus, the NFT wallet supports both the Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain. So you enjoy coin support for both ERC-20 and BSC tokens.

Overall, with this hardware wallet, you will enjoy the flexibility to store almost all your cryptocurrencies on the wallet.

Using the wallet only, you can manage and invest your crypto anytime, anywhere. It allows you to buy, exchange, and trade crypto in seconds. There is no need to transfer your crypto to some cryptocurrency exchange to trade it. Instead, it can be done through the app only.

The crypto wallet also gets connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. So you can manage your crypto and NFTs on the go.


You might be sceptical about seeing the Bluetooth feature in this wallet. But the Bluetooth connection is encrypted. So hackers won’t have access to your wallet and your NFTs, and private keys would be safe and secure.

Also, thanks to its wireless connectivity, you can instantly turn it into a hot wallet and transact your crypto when needed directly from your iOS or Android devices.

Another cool part about the Ledger Nano X is that even if you lose your hardware wallet, you can still recover your assets. It offers you the option to set up backup passphrases that can be used for recovering your wallet funds remotely.

To help you manage your crypto and NFT wallet easily, it comes with an app called Ledger Live, available for your Desktop and mobile devices. Using this app, you can easily use and manage your hardware wallet and access all your accounts in a single place.

It also comes with durable build quality. The Ledger Nano X features a rugged, rugged design made of brushed stainless steel and good-quality plastic.

Also, it features a 100mAh lithium-ion battery that lasts several days on a single charge. So you can manage your crypto on the run.

Overall, Ledger Nano X is the best NFT wallet that comes with an expensive price tag. But it offers you features that you cannot find in any other hardware wallets out there. Plus, it lets you keep your NFTs safely.

#2. Ledger Nano S Plus

Ledger Nano S Plus

If you have a tight budget, then going for the Ledger Nano S Plus hardware wallet would be a great choice. It comes with affordable pricing and has all the important features that you need for storing and managing NFTs and crypto.

It is an upgraded version of the Ledgers Nano S wallet. The wallet is designed especially for Web3 and NFTs.

With this wallet, you can also manage over 5500  digital assets. Plus, it comes with more memory than the Nano S. It has a memory of 1.5MB, which allows you to install up to 100 crypto apps.

Plus, the wallet comes with the Ledger Live software, which allows you to send and sign your NFT transactions with full transparency.

Ledger Nano S also features a large screen of 128 x 64px on top of it. The screen helps you to navigate through the hardware wallet and verify transactions.

To offer you a secure experience, it comes with the  CC EAL5+-certified secure chip. This ensures that the hardware wallet maintains a certain security standard.


Apart from its web3-centric features, it is also super efficient when it comes to managing cryptocurrencies. You can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies right from the hardware wallet.

However, unlike its top version, you will not get Bluetooth connectivity. As a result, you have to use a USB cable to connect your hardware wallet to your mobile device and desktop to use Ledger Live software for other operations. For the wired connectivity, it features a Type-c Port.

But apart from this, setting up the hardware wallet is as straightforward as it can. Plus, you get to set up recovery phrase codes that can help you to recover your funds in terms of wallet loss.


#3. Ledger Nano S

From the Ledger wallet family, the Ledger Nano S is the last one. In terms of features, it is the lowest among the 3. But it is still one of the best hardware NFT wallets out there.

Just like the other names, this one also keeps your cryptocurrencies and NFTs in cold storage. Plus, it comes with a super affordable price tag.

The wallet supports over 5,5000 types of crypto coins and NFTs. So you can keep all your crypto assets in a single place, including Binance Smart Chain and ERC-20 tokens.

It is also compatible with the Ledger Live app, which will make it super easy for you to set up the wallet, manage it and perform crypto transactions.

Apart from its official app, it is also compatible with other apps like MyEtherWallet, Electrum, MyCellium, and more.

However, it comes with a small screen compared to the Nano S Plus. But it comes with the strong build quality. It features a metal casing that protects it from any accidental bumps.

Moreover, using the wallet, you can also manage and invest your crypto anytime, anywhere. Like it allows you to buy, exchange and trade crypto in seconds. This is possible because Ledger has partnered up with different crypto exchanges and services.


However, unlike the other Ledger hardware wallets, this one is really low on features. You can install up to 3 applications on your device, depending on their size.

Also, there is no support for the passphrase. So if you lose your hardware wallet, you won’t have any option to recover your crypto or NFTs remotely.

However, compared to the other wallets from Ledger, this one is a bit outdated. Also, the price difference is not that much compared to the Ledger Nano S Plus.

#4. Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T

Apart from the Ledger wallet, Trezor is another well-known company when it comes to cryptocurrency wallets.

Its Trezor Model T is an advanced multi-cryptocurrency hardware wallet that can be used for storing Bitcoin, passwords, tokens, NFTs, and other private keys.

The best part of this NFT wallet is that it comes with a large touchscreen display. The touchscreen display makes it super easy and fast to navigate through the hardware wallet.

Moreover, the wallet also supports more than 1200 cryptocurrencies. However, the number is quite low compared to Ledger hardware wallets. But as long as you are storing the well-known cryptocurrencies, this should be good enough.

You can also store non-fungible tokens on Trezor Model T. However, there is a catch, your NFTs need to exist on a blockchain network that is compatible with the Trezor device firmware.

Also, storing NFTs on this hardware is not as secure as storing crypto. Its Trezor Suite app does not offer you enough security measures for NFTs. Hence, you will need to use a third-party app like MetaMask wallet.

Apart from crypto and NFTs, you can also use the hardware wallet to secure your passwords. It can be used as a password manager and two-factor authentication tool, and multi-factor authenticator tool.


One of the cool security features that the Trezor Model T has is that it comes with a MicroSD slot. This crypto storage device can be programmed to work only when you insert a microSD card, and it will only work with a microSD card that you assign to it. So if you want extra security, you can enable the feature.

Furthermore, you are also getting support for new authentication standards like FIDO2 – A unique PIN entry keypad. This adds a second level of protection when accessing the device.

Another thing about this wallet is that it is super easy to set up. Trezor has really optimized the whole process of setting up the wallet, and it should not take too much time for you.

Also, you will find a great security feature that you won’t see in any other hardware device. It has Shamir Backup, which allows you to split up your recovery seed into multiple shares.

However, unlike other hardware wallets, this one comes with an expensive price tag.


#5. Trezor One

Trezor One

The last name I have for the best NFT wallets is the Trezor One. This was launched back in 2014, and since then, it has been standing strong.

The best part of this NFT hardware wallet is that it is super easy to use and set up. Also, you can make your first crypto purchase within the wallet only. There is no need to sign up on crypto exchanges which is something a software wallet makes you do. Even you won’t find this feature in Ledger hardware wallets.

You can purchase crypto through the Trezor Wallet app using fiat. Plus, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to set up, manage and buy assets using this hardware wallet.

It also supports more than 1000 cryptocurrencies, including popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many others.

On top of the hardware wallet, you get a small screen and two buttons. So you can navigate through the hardware wallet. However, unlike its big brother, it does not have a touchscreen display.


Apart from storing your crypto and NFTs, it also acts as a password manager and a U2F authentication tool. As a result, you can store all your passwords of various accounts online for additional security.

Plus, the hardware wallet is compatible with a wide range of wallets, including Electrum, and Blockstream Green on desktop, Mycelium on Android, and on the web.

Additionally, you also have the option to recover your funds in case your wallet gets stolen or lost.

You can always recover access to your coins and assets from your offline backup. Just make sure you have your recovery phrase code with you.


– Why Store NFTs on Hardware Wallet?

Out of all the NFT wallet options, hardware wallets are proven to be the most secure ones out there. Unlike software wallets or browser extension wallet, hardware wallet does not keep your assets connected to the internet.

Instead, it keeps them disconnected from the internet and becomes offline storage. So hackers won’t be able to access your funds. As a result, you don’t have to worry about any data or security breaches.

Also, the level of security that hardware wallets provide is unmatchable. It gives you the ability to store your private keys offline, which reduces the risk of them being compromised. Also, hardware wallets can be used for signing transactions offline which ensure further security.

Also, a majority of the hardware wallets let you recover your assets in case you lose your hardware wallet. So as long as you have your phrase code with you, you will always have access to your crypto assets.

– Can you store NFT on a hardware wallet?

Yes, you can store NFTs in a hardware wallet. However, it really depends on what type of hardware wallet you have, what NFT blockchain and marketplace support, and more.

So when you are buying a hardware wallet for your NFT collection, make sure to check out what blockchain network and apps it supports.

For instance, with Ledger hardware NFT wallets, you can interact with NFTs running on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain.

Also, Ledger makes it super easy to send and receive NFTs using its Ledger Live app. To receive NFTs, go to the Accounts section, then click on NFT, and over here, you will find all the options related to receiving and sending your NFTs.

– What is the best & safest wallet for NFT?

I would recommend you to try either the Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S Plus. Both of these hardware wallets support NFTs and offer you a wide range of features. Both of them are offline wallets that keep your digital assets away from the internet. Plus, these wallets are secured by 14 to 24 seed phrases for authentication.

Both of these wallets also make it super easy to interact and explore Web3, DeFi, and NFTs. And you can install up to 100 apps, and both of the wallets support more than 5500 types of digital assets.

So if you have a good budget, then I would recommend you check out the Ledger Nano X. Else, you can check out the Ledger Nano S Plus.

– Can you buy NFT with any wallet?

You cannot buy NFTs directly using an NFT wallet. Instead, your wallet would work as the address where you will get your NFT after you purchase it.

To buy an NFT, you will need to go to an NFT marketplace and check out what network it uses for NFTs. Most wallets do use Ethereum for NFTs, but you will also find NFTs running on the Polygon, Solana blockchain.

For NFT purchases, you need to ensure that your crypto hardware wallet is compatible with the network. Also, your crypto wallet should have enough funds to complete the purchase.

When you are ready, simply place an order on an NFT marketplace, and you will soon get it in your crypto wallet.


So those were some of the best hardware wallets available in the crypto space. All of these hardware crypto wallets can be used to store NFTs and crypto.

If you are planning to purchase hardware wallets, I would recommend checking out the Ledger devices. As they allow you to securely store NFTs and crypto. And no matter if you belong to the pro or beginner NFT collectors group, Ledger wallets would come in handy.

So go ahead and check them out. Also, for any other questions regarding the best NFT wallets, you can feel free to drop a comment below.

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