On the hunt for the best Litecoin wallet?

Well, you are in the right place because at TheMoneyMongers we often use different cryptocurrency wallets and share our experience of using them.

In today’s edition, we are covering Litecoin wallets because Litecoin is one of the oldest standing cryptocurrencies, and a lot many investors like you love their litecoins for eternity.

So to help you and other LTC lovers save their day I am listing an exclusive list of the best LTC wallets that will help you keep your litecoins safe and secure.

And why not do this when Litecoin is easily one of the best cryptos to invest in and is on #2 in my list of top cryptocurrencies that will survive in 5 years.

Without further addon, let’s jump right into the LTC wallets:

Best Litecoin (LTC) Wallets

Types Of Litecoin (LTC) Wallets Wallets
Litecoin (LTC) Hardware Wallets
Ledger Nano X
Ledger Nano S
Litecoin (LTC) Desktop Wallets
Electrum LTC
Litecoin (LTC) Web Wallets Coinbase
Litecoin (LTC) Android & iOS Wallet Apps
Trust Wallet

#1. Ledger Nano X [Best Hardware Wallet For Litecoin]

Ledger Nano X was launched in May 2019, and instantly it has become my favorite crypto wallet. I am using this for storing not only my Litecoin but other cryptocurrencies too.

Ledger Nano X is a next-gen hardware wallet by Ledger SAS- a France-based pioneer company manufacturing crypto hardware wallets since 2014.

Ledger Nano X provides a high degree of mobility with uncompromising security. It has a Bluetooth feature that can be used with iOS and Android devices without any USB or OTG.

On the other hand, its OLED screen is almost 1.5x its precursor wallet, i.e., Ledger Nano S and the navigation buttons are on the front which gives a better user experience.

PS: Always buy Ledger Nano X from this official website, purchases made through other sources such as Amazon has been reported faulty resulting in compromising of users funds.

Apart from that, the 24-word seed word recovery feature, PIN code, and passphrases features are the same, but its capacity to handle multiple currencies at a time has been increased to 100 coins.

Meaning you can use 100 cryptocoins at once on the Ledger Nano X device and on an all you can use it to manage 1100+ cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, it has 100 mAh battery in it which can last upto 5 hours and has a life of 5 years so now it is more than easy for you to stash millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies in your Nano X and roam around the world.

Moreover, it supports USB 3.0 & Ledger Nano X is compatible with  64-bits desktop computer (Windows 8+, macOS 10.8+, Linux) excluding ARM processors and also compatible with smartphones (iOS 9+ or Android 7+) with OTG and Bluetooth both.

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#2. Ledger Nano S [Litecoin Hardware Wallet]

Ledger Nano S is the flagship product of Ledger SAS company, and they have been able to sell 1 million-plus device so far, which speaks for the quality of the device itself.

Ledger Nano S is a flash drive-like device and has an OLED screen with two buttons on the side to help you navigate through the options displayed on the screen.

When you set up the device for the first time you get a 24-word seed which you have to keep safe. Losing this would mean losing your all cryptocurrencies including Litecoin.

This wallet is a must-have if you have a significant number of litecoins in your portfolio. On the other hand, if you want to manage and use several cryptocurrencies including Litecoin on your hardware device, you should buy Ledger Nano X.

Ledger Nano X support 100 coins at a time whereas Ledger Nano S only supports 18 coins, but 18 coins are also not less. So if you want to use fewer number coins with utmost safety and are low on your budget, you may go for Ledger Nano S.

PS: Always buy Ledger Nano X from this official website, purchases made through other sources such as Amazon has been reported faulty resulting in compromising of users funds.

Ledger Nano S is compatible with 64-bits desktop computer (Windows 8+, macOS 10.8+, Linux) excluding ARM processors and it is also compatible with Android 7+ smartphones, with an OTG kit. But a thing to note here is that it is not compatible with iOS devices.

PS: Always buy Ledger Nano S from this official website, purchases made through other sources such as Amazon has been reported faulty resulting in comprising of users funds.

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#3. Exodus [Best Desktop & Mobile Litecoin Wallet]

Exodus is one of the pioneers in the cryptocurrency desktop realm and has been my favorite wallet from my early days of crypto. This was the first wallet that I used to store Bitcoin and Golem cryptocurrency, which I bought in early 2017.

I do use this wallet sometimes, but I don’t store large amounts of crypto here as it is a software wallet.

Exodus has a stylish design and interactive UI, which makes it super easy for beginners as well as veterans to store their cryptocurrencies with safety.

The good news is that Exodus now supports more than 70+ cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin. So if you have fewer litecoins with you, Exodus might be a good option.

Plus it is a free Litecoin wallet that you can use any time on your desktop. Recently, they have launched their mobile apps too, but I have used them yet.

On an all, it is an excellent non-custodial solution for the security of your digital assets like Litecoin and is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Download Exodus Wallet Now

#4. Electrum-LTC [Best Desktop Litecoin Wallet]

Want an exclusive desktop wallet client for Litecoin? Look at Electrum-LTC it won’t disappoint you.

It is a lightweight desktop client forked from Electrum BTC and explicitly developed for Litecoin. Being a light wallet it doesn’t require you to download the whole blockchain and still does the job for you.

Electrum wallet also supports segwit LTC transactions with a custom fee feature enabling you to transact LTC in the cheapest possible cost.

It is also a non-custodial wallet where you get your private keys/seed to secure your Litecoin cryptocurrency securely. Plus, it allows you to selectively freeze wallet addresses so that no one can drain funds from that address. This feature is particularly useful in unforeseen emergencies.

As of now, Electrum is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Download Electrum-LTC Now

#5. Loaf Wallet [Best Mobile Litecoin Wallet]

Want a dedicated Litecoin wallet for your mobile, try LoafWallet. It won’t disappoint you as it is the official mobile wallet of Litecoin created by Charlie Lee (creator of LTC) & the Team.

Honestly, I have used this wallet only once for my LTC transactions, and that too for the sake of writing this piece. The UI is great but could have been better.

But you have to commend their work since it is the first standalone Litecoin Wallet built for iOS and Android with a focus on accessibility, security, and simplicity.

LoafWallet makes using LTC easy and safe on your mobile devices since it is an open-source HD wallet that provides you the 12-word seed.

Plus in the app itself, you can buy more Litecoin if you want as they have integrated Coinbase in it.

As of now, LoafWallet’s is available for iOS and Android devices, making it the first authentic Litecoin wallet SPV.

Download LoafWallet Now

#6. LiteAddress [Best Litecoin Paper Wallet]

Love paper wallets?

Try LiteAddress as it is the only viable and tested Litecoin paper wallet client available. I might not be sure about other options because I have only used this one so far, and it works fine.

If you are comfortable with paper wallets, you can go to LiteAddress and create a Litecoin paper wallet for yourself. But remember, paper wallets are cumbersome to use and are just a piece of paper with your public & private keys on it.

So it is relatively easy that your private keys get exposed when you are using Litecoin paper wallets. Plus, when you have other options to choose amongst free Litecoin wallets and other LTC hardware wallets, why go for paper wallets !!

But if you still want a paper wallet for Litecoin, go through this step-by-step guide on how to create a Litecoin paper wallet, and it will be easy for you !!

Check Out LiteAddress

Trust Wallet (Mobile Wallet)

Trust wallet as its name goes can be trusted for your LTC cryptocurrency.

It is one of the most thoroughly developed mobile wallets for cryptocurrencies and got recently acquired by Binance.

With Trust wallet, you can secure Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20, ERC223 tokens, and now Litecoin also.

You need not worry about your security while using the Trust wallet because you are in always control of your funds with the seed that’s generated during the initial setup.

Plus with this HD multi-currency wallet you get a Web3 browser also that allows you to interact with decentralized applications (DApp) directly from the app.

Currently, the Trust wallet supports both Android and iOS versions for storing LTC.

Check Out Trust Wallet

Top Best Free Litecoin (LTC) Wallets You Can Choose For India, USA, UK, South Africa, Canada !!

Litecoin is a valuable cryptocurrency, and it might get more expensive in the future. It is almost nine years that it was launched and so far has served as a live testbed for Bitcoin.

So if you think your LTC coins are valuable and you want to HODL them for the long term, consider taking them out of the exchange and keep them on the Ledger Nano X device.

If you have small amounts of LTC and you want a free wallet option, go for Exodus or LoafWallet because both of them do a fair job unless you make a mistake.

I keep my cryptocurrencies in different hardware wallets to decentralize and distribute the risk, and right now some of my LTC reside on Ledger Nano X and some on Ledger Nano S.

So before we conclude, let me touch upon some of the FAQs regarding LTC wallets:

  • Which Is The best Litecoin Wallet?

Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S are the best LTC wallets you can get right now. But they are paid ones if you looking for free ones go for LoafWallet or Exodus.

  • Which Is The Best Litecoin Wallet For Android/iOS/Mac & Windows?

LoafWallet is best for iOS and Android. Exodus & Electrum are suitable for Mac & Windows to store your LTC safely.

  • Which Is The Best Litecoin Wallet In India, USA, UK, South Africa, or Canada?

Litecoin wallets are country-independent, and you can use any wallet in any country. But this just applies to non-custodial wallets like the ones I have listed above. Also, irrespective of your country LTC hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S are the best.

Now you tell us: Where are you going to keep your Litecoins? Are you still confused to choose your LTC wallet? Tell us what is stopping you in the comments section below, and we will make it easy from there. Waiting for your comments 🙂