Are you looking for a reliable Zcash wallet?

You are in the right place. Zcash has been one of my favorite cryptocurrencies, and there are reasons for it.

I am sure you too are aware of those reasons, and that’s why you are a holder of Zcash. But for the new Zcash holders, let me tell, Zcash a P2P cryptocurrency born in 2016 to solely focus on privacy, anonymity, and fungibility features that are missing in Bitcoin.

The cryptography of Zcash is quite complicated, and it requires special-purpose wallets for storage and here are some of the reliable ones that I have tested to store Zcash:

Top Zcash (ZEC) Wallets of 2021

Zcash (ZEC) Wallets Wallets
Hardware Wallets Ledger Nano X [Recommended]
Android & iOS Wallet Apps Coinomi
Desktop Wallet
Web Wallets Rahakott

#1. Ledger Nano X [Zcash Hardware Wallet]

Ledger Nano X one of the best hardware wallets out there in the cryptosphere.

I am using this for some weeks now, and it has not disappointed me yet. Yes, I am storing a bit of Zcash coins that I have on it plus it is capable of storing 1000+ cryptocurrencies.

The battery and Bluetooth features that were missing in its earlier models are now in place. So you can easily use this wallet with your desktop or iOS/Android devices without any OTG/USB cables.

The battery can last upto 5 hours and has a life of 5 years. Your private keys are always under your control when you use this wallet, making it the most sophisticated self-hosted HD wallet in the market.

Moreover, the software interface of Ledger, i.e. Ledger Live app is very user-friendly to use. You can manage your firmware/hardware right from the app without worrying about security.

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#2. Coinomi [Zcash iOS & Android Wallet]

Coinomi – once my go-to mobile wallet is serving this space from 2015, and it is a decent mobile wallet for multiple currencies, including Zcash.

The company is based out of London, UK and has a strong development team that has always been a pioneer in implementing new cryptocurrency support and forked coins.

Coinomi has a large userbase that attests to its market value and has an in-app exchange service to help you exchange Zcash without going to a centralized exchange.

It is a self-hosted HD wallet where you get the 12-word seed while initial set-up which you are required to keep safe at all times. As of now, Coinomi is available both for iOS and Android.

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#3. Exodus [Zcash Desktop Wallet]

Exodus is the most elegant and user-centric desktop wallet you will ever find in the crypto market.

I am using Exodus since my early days of crypto in 2016, and I have seen their growth as well as development with my very eyes. The wallet has set high standards for UX and UI in the crypto wallets section at the same time they have not compromised anywhere on the security side.

Exodus supports 100+ cryptocurrencies as of now that includes ZEC coin. It is again a non-custodial wallet where you control your seed and private keys.

Also, you have an in-app exchange facility available in Exodus to change your ZEC coins to another coin, if you want that too without going to an exchange.

There are several beautiful skins and textures too available to make your desktop wallet, unlike any other. And as of now, it supports Mac, Windows, Linux systems.

Recently, Exodus has also launched its mobile wallets for iOS and Android, but I haven’t got a chance to test them yet.

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#4. ZecWallet [Zcash Desktop Wallet]

ZecWallet is the official full node client of Zcash.

Since it is a full node wallet, it requires you to download the whole blockchain and synchronize it. The synchronization can take some time, and after that, only the wallet is usable.

Using this wallet, you can manage your ZEC coins and also run a full node for Zcash blockchain and participate in the validation of transactions.

ZecWallet allows you to make Shielded payments and use the memo field features which isn’t possible in any of the other wallets. But the multisig functionality is yet missing from it.

But on and all it is a suitable wallet to be used by someone who wants to run Zcash full nodes and participate in Zcash mining because it is available for macOS, Linux, & Windows.

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#5. Rahakott [Zcash Web Wallet]

Rahakott is a secure and straightforward anonymous multicurrency crypto wallet for anyone who likes web wallets.

The wallet is free, and it only takes 15 seconds to make an account on it without using your email, phone number, or even log in or password.

A seed phrase is automatically generated which you need to back-up safely. Losing this would mean losing all of your crypto assets.

Apart from that, it is a multilingual wallet that supports 5+ cryptocurrencies, including Zcash and through its anonymous features has processed more than 20 million dollars.

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Which is the best Zcash wallet for Windows or MAC?

Now, I believe you must have understood how to get/create a Zcash wallet address but a question that might be still looming in your mind:

  • Which is the best Zcash wallet?

Well, all the wallets that I have listed are the best in the business and best in their respective categories.

If you want to store ZEC safely for the long term, you can rely on Ledger Nano X. And if you want something for your desktop, go for Exdous, and for online wallets Rahakott is the best.

That’s all from us in this edition of Zcash wallets and if you have any questions regarding Zcash wallet feel free to ask us in the comments below 🙂