As a crypto HODLER, you know how important it is to keep your hardware wallet backup.

When you set up your hardware wallet, you need to take a backup of the recovery phrases. Most users usually take a paper backup of the phrase, but that’s not really a secure option.

But to solve that problem, Ledger has come up with the Billfold. It is a steel case for storing your 24-word recovery phrase. So in case you lose your hardware wallet, you will still be able to recover your digital.

But is it really good? Well, let’s find this out in this Billfodl review:

What is Billfodl?


If you are a hardware wallet user, you already know that managing and remembering a 24-word recovery phrase is a pretty tough thing.

Also, there is always a risk of losing your backup phrase if you have written it down somewhere. And if you lose your backup seed phrase, you will no longer be able to recover your funds from your crypto wallet.

But thanks to Billfodl, your recovery seed phrase is safer than ever. It is a solid steel case that lets you store and protect your 24-word recovery phrase. This one is designed to resist water, fire, and other physical damage.

It lets you store your backup phrase in the form of 12 or 24 words, and it is super easy to use.

It comes with laser-engraved tiles. This allows you to place those titles to save passwords and mnemonic phrases in its stainless case. So it stays protected against shockproof and other potential damages.

Billfodl Basics

Billfodl is not really a groundbreaking tech that requires huge explanations. Instead, billfodl works on a pretty simple functionality of storing your recovery seeds.

The good part of this stainless steel case is that you can store a wide range of seed and key formats. Such as BIP-39, alphanumeric, Hexadecimal, and more.

It comes with tiles set that is sufficient enough to create random words for your seed backup.

Also, the titles come with randomized quantities. This way, your sensitive data cannot be reverse-engineered from the remaining tile set that you didn’t use.

Billfodl Tiles

billfodl tiles

Another cool thing about Billfodl is that it comes with laser-cut engraved titles.

Unlike other options, it does not have the option of stamping on the tiles, which can get easily wiped off, leading to potential dangers of data loss. Instead, the tiles are laser engraved, which is hard to be wiped out.

Top Features Of Billfodl

  • Billfodl comes with a strong build quality and a shockproof design that can offer protection against physical damage.
  • It is forged to withstand more than double the average house fire.
  • It is made out of marine grade 316 stainless steel means it will never rust.
  • Your seed words stay entirely offline. So hackers will not be able to access the codes.

Paper Private Keys Backup vs Billfodl

In simple words, you can say that Billfodl replaces the paper backup phrase. Hardware wallets do come with a paper that allows you to write down the seed backup. This allows you to recover your funds if you lose your hardware wallet.

But paper wallets have their own drawbacks. It is not as secure as an option like Billfodl. A piece of paper can get easily damaged by fire or flood damage. So if something unexpected happens, you will lose your recovery seeds.

For instance, a flood or fire can easily damage the paper backup, even if it’s stored inside something safe.

Also, over a period of time, the ink of the paper might fade, and you will end up having a blank page or your private keys being completely not recognizable.

Also, there are many other ways a paper wallet can get damaged, leading you to a significant amount of loss.

But when you use a tool like Billfodl, you get to keep your recovery words in secure way.

Since it is made out of 316 stainless steel, it is fireproof and waterproof. Also, it has a pretty sturdy and shockproof design which keeps your seed words completely safe.

In addition to that, just like paper with a private key, the Billfold wallet also keeps your seed words completely offline. So there is no way a hacker can get access to your seed phrases and steal your digital assets.

Who Needs a Billfodl?

Anyone using crypto wallets for storing a huge amount of crypto assets should definitely give it a shot to Billfodl.

As mentioned earlier, it is much safer than a piece of paper and can protect your private key in extreme conditions.

You can use this steel case with all your hardware wallets, such as Ledger nano models, Trezor hardware wallets, Keepkey, and more.

Also, Billfodl’s cost is not really a costly tool to have. Instead, it acts as a cheap insurance policy against all the potential threats that your recovery words can face.

Billfodl: What’s In The Box?

billfodl box contents

Using the Billfodl case, you can store up to 96 characters. This allows you to back up your entire 24 word seed words in one unit.

Also, if even your entire seed is longer than 96 characters, you will only need the first four letters of each seed word to fully back up your coins.

Talking about the Billfodl box contents, you will find two things inside it. First, there will be the steel case, and the second package will have all the characters in it.

As soon as you get your Billfodl package, you need to unscrew the wallet’s top panel using a tile or a screwdriver.

Next, you need to open up the character’s package and pick up each character and slide it into the slot from the left side.

You wouldn’t find any issues inserting the tiles. As they are cut with precision layers leaving no measurement issues behind.

Another interesting part about the Billfold case is that you can enter the number of each word as per the BIP39 dictionary. Or you can add the words themselves.

Where to store your Billfodl?

Once you are done inserting your seed into the case, the next step is to store it somewhere safe.

Thanks to its sturdy design, storing it wouldn’t really be a problem. It is designed to handle extreme temperatures and unusual conditions. So you can be really creative with how you store your Billlfodl.

Some of the popular ideas are mentioned below:

  • You can bury it in your yard. Since it is waterproof, dirt’s moisture wouldn’t hurt it.
  • Hide it in the bottom of your freezer.
  • Place it under the stones in your aquarium.

Just make sure you are keeping it in some unusual place. As it would be hard for anyone to access it. In the end, just don’t forget where you have kept your Billfodl.

Billfodl Customer Support

Billfodl’s customer service is also quite friendly. They are always up for answering most of your questions and helping you with possible solutions.

They can be contacted in two ways. Either you can call on their number or contact them through the Billfodl website contact page, which will give you a response within 24 hours.

Also, they have crafted detailed responses to frequently asked questions which can be found on their website. So if you are going to set up your Billfodl case for the first time, going through those articles would help you out.

Pros and Cons Of Billfodl


  1. Extra Corrosion Resistance: Billfold offers you sturdy tiles which are corrosion-resistant compared to other options available in the market. As a result, over a period of time, the tiles will not get rusted.
  2. Competitively priced: The Billfold case is also priced pretty competitively when compared to the other options available in the market.
  3. Adjustable: You can change the seed code in your device after you are done setting it.


  1. Hex keys and recovery seeds only: Billfodl does not come with special characters, and it should be okay. Since most hardware crypto wallet does not offer seed codes containing special characters. Also, you will get a bunch of the same tiles to create your seed codes.


  • Do I need Billfodl?

Anyone dealing with a high amount of crypto should use Billfodl. Billfodl offers a safe way to store your private keys or seed words.

A majority of the hot and cold wallets use a seed code for backup. So if your phone or hardware wallet gets destroyed, you can always use your 12 or 24 words phrase to recover your funds.

But in case you have saved your seed words by writing them down on paper. Then there is always a risk of it getting damaged. Hence, to ensure that your seed words are getting top-notch security, you need to use Billfodl.

  • Is Billfodl double-sided?

Yes, Billfodl is double-sided, which allows you to store a 24-word seed easily. Thanks to the nature of the seed or mnemonic phrase, you will need the first 4 letters to uniquely identify the seed code.

  • How does the 24-word recovery work?

You can say that your recovery phrase code is a master key that unlocks your hardware wallet. On a hardware wallet, the recovery seed is used for calculating where the private keys are from.

This means that as long as you have your recovery code with you, the calculation of your private keys will always offer the same result. So even if you lose your hardware wallet, the funds can be retrieved using the seed.

The recovery phrase is a combination of multiple words, and there are about 2048 words that exist in the list, which is also referred to as a BIP-39 word list.

Also, it is impossible to guess your specific set of 24 words. As there can be a total of 115 792 089 237 316 195 423 570 985 008 687 907 853 269 984 665 640 564 039 457 584 007 913 129 639 936 possible mnemonic seed phrases.

  • How do you use Billfodl?

When it comes to Billfodl setup, it is a pretty straightforward job. You can easily set up the grade stainless steel case by placing each tile into the Billfodl’s slot.

Also, it is designed in such a way that each successive tile moves the entire phrase back until the row is full.

You need to put the tiles in the slot and move it to the left. The slots are designed to accommodate the first four letters of each BIP-39 seed word (the entire word is not necessary to back up).

set up billfodl

To help you out, here is a quick step-by-step guide:

  1. First, open the case by sliding the top latch and lower container.
  2. Next, unlock the frame by turning the screw counterclockwise.
  3. Then release the safety lever by pressing inside the long slot with a small tool.
  4. Open the frame while the safety lever is released.
  5. Now you have to insert your seed codes using the stainless steel letters into the slots. You can use blank tiles for the space.
  6. Once you are done adding the tiles, close the frame and then lock it by tightening the screws clockwise and you are done with the setup.

My seed is 157 letters, but Billfodl only has space for 96. What do I do?

If you have a longer seed phrase, then you can always enter the first four letters of your seed, and you will still be able to recover your funds.

witch collapse practice feed shame open despair creek road again ice lease

Then you can arrange it as:

witc coll prac feed sham open desp cree road agai ice leas


So that was all for the Billfodl review. It is one of the best cases for storing your crypto wallet recovery code. Plus a much better option than storing a piece of paper.

It can handle twice the temperature compared to other options and offers you the safest way to protect your funds. Also, the case is pretty easy to set up and use.

So go ahead and check the device by yourself and see how it is working for you. Also, for any doubts, do comment below.

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