Looking for a secure place to store your private key, where it can be safe from any extreme condition and at the same time is available at your fingertips with complete accessibility?

If so, this Cryptosteel Capsule review might be exactly what you need.

Cryptosteel is a well-known name in the crypto sphere for safeguarding your keys. It has acquired the market exceptionally, which is why it is crucial to be in the race and understand its various aspects.

And that is why I am here with the most sensible Cryptosteel Capsule review based on my personal experience using it.

I will be telling you everything you need to know before you purchase it and whether or not the Cryptosteel Capsule is still worth buying.

So without any delay, let’s dive into the topic now.

What is Cryptosteel Capsule?

Cryptosteel Capsule

CryptoSteel capsule is a premier backup tool that offers a foolproof solution that combines the age-old idea of engraving with rustproof, shockproof, acid-resistant and fireproof material up to 1400 degrees Celcius.

It is a stainless steel backup device which can withstand up to 150000N pressure.

It is a solid metal device that offers the ultimate protection for your 24-word recovery phrase, which is the only backup of your keys while giving complete access to your crypto.

Build your mnemonic seed phrase by sliding the first 4 characters of each word in the core and creating spaces between each word using separators, making each word distinguishable.

Lock the Cryptosteel capsule and make sure to put it in a secure place to prevent it from being stolen or lost.

The Cryptosteel Capsule is manufactured with high-strength steel offering a long-lasting and solid structure to protect your 24-word Recovery Phrase.

Cryptosteel capsules can be integrated with other hardware wallets for maximum longevity and security of your crypto assets through offline storage.

The solid steel capsule measures 255 x 185 x 25 mm, and weighs 515 g. As well as comes with more than 800 character tiles to set your seed phrase.

Getting Started: Unboxing Cryptosteel Capsule

Cryptosteel capsule comes in a beautiful white sturdy box wrapped with a plastic sheet which feels very pleasing to unwrap.

The white box underneath the wrapping is made of a soft card-like material that gives a premium feel to the packaging.

Unboxing Cryptosteel Capsule

The white box has ‘Peace of Mind’ written on the front face and opens with a flap mechanism revealing the transparent recycled PET plastic case that holds the capsule for easy searching.

All of the tiles stay separate in their respective compartments for each component of the Cryptosteel Capsule. It is also compatible with most secret-sharing and key-generation algorithms

For reliability, quality and safety purposes, it is recommended to purchase Cryptosteel Capsule from the official website of Cryptosteel or by clicking the link here.

You can buy them through various payment methods, including Apple Pay, PayPal etc.

Cryptosteel Features

Cryptosteel Features

The Capsule

The capsule is 102mm long and has a diameter of 16mm. Despite the small dimensions, it offers more capacity than its predecessor and similar competing products.

Cryptosteel Capsule is made of 100% high-quality German stainless steel, more precisely, steel type 303. The capsule appears absolutely robust and resistant to nearly all circumstances.

It consists of a shell and a core, which are screwed together via a deep steel thread. This thread tightly seals the tiles against external influences.

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The Plates

Cryptosteel Capsule plates

The tiles are mainly character tiles, including all printable ASCII characters (96 different ones), including special characters and numbers.

This achieves 100% coverage for all hardware wallet recovery seeds and 99% coverage for hexadecimal strings of up to 123 characters and random ASCII strings of up to 55 characters. All characters are deeply embossed into the tiles to ensure maximum longevity.

The fonts are large and legible for better utility, and the lowercase letters are provided with a visual distinction. In addition to the character tiles, separator tiles differ in shape from the character tiles and are not punched.

You can use these to separate individual seed words. Additionally, there are some closure tiles. These serve to fix the plates at the end so that they do not slip off the core. Because the number of tiles is random, there is no need to discard the remaining tiles.

You can keep the packaging with the tiles and reuse it if you want to change or expand your capsule.

How CryptoSteel Works?

how Cryptosteel Capsule works

Your desired information can be stored in the capsule in just a few steps. First, you open the capsule by unscrewing the core. At the end of the core, you have to take off a small piece of cloth.

This contains a reminder not to forget the locked tile at the end. Otherwise, the tiles can fall off the core later when you take them out.

Then it is advisable to lay out the characters on a flat surface first. For example, this could be a random password, an unabridged 12-word hardware wallet recovery key, or the first four letters of a 24-word seed phrase.

In this case, the seed words cannot be saved entirely, but the first 4 letters are sufficient to identify a word without a doubt.

Cryptosteel diagram

Now you can thread these tiles one after the other onto the core and, if desired, also separate the individual words with separator tiles. Finally, a clasp plate is threaded in, and the small bracket is bent through the eyelet at the end of the core.

This means that no plate can slip off the core. If you want to read out the stored information again later, it is advisable not to remove the locking plate. The free space on the capsule’s core should be enough to move the tiles piece by piece and write out the information.

This way, you don’t risk the platelets falling off the core and the information possibly getting lost.

Cryptosteel Setup

Follow these steps to set up your Cryptosteel Capsule for the first time:

  1. Firstly, Cryptosteel Capsule and its parts.
  2. Unscrew capsule: Twist the top cap to remove the core from the capsule.
  3. Remove the informative ribbon.
  4. Use character tiles to arrange your data: Select the tiles from the container provided. I recommend placing each pegment of your crypto seed code in advance on a plain surface and then sliding them easily into the capsule’s core one by one, making the overall process simpler.
  5. If your seed phrase is longer than 12 words, please use only the first four characters of each word for better space management.
  6. Use separators to segment information: You can use separators between words to separate each word on the seed.
  7. Placing the tiles into the core: After your data is set and ready to be stored, start placing them by sliding the tiles into the core. This is the perfect time to double-check your work.
  8. Place and bend the fastener at the end to hold tiles: Bend the tiny eyelet present at the end of the capsule’s core with your fingers to anywhere greater than 90 degrees. Then put it on the core of the capsule, and pull firmly to close it into place.
  9. Finally, Screw the capsule back together.

CryptoSteel Capsule Security

Cryptosteel Capsule is 100% steel – AISI 303 shell, AISI 304 core, and laminae. Grade 304 stainless steel provides the ideal combination of strength, heat tolerance and resistance to wear and corrosion.

In addition, the capsule is fireproof up to 1400 degrees Celsius. In addition, the deep thread hermetically seals the capsule, keeping the information safe even underwater.

The capsule can withstand the impact of even a 9mm bullet. Should the device be crushed, the tiles are connected by a common core, greatly improving data integrity.

It was even tested by a crypto enthusiast who used a 20-ton press with which he could bend the capsule, but no information was lost. So you can imagine the quality and strength Cryptosteel Capsule offers.

Another benefit of the capsule is its small form factor, which makes it unassuming and easy to hide.

Additionally, the codes stored in the capsule are not immediately visible at first impression.

This is useful in many situations where someone might want to quickly look at the data (cameras, airport security, showing off the device to family and friends, etc.).

You can seal the closure if you want to see if someone has read the information inside.


  • Is Cryptosteel capsule worth it?

Cryptosteel is the single most efficient autonomous offline storage that offers the best value for its pricing.

The Cryptosteel Capsule Solo can survive extreme conditions thanks to the high-grade steel solid-built body that provides high structural strength and the deeply stamped stainless steel tiles that makes it an indestructible backup, as well as provide high mobility with its compact design.

Cryptosteel Capsule is quite handy and easy to use. Setting it up is also relatively easy and quick, even for beginners.

There is also an in-depth start-up guide provided with the package. You can watch a Youtube Video and see for yourself its abilities and see how extraordinarily it performs in stress tests.

Additionally, Cryptosteel Capsule can easily be used with various other hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano series or the Trezor to safeguard your valuable data.

The capsule features adjustable separators that let you store random passwords, master passwords and recovery seed backups of multiple wallets all in one place.

Therefore, considering all the functionality and utility features that Cryptosteel Capsule offers is just phenomenal. Additionally, when it comes to whether it is worth it or not, a short and straightforward answer is a definite YES.

Starting at just $109, the Cryptosteel Capsule is undoubtedly worth buying. The pricing improves as you buy them in bundles; you can refer to the pricing by clicking here.

  • How Does The Cryptosteel Capsule Work?

The working of Cryptosteel Capsule is quite simple and straightforward. Just open the capsule by unscrewing the core. Remove the small piece of cloth attached to the end of the core.

Lay the desired characters on a flat surface and then thread each tile one after the other onto the core and, if required, separate the individual words with separator tiles.

In the end, you can thread the clasp plate and bend the small bracket through the eyelet at the end of the core, enabling no slippage of any plate off the core.

Now, if you want to read out the stored information again later, then do not remove the locking plate.

The free space remaining on the core should be enough to move the tiles piece and write out the information this way; there’s no risk of the plates falling off the core and the information getting misplaced.

  • Is Cryptosteel safe?

The rugged build that Cryptosteel Capsule comes with which is made up of dense, high-grade stainless steel with all the tiles made of similar material and deeply stamped that can resist extreme conditions of up to a whopping 1400 degrees Celcius and even strong acids.

Additionally, the deep thread seals the capsule air-tight, keeping the information safe even under water at high pressures.

Cryptosteel Capsule keeps your keys safe as it is completely offline with no third-party involvement or any internet connection that safeguards your information from any cyber breaches, which is a huge advantage of these devices.

These durability and security features make the Cryptosteel wallet completely safe and indestructible.

What Kind Of Private Keys Can Be Stored Using Cryptosteel Capsule?

Cryptosteel can store all your sensitive data, regardless of format, which includes any of the following, as well as most other information you wish to store securely.

  • Bank account info and passwords
  • GPS coordinates
  • Rainbow Codes
  • BIP39 (unabbreviated 12-word recovery seeds),
  • BIP39 (4-letter abbreviations of 24-word recovery seeds)
  • Shamir Backup SLIP0039 (4-letter acronyms of 20-word seeds)
  • BIP32 root keys
  • WIF private keys
  • Elliptic curve coordinates
  • Monero mnemonic seeds (25-word seeds)
  • Random ASCII passwords with full ASCII character set
  • PIN codes


This was all about the Cryptosteel Capsule review. Using it for a while now with hardware wallets, I must say that the combination becomes indestructible.

This device is simply unbeatable and is a one-time buy. Its unique, pocket-friendly and robust design, which is solid to its core, makes it simply the best.

So what are you waiting for? Get Cryptosteel Capsules now and safeguard your seed words and digital assets like never before.

If you have any queries feel free to post them in the comment section below.

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