If you are into crypto, hardware wallets are imperative for the long-term safety of your cryptocurrencies.

But the fact you are here to explore the reviews of Ledger Nano X tells you are a smart investor who doesn’t overlook the safety of his/her crypto funds.

Ledger SAS is the company behind the newly launched Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, and they have been doing digital asset security since 2014 (the days of the Mt.Gox hack)

The company is legit and has the track record to pull off a new hardware wallet. But let us see how the Ledger Nano X is being received by users like me so that you too can decide for yourself.

Here is what we are going to touch upon in this article:

What Is Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is the newly launched flagship product of Ledger SAS -a pioneer company in manufacturing hardware wallets. Ledger announced the Ledger Nano X device in January 2019 and started its pre-order in March 2019. (As of now it is shipping worldwide for everyone !!)

Ledger Nano X is touted as a superior product to any other hardware wallet available right now in the market and in my first look at the product, I second with the company.

I received my Ledger Nano X a few days back, and it is working like a charm so far. Also, Ledger is redefining the whole hardware industry with this product as the security of digital assets like Bitcoin & Ethereum for individuals has always been a pressing concern.

I think it changes with Ledger Nano X, but that’s just my opinion, and you should have your own too.

That’s why next up, I am going to share the features and my thoughts on the device. So stick around as it is going to be the most comprehensive review you have ever read.

Getting Started: Unboxing Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X shipping box primarily comes with the Ledger Nano X device itself, USB C-type, instruction manual, getting started manual, seed recovery sheet.

  • 1 hardware wallet
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 getting started leaflet
  • 3 recovery sheets
  • 1 keychain strap

On the material side, the Ledger Nano X also looks like it is made off brushed stainless steel and plastic. It also looks much more prominent in size than its precursor, i.e., Nano S.

Ledger Nano X Features

Features of Ledger Nano X are what make it stand out in the market. Some of the features that the company is boasting about are:

Bluetooth Connectivity: Nano X is the first crypto hardware wallet to have Bluetooth connectivity, making it the most mobile and easy-to-use hardware wallet. But having Bluetooth feature has attracted some criticism from the experts as Bluetooth-related hacks have been a long-standing problem.

However, Ledger Nano X touts to be a sufficiently safe Bluetooth implementation that transmits only public data while keeping your private/seed keys safe. So even if your Bluetooth is hacked, the attacker cannot access your funds.

  • PS: If you don’t want to use this feature, you can simply turn this feature OFF.

Secure Security Element Chip: You can leave your fear of getting cryptocurrencies hacked because with Ledger Nano X your private keys are stored in a certified secure element that never leaves your device at any point in time.

Large Screen: Nano X is having a larger screen as compared to its previous version and is almost twice in size (72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm). This makes it possible to have the buttons on the front and easy to navigate OLED screen, which previously the users have complained to be very small.

More Cryptocoins Support: With Ledger Nano X you can use 100 cryptocurrencies at a time as it allows you to install 100 apps at a time on the device in its 2 MB space which is the maximum you will get in a hardware wallet.

PIN & Seed Features: Standard PIN code and seed backup features are available in Ledger Nano X too.

Passphrase Security: Passphrase is like adding one more custom word to your 24-word seed. You can use as many passphrases as you want and for each passphrase, a whole new set of addresses will be generated. However, this feature is only recommended for advanced users as losing or forgetting your passphrase will make your funds permanently inaccessible even after you have the seed words. So use this with caution !!

Auto Screen Lock & Power Off:  You can set your device to auto-lock your screen or go completely power off after a period of inactivity. However, you can make your device active again by entering your PIN.

Battery Device: Ledger Nano X is the first widely popular battery-enabled crypto hardware wallet. The 100 mAh battery is designed to last for several hours and is expected to live atleast five years upon proper use. However, this was much required to be a truly mobile and Bluetooth-enabled device. Now you can connect it easily with your iOS or Android devices and roam around as much as you would like.

Ledger Live Support: If you still want to stick to the old way of using your USB C-type cable, you are most welcomed to use that with your Ledger Nano X device. The process to upgrade your firmware and set up your device remains the same.

Ledger Nano X UI & UX

Ledger Nano X’s UI & UX is at par with other hardware devices I have seen so far. Having said that there are some blips in the software which I think will go away in future iterations.

The new Ledger Nano X device has a bigger OLED screen, which helps you clearly see and navigate through the option shown on the device. Furthermore, the bulging side buttons have been brought to the front, which makes the user experience better while selecting an option.

Ledger Nano X Supported Coins

Ledger Nano X supports 1100+ cryptocurrencies and tokens. However, there is native support only available for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, etc.

But the rest cryptocoins and ERC20 tokens are also supported indirectly through third-party interfaces such as Electron wallet, MyCrypto wallet, and MyEtherWallet, etc.

More token and coin support is added regularly every month, making it the only hardware wallet to support such a massive number of cryptocurrencies.

My Personal Take-Ledger Nano X Review Reddit: Is Ledger Nano X Safe?

Ledger Nano X is definitely a safe hardware wallet to use.

But before talking about safety, I need to stress that when you talk about safety, you have to speak in relative terms.

Hardware devices with software interfaces will always have some or other limitations. They cannot be 100% free of any error; that’s why you need to talk in relative terms.

So relatively, Ledger Nano X is the safest option available in the market for storing your cryptocurrencies. Software wallets and desktop wallets don’t even come close to it in terms of security. Whereas other hardware wallets are yet to up their game in providing safety as well as user experience.

Furthermore, a hardware wallet like Nano X is much superior to cumbersome paper wallets, and I don’t think I need to speak more about what both have to offer.

Interestingly, while I was setting up my Ledger Nano X, it just took me a couple of minutes to figure out, and it was ready to use. The majority of time goes in securing your seed, and once that is done, you are prepared to roll.

However, this is my reading of the device, but Redditors always have a good opinion on almost everything. So while digging Reddit, I could find out that there is a mixed feeling about the Ledger Nano X product.

To keep it short:

People who like mobility and want a total on-the-go experience are liking the product and adjusting with the small hiccups of lack of account name synchronization and jittery Bluetooth connectivity. However, it looks like they are hopeful that these obstacles will go away in the future releases of the firmware.

On the other hand, some users are outright critical of the Bluetooth feature and are saying; the features are not worthwhile to upgrade and pay $119 bucks for the device.

In my opinion, it is a personal choice for anyone to make and to me, the features look sufficiently worthwhile to upgrade. Especially the feature of Bluetooth, battery device, and support of at least 100 cryptocoins at a time justify for its price tag.

These three features make it a formidable product in the market and show that the Ledger SAS company is looking distant in the future to provide digital asset security to the average joe.

Ledger Nano X FAQs

  • When is Ledger Nano X shipping?

Ledger Nano X has started shipping from 28th May 2019 and is inclusive of all the shipping charges/VAT around the world. However, you will likely be required to pay customs duty for receiving it in your country.

  • Where to buy Ledger Nano X?

Only buy Ledger Nano X from its official site. If you are thinking to buy it from eBay or Amazon, I suggest you discard the idea because, in the past, eBay and Amazon have supplied tempered products compromising the crypto funds of the buyers.

  • Ledger Nano X promo/discount code

Ledger Nano X has no promo or discount code available as of now, but you can surely get a pack of Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S on a discounted price where you will receive Ledger Nano X at 50% off.

  • How many apps Ledger Nano X supports?

Ledger Nano X can support 100 apps at a time. Meaning you can store/manage 100 different cryptocurrencies at one go on Ledger Nano X device.

  • How to use Ledger Nano X?

If you have used a mobile wallet, you can similarly use Ledger Nano X on your mobile after integrating it with the Ledger Live mobile app.

  • How Ledger Nano X Stacks Up Against Competition?

Ledger Nano X is undoubtedly at par with Ledger Nano S, Trezor One and Trezor Model T as of now. But I recommend you to go through our comparative analysis of Ledger Nano X with other hardware wallets to decide for yourself here:

  1. Ledger Nano S vs. Ledger Nano X
  2. Ledger Nano X vs. Trezor Model T
  3. Ledger vs. Trezor

Having said that, Ledger Nano X is a must-have device if you are serious about the game of cryptocurrencies because any other option isn’t as safe as hardware wallets.

So even if you don’t want to buy Ledger Nano X, you should definitely but any other hardware wallet that falls in your budget or you like because that would be safer than any other method you are using right now to safeguard your crypto. This if or your safety.

Lastly, don’t be frugal buy yourself a hardware wallet 🙂

Now you tell us: How did you like this review? Where do you keep your cryptocurrencies? Are you using any hardware wallet already?

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