The adoption of Monero into the business industry has been challenging.

As compared to other blockchains, Monero is built on a private-by-default protocol very different from other projects. Hence, enterprise tools built for other blockchains don’t work with Monero.

As a result, businesses wanting to support Monero have always been facing technical challenges, despite Monero having a large user base and presenting countless business opportunities.

However, the RINO Monero Wallet helps enterprises safeguard their funds, integrate Monero into their business seamlessly, and easily leverage best-in-class industry practices such as spender/assigner roles, spending limits, etc.

So what is RINO all about? Well, let’s find it out in this RINO Monero Wallet Review:

What is RINO Monero Wallet?

rino monero wallet

RINO is an enterprise-focused Monero wallet that helps users benefit from some of its unique features.

The wallet is made by long-time Monero users who have experienced themselves the shortcomings of dealing with XMR in a professional context and decided to develop a solution on par with what has already existed for other blockchains for several years.

While the main offering of RINO is a feature-rich non-custodial wallet for enterprise users, it also comes with a Community Edition which is available for everyone to use for free.

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Despite being feature-rich, RINO is non-custodial. That is, the wallet doesn’t have access to your funds. It does this by leveraging multisignature technologies, and keys required to move the funds stay within your control.

With the RINO Monero Wallet, you experience the advantages of an online wallet that remains non-custodial. But that is just the baseline.

RINO comes with unique features such as 2FA to safeguard your account, sharing of wallets between friends or colleagues, fine-grained permissions and approvals, the ability to set spending limits, notifications for transactions, and much more.

While the Community Edition does not offer the full spectrum of features of the Enterprise Edition, it still packs a bunch of things you simply don’t see in any other XMR wallets.

What RINO Community Edition Offers?

RINO wallets are “always on”. Your wallets are accessible from any device and are always synchronized. You can even get notifications of transactions when you’re not connected.

You can exchange XMR at top market rates. RINO has partnered with top exchanges to give you the possibility to swap crypto instantly to over 100 coins, and the ability to on-ramp and off-ramp to fiat.

Protect your wallet with 2FA. No other Monero wallet offers this simple but powerful protection.

Wallet Sharing: you can give other people view access to your wallet (including both incoming and outgoing transactions – a feature impossible with any other Monero wallet). Perfect for NGOs and other organizations who wish to show transparency over one of their wallet, for instance to track and check donation usage.

What RINO Enterprise Edition Offers?

RINO Enterprise is a powerful wallet designed for professional teams requiring heightened security.

Wallets in a professional context hold potentially large amounts, and their usage must be shared and secure by several people within an organisation, according to various rules and security principles.

RINO Enterprise Edition features allows to implement industry best-practices such as a four eye principle, the assignment of various spender and approver roles to colleagues, spending limits, etc.

For instance, someone in the accounting department may only have read access to a wallet, while a secretary can be allowed to spend directly small amounts up to a certain daily limits, and require the approval of one administrator to spend further.

All these features are possible thanks to the use of multi-signature technology. No other Monero wallets offer anything close.

RINO Enterprise Edition offers 24/7 customer support, ensuring peace of mind and smooth operations.

Key Features Of RINO Wallet

  • Multi-Device

RINO is a multi-device, and “always on” wallet.

The advantage of the wallet is that it is always synchronized, unlike other Monero wallets that only synchronize to the blockchain when you actively connect to them, forcing you to wait several minutes before using your wallet. With RINO, you can even receive notifications of transactions when you are not connected.

  • Set Spending Limits

The Enterprise Edition allows you to set up and control spending rights within your organization with different roles and policies.

For instance, you can allocate certain permissions to an accountant, a manager or an administrator, depending on the internal rules of your organization of who can spend what.

  • Exchange Integrations

The wallet also comes with an integrated exchange feature. RINO has partnered with top cryptocurrency exchanges that give you access to more than a hundred coins.

RINO is also set to add fiat-to-crypto transactions, allowing to buy and sell Monero with fiat.

Wallet Sharing

You can decide to give other people in your organization various access and roles for your wallet or share a read-only version with the general public (neat for an NGO).

Simply sharing The sharing can be done for both incoming and outgoing transactions.

The Enterprise Edition offers granular control on how funds can be spent in a shared wallet, reflecting industry practices on how to manage corporate funds.

  • RINO Multisignature Technology

One of the most interesting parts of the RINO wallet is its reliance on multi-signature technology.

Every wallet is created with three keys, and two out of the three existing are required to sign any transaction and spend funds. You, the customer, own two keys. The last key is controlled by RINO.

To sign normal transactions, RINO uses its key, while you use your first “daily” key.

This all happens under the hood through a simple interface. You can decide in advance how and when RINO will co-sign your transactions or not. A simple example is that a successful 2FA check is required.

If RINO disappears, or the user simply wishes to move their funds away, they can use both their keys together and still access their funds.

Because RINO only knows one out of the three keys, it can never steal or spend its customers’ funds.

How To Create A RINO Wallet?

Getting started with RINO is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is register an account and create a first wallet. Here’s how it looks like:

  1. Register

First, go to and click on the sign-up button and create an account following all the onscreen steps. After verifying your email, you can log into your RINO account.

After the first login, you will be asked to download and store the account recovery document. Read the explanations carefully and download the document.

(Store the document somewhere safe, as you must not lose it, nor show it to anyone else.). You will have one such document for your entire account.

rino account recovery document

  1. Create Your First Wallet

From the RINO Dashboard, click on the ADD Wallet button.

Create Your First Wallet rino

Give your wallet a name and click on Create Wallet button. The process will take a few moments as all the magic to create your wallet is done client-side, within your browser.

name your rino wallet

Next, again it will ask you to download and store the wallet recovery document – so follow the onscreen steps. But this time, it will ask you to enter a 6-digital confirmation number found in the document.

So open up the document and enter the confirmation code. This document is also critical; put it somewhere safe where you won’t lose it, and nobody will be able to see it.

wallet recovery document rino

  1. Send and Receive Funds

First, from your RINO dashboard, click on your wallet name, and then you will find the SEND / EXCHANGE and RECEIVE buttons.

Click on Receive, and you will see a wallet address. Simply send your XMR tokens to this address from any exchange or wallet to deposit funds to your RINO Wallet.

If you click on Send/Exchange, you will be able to transfer out XMR tokens or exchange them for any other tokens.

  1. Set Up 2FA

Next, go to Settings, and you will find the 2FA option. Make sure to enable 2FA, as this will help you to protect your funds even further. Once 2FA is enabled, no one can spend your XMR tokens, even if they somehow get to know your password!


Throughout the process, you downloaded two documents. Now you might be wondering what these two documents are.

The first document is the RINO Account Recovery document, and it provides you with an alternative way to recover your password in case you forget your password.

The second document is your wallet recovery document. This document would be different for each wallet you create.

Using this document, you will be able to recover your funds from your wallet in case you can’t or don’t want to access the RINO service.

So make sure to keep both documents safe and secure before depositing any significant amount, as any damage to these two documents could lead to a potential fund loss.


RINO is an enterprise solution for adopting Monero technology and using it in a professional environment.

While its Enterprise Edition is rich in features, the free version does an excellent job for the average Monero user who is looking for unique RINO features.

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