10 Best Ethereum Courses For Developers In 2020

I think you will agree with me when I say:

Skills in Ethereum and its smart contract language are in high demand right now.

For the non-believer here are some facts:

  • There are now 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer. (TechCrunch)
  • The average salary of a blockchain engineer in Silicon Valley is $158,000, but programmers who have experience in Solidity is in short supply and high demand. (Forbes)
  • Only 5,000 (0.25%) of the 2 million software developers in India currently have the right blockchain skills.

And these facts show the dearth as well as the need for blockchain engineers who are trained in solidity (the smart contract language of Ethereum).

Many start-up businesses are looking out for competent Ethereum and smart contracts developers to build their DApps.

As a result, many developers are looking to upgrade their skills to the next level by taking several Ethereum related courses/training online, such as:

And why not also when they able to see an opportunity for accelerated career growth in this field.

Moreover, it is not that challenging to be a smart contract developer because nowadays many exhaustive online courses are available to learn this subject.

And that’s why after rigorous research we have listed some of the best Ethereum and Hyperledger training/courses that you can take online:

Best Solidity (Smart Contracts) & DApp Courses For Developers

#1. Ethreum Smart Contract Programming Course By Ivan On Tech

This course is presented by Ivan On Tech and I have personally listened to his YouTube videos during my beginner’s journey. Ivan was a professional developer who jumped into the blockchain/crypto space to share his insights from the perspective of a developer.

Now he has launched this compelling course for people aspiring to learn smart contract programming with a special focus on Ethereum & EOS blockchain.

Expect to strengthen your basics of Object-Oriented programming from scratch and then deep dive into Solidity smart contracts to build DApps on Ethereum as well as EOS.

It gets better:

You will also get the BONUS opportunity to participate in monthly live Q&A’s as well as individual student support just for $1 for the first month (This is a special value offer only for TheMoneyMongers readers).

After the first month, you will be charged $49 per month for subsequent months and get lifetime access to the whole of Ivan On Tech Academy which has 11 courses worth of $2189. This comes out to be a discount of 98% which isn’t going to stay the same for long !!

Enroll Now For Smart Contract Programming Course ($1)

#2. Ethereum & Solidity Course: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Udemy)

This course is simply the best course to learn Ethereum and Solidity programming on the fly with more than 240 videos and 24-hours of content.

Developed by an engineer himself, the course is so far trusted by 30,000+ students and is by far with any other online class on Ethereum.

As an engineer, you will learn why we need Ethereum apps; then you will design, test and deploy smart contracts to make compelling blockchain applications using the Ethereum blockchain.

User Review: Arguably the best Ethereum & Solidity course available for an extremely cheap price. There is so much content that really evolves in depth along the course. The effort to prepare this valuable course content should actually be highly appreciated. If you want to get started with smart contracts and solidity, if you like to play with an end-end solution, if you don’t mind learning so many technologies along the way like react, next which is so awesome – this course is for you.

Want something more laser-focused and detailed on Ethereum?Try the next Ethereum developer course specifically designed for serious developers.

#3. Edureka’s Ethereum Online Developer Certification course

This course is for serious developers who want to deep dive into Ethereum programming and learn everything about smart contracts, DApps, and Ethereum frameworks.

In this extensive, real-time instructor-led course you will be learning about the Ethereum ecosystem, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), how smart contracts are developed using Solidity and frameworks like Web3.js, Truffle & TestRPC to create a plethora of decentralized automated services.

User Review: Edureka has been an unique and fulfilling experience. The course contents are up-to-date and the instructors are industry trained and extremely hard working. The support is always willing to help you out in various ways as promptly as possible. Edureka redefines the way online training is conducted by making it as futuristic as possible, with utmost care and minute detailing, packaged into the a unique virtual classrooms. Thank you Edureka!

#4. Ethereum Blockchain Developer Course: Building Blockchain DApps (Udemy)

It is another in-depth programming course on Ethereum and Solidity, delivered by experienced professionals.

The course is 7 hours long and is trusted by 12000+ students so far.

By taking this course, you will become proficient in Solidity programming, understand blockchain technology at a theoretical & practical level, learn advanced development with Truffle & Ethereum studio.

Finally leaving you self-sufficient in building projects using Solidity.

User Review: Pros: Covers the Beginner’s Ethereum development completely. Extremely Practical and Hands On. Good one stop to set up everything that is needed to make your own Smart Contracts or Ethereum Apps. Cons: Doesn’t include history or theory behind Blockchain. Doesn’t go deep on use cases of Blockchain or Ethereum or how the technology will generally shape the world.

#5. Hyperledger Composer Tutorial: IBM Blockchain Foundation for Developers (Coursera)

If you are a software developer who is wishing to kick-start in the blockchain, this course is for you.

The course is developed by several experience IBM developers to convey to you the high-level concepts, components, and strategies on building blockchain business networks.

Get an overview of IBM and its Hyperledger composer using a real-life example to get you accustomed to business models.

No programming skills are required, but if you have it, you are well-positioned to take the next Coursera course focused on development.

#6. Blockchain Specialization: The Complete Smart Contract & DApps Course (Coursera)

Want to touch upon basics of blockchain and then deep dive into smart contracts and DApps programming, this course is for you.

Of course, you are required to know at least one modern, a high-level programming language for taking this course as you will design, code, deploy, and execute smart contracts.

You will use Truffle IDE, smart contracts, a simple web client, and a MetaMask client and learn about the architecture of a Dapp: the front-end client interface.

Finally wrapping up with a discussion on permissioned blockchain architectures of Hyperledger and Microsoft Azure.

  • Want something more real? Try the next live instructor-led training course on Ethereum and Hyperledger development…

#7. Edureka’s Ethereum & Hyperledger Development Training

This is one of the best instructor-led online Ethereum training course for an intermediate and advanced audience. So if you are a developer or banking/finance professionals aspiring to be a blockchain architect this course should be your priority.

You can expect here an overview of the structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Multichain Blockchain platforms.

Also, you will learn to set up your private Blockchain and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum. Consecutively, you will also learn to implement the business network using Hyperledger Composer and be able to set up a private Multichain environment.

User Review: Edureka has been an unique and fulfilling experience. The course contents are up-to-date and the instructors are industry trained and extremely hard working. The support is always willing to help you out in various ways as promptly as possible. Edureka redefines the way online training is conducted by making it as futuristic as possible, with utmost care and minute detailing, packaged into the a unique virtual classrooms. Thank you Edureka!

#8. Hyperledger Course: Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric Certification

If you are a software engineer who wants to get into permissioned blockchain space, this course is for you.

The course is developed by experienced developers and architects from Linux Foundation to aid you to learn about blockchain.

By taking this course, you will get familiar with Hyperledger projects and the latest usecases. You will also build simple applications on top of Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric and perform clean installations of the Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric frameworks.

Note: This has two courses, and after completion, you will get two certifications.

#9. Ethereum Certification Training Course

Serious about learning Ethereum?

Well, this course is for you.

Get 30+ hours of instructor-led training with 40+ hands-on exercises to decipher Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Multichain Blockchain platforms.

Learn about Ethereum deployment tools, how to deploy a private Ethereum blockchain? And work on Hyperledger projects.

Also, learn how to deploy smart contracts on Ethereum testnet and make private blockchains using the Multichain platform.

#10. B9Lab’s Introduction To Ethereum For Developers (Free Ethereum Course)

Learn about the concept of underlying blockchain technology through this B9Lab’s course.

B9lab is the independent provider of quality education, advice, and research around blockchain technology and decentralized applications.

But this is an elementary course that requires you to have an understanding of computing principles and elementary knowledge of networks and databases.

For more detailed and in-depth courses on Ethereum check out their website.

Conclusion: Which Blockchain Programming or Development Course To Choose?

I think all these courses are worth looking into, but for specific recommendations, we have left an ample amount of information in each description to help you choose the right course.


These courses are for software engineers and developers who are looking to break into blockchain and smart contract development.

Some more courses are on our radar, and we are reviewing them as of now. So keep an eye here as we will be updating this list very soon.

Lastly, if you liked this article then do share it with your developer friends and also let us know about any more good Ethereum/Solidity course that we have missed here 🙂

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