Genesis Mining Alternatives In 2020

It is safe to assume that you aren’t entirely happy with Genesis mining, and that’s why you are looking for a better alternative.

If that’s the case, I must say you are in the right place.

Genesis mining, no doubt did a great job in mass popularizing cloud mining of cryptocurrencies. But there are better alternatives of Genesis present in the market.

It has been almost half a decade that cryptocurrency cloud mining got popularized and now many others are catching up.

However, the returns have certainly diminished due to the increased difficulty of mining and a plethora of coins to mine. But for the people who are ready to commit for the long term, mining still offers something.

So here are some of the best Genesis mining alternatives that you can try in case mining contracts are not available on Genesis:

Best Genesis Mining Alternatives In 2020

#1. Honeyminer’s Hotel Honey

Honeyminer is relatively a new entrant in the cryptocurrency mining space and a decent Genesis mining alternative.

Honeyminer started with a free crypto mining software for windows and Mac but soon expanded to launch its on-demand GPU mining program- Hotel Honey.

Under this program, one can buy the hashing power or the computing power of GPUs as per their needs and see real-time hourly earning into their dashboard.

As of now, Honeyminer is only mining Ethereum and providing the income share in Bitcoin. I have covered their detailed review here for your reference:

If you are starting off first time with mining, I advise you to try Honeyminer’s product ($66 for 3 months: Just approx $22 a month) that helps you get started with cryptocurrency mining most simply without any maintenance of CPUs or GPUs but it is good to commit to mining for atleast a year to get significant returns.

Honeyminer is making cryptocurrency mining accessible to the masses, and you need not buy expensive GPUs or CPUs to start mining cryptocurrency if you buy Hotel Honey™: Access on-demand GPUs to mine cryptocurrencies.

Hashpower (Ethash) Timeframe
250 MH/s in $660 Buy For 3 Months [Recommended]
25 MH/s in $129 Buy For 6 Months 
250 MH/s in $1,254 Buy For 6 Months
2500 MH/s in $6,270 Buy For 3 Months

Use Honeyminer Now

#2. NiceHash

NiceHash is another crypto mining company operating in this space in 2014 making it another reliable alternative to Genesis mining

NiceHash is one of the biggest brokers of crypto hash power and provides a powerful miner for Windows, Mac, Linux for advanced users as well as beginners in crypto mining.

Their hash power market is also quite big and provides you the opportunity to choose from various options based on coins and mining algorithms.

NiceHash also provides a mining pool which to which you can contribute your GPU or CPU mining power to earn proportionately.

But in any case, whether you buy hash power or contribute to a pool, you get a sophisticated dashboard to track your earnings in real-time.

Try NiceHas Now

#3. Hashflare

Hashflare is operating in the mining space since 2015 and has garnered a good share of support from crypto mining enthusiasts after Genesis.

Shortly after its launch, Hashflare became one of the largest providers of computational power for mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, etc.

You can easily buy mining power from them by paying in BTC or through credit cards to get mining power in TH/s or GH/s for BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, and ZEC.

Lastly, you get a dashboard on which you can track your real-time earning in BTC or ETH as per the mining contract you bought. But beware, mining isn’t a few weeks affair so if you plan to use it, use it only for the long term.

Try Hashflare Now

#4. Hashing24

Hashing24 is another lucrative alternative to Genesis mining.

Hashing24 provides easy to register and easy to start mining contracts. For getting started, you need to go to and register using your email ID.

After this, you will be able to buy customizable plans as per your needs. As of now, they provided a minimum of 1000 GH/s hashing power for 24 months for $68.

Most importantly, as you buy the mining power, you are placing an order with BitFury’s mining data centers located in Europe.

Lastly, you get a dashboard to track your daily earning and stats which near 100% uptime.

Try Hashing24 Now

Alternatives To Genesis Mining

I think for starters there many Genesis mining alternatives that are enough, but I am going to update this list soon as I am researching two more mining companies like Genesis.

However, you should only commit to mining if you think you will be able to accumulate more coins in the commitment period versus buying it right now !!

This is tricky and a hard thing to measure.

However, it has been observed that the hash rate increase usually follows the price appreciation, so in the period of low hash rate, if you can accumulate more, you will be in a winning position.

But if you are still confused and not able to decide, you should quietly invest in coins directly to HODL them.  Check out some of the best cryptocurrency exchange which will help you do just that.

That’s all from our side in this article and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot to us in the comments section below 🙂


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