YouHolder and are two trendy names in the crypto lending platforms scene. I know you are interested in debunking which of the two is a better option.

So today, I am here to do just that and clear the confusion once and for all. Let us first gain some knowledge about their backgrounds.

YouHodler vs

YouHodler was founded in 2018 and is Switzerland-based. Its main aim is to help its clients keep HODLing crypto while exploring new opportunities to lend, earn and multiply their portfolios without selling. It is known for its fine reputation and high-interest rates for savings accounts.

On the other side, was founded in Hong Kong in 2016. Their goal is to encourage the utility of cryptocurrency on a global scale while promoting their CRO token. has now involved in advanced payment and saving systems.

Now that you have understood what these platforms are known for. Let’s compare them on their features as a lending platform in-depth, starting with their crypto support and loan to value ratio.

YouHodler vs Supporting Crypto Assets & LTV


YouHodler support all the major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, XLP, XRP, etc., with over 50 more. They offer USDT, USDC, TUSD, HUSD, PAX, DAI, and EURS stablecoins. You can get instant crypto loans of up to 90% LTV ratio on Youhodler.

You can trade more than 100 cryptocurrencies on this crypto exchange with all the major cryptocurrencies preexisting. Stablecoins available on the platform are USDT, USDC, PAX, BUSD, TUSD, TGBP, TAUD, and TCAD. offers crypto credit against your crypto assets as collateral at a 50% LTV ratio.

Verdict: YouHodler is a clear winner allowing up to a 90% LTV ratio.

Interest Rate Accounts, Lock-in Terms & Payouts


The interest rate for the crypto credit on the YouHodler depends on the crypto assets you are holding in your savings accounts, for instance:

  • BTC- 4.8%
  • PAXG- 5.6%
  • LINK- 6.2%
  • ETH- 5.5%
  • XRP- 4.5%
  • XLM- 4.5%

There is no duration, rollover fees, additional commissions or hidden costs, and daily, hourly, or monthly fees. However, they charge a 1% fee for ten days and can open two positions at a time.

YouHodler supports high-yield savings accounts with weekly payouts. YouHodler savings account allows up to 12.3% interest rates on fiat, crypto, and commodity-backed Stablecoins with weekly compound interest, which will enable you to earn more the longer you HODL. The interest rates on some of the major Stablecoins can be referred to in the following table:

YouHodler vs interest rates

Interest rates on this exchange platform also depend on your crypto holdings, enlisting the major ones:

  • BTC- 5%
  • PAXG- 2%
  • LINK- 2%
  • ETH- 5.5%
  • XLM- 2%

With a maximum 90 days duration limit, has three holding term options: holding term options allows its users to earn interest via Crypto Earn; you will receive a weekly payout on simple interest. At the payout time, the app will tell you the worth of your staked coins.

Verdict: Viewing them at a glance, they seem to be quite similar, but YouHodler, with no additional fees and no duration limit, seems pretty simple to understand and superior in interest rates, hence providing better earning.

Products & Features Comparison


It is a multi-product platform, providing extensively distinct products like:

  • Multi HODL: A trading service that allows users to extract profits from the market’s volatility going both Up or Down. With fast and accurate execution, no order placements fee, no withdrawal locking, and no profit share fee provide instant withdrawal and deposit.
  • Turbocharge is based on the principle called the “cascade of loans”, allowing you to clone your crypto 8x with a 90% LTV 7-day tariff, fixed fee, and no rollover fee.

YouHodler allows users to store, exchange and spend the stable coins and crypto-assets through their crypto wallet using their app. They have affiliate programs offering attractive rewards with payouts in crypto, fiat, or stablecoins and additional access to NFTs for the users.

It’s also a multi-product platform, providing products for easy and seamless trading as well as among the top lending platforms. It offers features like:

  • Supercharger is a liquidity mining platform that allows users to deposit tokens to mine Defi tokens. The tokens deposited can be withdrawn at any time.
  • Spot trading, Perpetual Contracts, and Futures are all available on the platform. also provides the crypto debit card to its users, which can be used to spend crypto-assets wherever a visa card is accepted. There are affiliate programs on the platform called ‘The Syndicate’ with discount token sales events allowing users to buy crypto with up to 50% off.

Verdict: Both platforms offer similar products on the same principles but offering a visa card is really cool. Anyways it is purely a choice of you guys to pick a platform as per your taste and requirement based on these criteria. So it’s a tie!!

Fees Comparison


  • Deposit

There are no bank wire fees for fiat except for USD SWIFT- 25 USD and GBP- 20 GBP per deposit. With Bank Card fee- 1% for ADvCash wallet payment, 4.5% for the bank card payment. There is no crypto or stablecoins fees.

  • Withdraw

Bank wire transfer for fiat USD (SWIFT)- 1.5% (min 70 USD), EUR (SEPA)- 5 EUR, EUR (SWIFT)- 55 EUR, GBP, CHF- 0.15% (55 GBP; 15 CHF min).

It also charges close now fees of 1% from the overdraft amount and for reopening interest fee + 1% service fee, PDL extension- 1.5% from the additional collateral, and to increase LTV- 1.5% from the increased amount with conversion fee depending on the crypto or fiat.

  • Origination fee

Whenever a user opens a Multi HODL deal, they have to pay an origination fee which consists of two parts:

  • 2% interest fee for borrowed funds.
  • 1% fee to cover real-time execution on exchanges. offers exceptional discounts for a user holding a CRO token; depending on the term and number of tickets held.

There are no deposit or withdrawal fees for ACH transfers, Wire transfers. Crypto users can exchange crypto to crypto and send crypto to other app users for free as well.

The crypto withdrawal fees depend on the currency. For instance, it costs 0.0001 BTC to withdraw Bitcoin and as little as 0.001 CRO to withdraw Cronos. On you can borrow up to 50% of your Crypto Collateral. charges $50.00 USD per month from the crypto investors not holding CRO tokens with unlimited loan duration at 12% p.a. On the other hand, if you stake $40,000 or more in CRO token, it charges $33.33 USD per month at 8% p.a.

There are no origination fees as such but in case of forced liquidations, charges an additional fee of 0.5% added automatically to your insurance fund.

Safety & Security Features

When choosing a platform, safety and security are the primary concerns of most of us. Let us see how both of these platforms perform in this criteria.


It is a regulated exchange with two-factor authentication and an option for users with more than $10,000 to disable all the withdrawal options; YouHolder takes their customer’s security as a priority.

It stores assets in hot and cold wallets on a percentage distribution, dealing with digital assets security experts Ledger Vault. Security is no joke here, and doing this means the private keys are secured, encrypted, and not handled by the company’s staff.

Ledger Vault also provides $150 million in insurance. The money in a savings account is protected against bank failure by FDIC insurance.

It has all the security features you would expect from a good crypto trading platform. Security is impenetrable with multi-factor authentication, anti-phishing measures, and biometric authenticator verification.

Insured for $360 million against damage or theft, it also partners with ledger to store crypto assets in cold storage and hence is FDIC insured.

Verdict: Both the platforms are equally safe and take security very seriously. On this security criteria, it’s a tie again.

Apart from YouHodler and, there is an alternative that is a similar platform that offers loans on a comparable basis. We will now compare it with in terms of their insurance coverage basis.

Minimum Deposits for earning interest & Withdrawal Limits


There is no duration limit on YouHolder and a minimum deposit of 100 USD to earn interest. The minimum withdrawal amount by bank wire is:

  • 500 for USD/EUR (SWIFT)/GBP
  • 50 for EUR (SEPA)
  • 100 for CHF
  • 5-50 USD in crypto/stablecoins
  • 100 USD loan amount
  • 100 USD in savings account to earn interest

It has a minimum deposit amount of 250 USD to earn interest and a duration limit of 90 days. When you get your account verified, you can withdraw a maximum of $5000 from your account each day and 100 BTC when your account receives an advanced verification after trading for a while.

The minimum withdrawal varies between 0.003 BTC, and the maximum is 10 BTC on a 24h basis.

Verdict: YouHodler vs in this criteria, both stood more or less the same, but some points like no duration limit and no maximum withdrawal limit give YouHodler a stronger standpoint, making it the winner.

Now, let us understand the account sign-up and KYC process on these platforms.

Account Sign-Up Process & KYC


To open an account in YouHodler, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Get Started’ icon on the YouHodler homepage.
  2. Fill in the Residence, Email, and Password and click on ‘Agree.’
  3. To unlock the features of YouHodler, complete the verification of your Email and phone number. By clicking on the ‘Verify’ icon.
  4. Enter the verification code received on your Email address and then do the same for your phone number verification. Your basic verification process is complete.
  5. To access the multi-product offerings, you have to sign the contract. To do so
  6. Click on the Verify icon under the Account verification section and click the ‘Start’ icon.
  7. Do as asked and type in your correct details and click “I accept and sign.” Then after signing the contract, you need to confirm your identity enter your identification details, and upload a selfie holding the document.
  8. Review the details that are uploaded correctly with the front and backside of the document and click ‘Send Application.’ And then, you need to enter your address verification documents and press ‘continue.’

And now, you are an official user with complete access to YouHodler’s full suite and features.

Creating an account on this platform is not something very complex and similar to most exchanges. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the home page or the application on your device. Enter your Email and a password.
  2. will then ask you for a photo ID and a selfie, upload them and make sure they are clear.
  3. Then link a payment method, like a bank account.
  4. If you are from the United States, you have to enter and go through the KYC process and ask for details like name, contact information, and social security number.
  5. And you are ready to make transactions and trade, but of course, with daily or monthly limits.

Verdict: Though the account opening processes are pretty similar,, even after completing all the documentation, does not allow users to have limitless trading, which seems a little uncomfortable. Therefore, YouHodler is a clear winner here as well.

Supported Countries


Accept some countries YouHodler is available in all the countries around the globe, these countries are:

youhodler Supported Countries

They have limited service provision in Switzerland, due to local legal restrictions.

These are the countries where currently operates without any restrictions. supported countries

YouHodler Pros & Cons


  • Top-notch security with 2FA and AML available as standard.
  • Multiple Product Offerings, including Demo accounts to try.
  • A huge cryptocurrency selection is available.
  • Affordable and transparent fee structure.
  • High yield savings accounts.
  • Robust Customer support and smooth interface.


  • Not available in the USA.
  • Minimum deposit requirements. Pros & Cons


  • Strong security with high liquidity.
  • Fairly low fees.
  • Innovative visa card option.
  • Higher cryptocurrency selection.


  • Difficult to navigate.
  • Lack of educational resources.

Is YouHodler Safe?

Instant loans, crypto wallets, interest-earning accounts, and flexible loan repayment options are among the top YouHodler features.

Since the beginning, there has been a sense of trust between YouHodler users and the platform, as well-known authorities and reputable banks regulate them. So safety has not been an issue ever with YouHolder.

Is Safe?

When we talk about, it is also a reputable and trustworthy platform providing multiple products in the crypto market. has more institutional backing and is more extensive.

Verdict: While talking about YouHodler vs in terms of safety, both are the fair winners, hence a tie again.


When comparing YouHodler and at a glance, they seem pretty similar. But going in the details, we find on the whole YouHolder is a better option. With its savings accounts combined with crypto-backed loans, is phenomenal in terms of both rates charged and earnings.

Adding to the savings accounts, they offer a 12.3% APR, which can be used as a passive income as well. YouHolder supports instant crypto-backed loans with nominal loan fees.

So between YouHolder and, YouHolder is undoubtedly a better option for crypto lending as they are solely a lending platform. Hence, they provide a better lending-oriented ecosystem for the traders.

So go take a trial and earn exploding profits using crypto lending through YouHodler!!!

Sudhir Khatwani