Crypto enthusiasts are always looking for less risky ways to grow their portfolio, which explains the emergence and increase in the popularity of crypto lending platforms like Youhodler and Nexo.

The two offer some of the best products for those looking to invest their crypto assets to get high yields or use them as collateral for loans. Additionally, they have more user-friendly interest rates and are some of the securest FinTech companies out there.

That said, they differ in various aspects, which you should know to make an informed choice when it comes to the Youhodler vs. Nexo debate.

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Youhodler vs Nexo 2022: Introduction

  • About Youhodler

Youhodler is a Swiss-based company that has been in business since 2019 and offers a wide variety of products for digital assets investors, lenders, and traders. It caters to the three groups by offering savings accounts, coin conversions, and crypto-backed loans.

Given that Youhodler is part of FCBA (Financial Commission’s Blockchain Association), users of the platform can be sure of swift and satisfactory dispute resolution.


  • About Nexo

Nexo has been serving crypto-enthusiasts since 2018. Like Yohodler, the company caters to crypto investors, lenders, and traders with products offerings for all groups.

The company already has over 2 million users registered on the platform and has managed more than $4 billion in assets since it started operation. Also, Nexo is a global crypto lending platform with a presence in more than 200 jurisdictions.

Supporting Crypto Assets & LTV

YouHodler and Nexo are designed to cater to all kinds of crypto investors looking to get high yields on their digital assets or get collateralized loans against their idle assets. Therefore they both support a wide array of crypto assets.

When using the Youhodler platform, you get more than 30 coins that you can use as collateral for loans or deposit with the company to get interest yields.

If you want to get a loan against your assets, Youhodler allows you to choose between three LTV (loan to value ratios), 50%, 70%, and 90%, depending on the loan term. For 30-day short-term loans, the loan to value ratio is 90%, while for 180-day loans, you can borrow up to 50% of the value of your assets.


Nexo supports more than 21 different crypto assets that you can use as collateral for your loans. Furthermore, the company also supports over 40 fiat currencies, which is also highly convenient.

The loan to value ratio on the crypto-backed loans on the Nexo platform goes up to 90% as it depends on the market liquidity and volatility of the particular asset you are using as collateral. The LTV ratio is typically around 50% for highly volatile coins like BTC, while it goes up to 90% for others such as DAI.

Interest Rate Accounts, Lock-in Terms & Payouts

It is important to make sure you understand the terms and interest yields before you deposit your crypto, whether you are using Nexo or Youhodler, to know what you are getting into.

Youhodler products include savings accounts that allow you to earn interest by depositing your digital assets with the company. The interest yield depends on the actual digital currency you deposit, but it ranges between 2.5% and 12.3% APY and weekly payout.

The Nexo has interest rate accounts that allow you to earn interest for a passive income when you deposit funds or crypto coins. The savings account will earn the user funds between 3% and 12% APY, and the yields are paid out daily.

Both companies do not have lock-in terms, meaning you can withdraw your money anytime you want, which is highly convenient.

Products & Features Comparison

These two crypto lending platforms offer the same products. You can borrow against your crypto assets, lend them out to earn yield, and swap them.

  • YouHolder

Youhodler crypto-backed loan products allow you to use over 20 major cryptocurrencies to get some cash to settle your needs without selling your assets.

The Youhodler platform will give you instant cash with these collateralized loans in USD, EUR, GBP, or Stablecoins like USDT. Also, there are no credit checks, and the loan value is up to 90% LTV ratio of your digital assets.

Youhodler interest rates depend on the LTV and loan term. For example, if you borrow against your BTC coins at 90% LTV for a 30-day lock-in term, you will pay an interest rate of 3%. However, the interest rate ranges between 3% and 8%.

  • Nexo

On the other hand, Nexo interest rates range between 6.9% and 13.9% when you borrow. The company charges interest rates according to the number of Nexo tokens you have in your portfolio. If you have up to 10% Nexo tokens in your portfolio, you pay 6.9%, but if it is less than 1%, you pay 13.9%.

Nexo allows you to borrow as little as $50 to as much as $2 million. The minimum you can borrow on the Youholder platform is $100, but they do not have a maximum limit provided you have adequate collateral.

Fees Comparison

Fees are always a crucial factor to consider with all financial services as they can eat up your profits. The good news is that Nexo and Youhodler have lower fees than most other platforms out there.

The platform fees for these companies include the loan origination fee, borrowing fees, and liquidation fees.

Yohodler users will pay 5% withdrawals fees for bank wire and 3.5% when withdrawing through credit cards. Other costs include a 1% close now fee, a 1.5% for extending PDL, and a 1.5% fee when you want to increase the LTV.

Nexo tres to maintain a zero fees policy as they will not charge you anything for fiat currencies or crypto deposits. Also, fiat currency withdrawals are free regardless of the amount. The company will give you up to 15 free monthly withdrawals depending on your loyalty level when withdrawing crypto.

There are no origination, prepayment, or loan fees when using Nexo, making it cheaper than most similar platforms out there.

Safety & Security Features

When looking for a crypto lending platform, you should not just look for one with the best savings accounts or offer crypto-backed loans with lower interest. Instead, it would help if you made sure the platform is also safe and secure.

Youhodler keeps up with the industry best practices regarding data protection, data encryption, and access rights. According to their website, they use 3FA to make unauthorized user account access hard.

Youhodler also uses Ledger Vault cold storage to store most assets to ensure they are out of reach for hackers. Hence you can be sure you will not lose anything you put in the savings account even if the platform is hacked.

Nexo has a level 3 crypto security standard and 2FA for all accounts to keep them secure. What’s more, the platform uses third-party custodians to store the funds in cold storage. Nexo uses both Ledger Vault and BitGo, providing an extra security layer by distributing the risk.

Insurance Coverage

Both Youhodler and Nexo have insurance coverage for their custodial assets. Insurance means that users can be sure they will never lose their digital or fiat currency in the savings account no matter what happens.

However, the actual insurance coverage differs between the two companies. Nexo seems to have an edge here as they provide $375 million insurance coverage for the custodial assets, while the cover value for Yohodler is $150 million.

Minimum Deposits & Withdrawal Limits

The minimum deposit and withdrawal limits often dictate how convenient any crypto lending platform will be for you, as they should not be very restrictive.

However, like all platforms, Nexo and Youhodler have certain limits for deposits and withdrawals to ensure smooth and secure usage of their services.

Nexo gives users a $0 minimum limit, but to earn interest, a certain minimum deposit that depends on the specific asset you want to invest is required. For example, you need to have at least 0.001 BTC to start earning interest yield.

When it comes to the withdrawal limits, it will also largely depend on the specific digital asset you want to withdraw. If you wish to withdraw BTC, the minimum limit is 0.001 BTC, while the limit for USDT is $1. The maximum amount you can withdraw depends on the verification level as advanced users can withdraw up to $500,000 per day, while starters can withdraw just $20,000 every day.

Yohodler allows the users to deposit as little as 100 USD in its cryptocurrency equivalent to earn their interest yields. Additionally, the users can deposit a maximum of $100,000 per day in all currencies.

Youhodler offers users some decent withdrawal limits compared to many other platforms. The users can withdraw as little as $2 depending on the method they are using, while the daily withdrawal limit is up to 4,000 USD/EUR per 24 hours, depending on the withdrawal method and your country.

Account Sign-Up Process & KYC

The account sign-up process on the two platforms is quite straightforward and only takes most people just a few minutes as the two have a very user-friendly interface. Additionally, both have mandatory KYC verification requirements aimed to make their platforms even more secure.

How to Sign Up On Youhodler

  • Go to and click “Get Started”
  • Enter your email and create a password before clicking “Sign UP.”
  • Check and verify your email.
  • Do KYC verification by uploading your ID and taking a selfie
  • Deposit fiat currency or crypto to your account and start lending or borrowing

How to Sign-Up on Nexo

  • Go to
  • Click “Create Account”to open the new user registration page
  • Add personal information like email address and create a password
  • Check your inbox and verify the email
  • Go to the “Security” tab and set up 2FA
  • Do KYC verification by providing a clear photo of your ID
  • Deposit to start using the platform once you have a verified account

Supported Countries

The Youhodler and Nexo platforms are designed to cater to a global audience and are accessible to most users worldwide.

You can use Youhodler from most countries except the few prohibited ones such as Bangladesh, Cuba, China, Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan. Also, note that the platform does not operate in the USA, given the strict rules on cryptocurrency leveraging there.

On the other hand, Nexo accommodates traders from over 200 different jurisdictions, meaning you can use it from almost anywhere. However, Nexo is still not available for use by US residents and citizens.

YouHodler Pros & Cons


  • Provides one of the highest LTV ratios (90%) in the market
  • Higher interest yield than most platforms
  • Round the clock support by real people
  • Low minimum amount required to earn a yield on savings
  • Collateral options are always increasing
  • Zero rollover fees and the company does not have any hidden fees
  • Advanced crypto loan management features like Adjust PDL and Close Now


  • Not available to USA citizens/residents
  • Does not support credit cards
  • Converting funds can be quite expensive
  • Suffers from many of the centralized platform shortcomings

Nexo Pros & Cons


  • Interest yield is compounded and paid out daily
  • Extensive insurance coverage of up to $375 million
  • Allows you to earn interest yield on fiat currencies
  • Does not have any hidden loan fees
  • No minimum loan repayment amount
  • Adequate collateral options for most traders
  • Offline cold crypto storage with Ledger Vault
  • Supports credit card


  • Relatively lower savings account interest yields
  • Higher interest rates are only available to the Nexo native tokens
  • The loan to value ratio is lower (50%) for primary coins like BTC
  • Interaction with the Nexo team seems quite limited

Is Nexo Safe?

Nexo is a safe crypto lending platform that uses advanced security protocols to keep users and their assets safe, like 2FA and advanced encryption systems.

Additionally, Nexo is a licensed and regulated company in more than 200 jurisdictions, uses a trustworthy custodian( BitGo), and has extensive insurance coverage to keep trader assets safe.

Is YouHodler Safe?

Youhodler is also a safe platform to use as it adheres to all the security best practices in the crypto industry. Also, the company uses 3FA for all user account and stores the assets in cold wallets.

Another thing that helps ensure Youhodler is safe is insurance coverage. Better still, it is an active member of organizations like Crypto Valley Association, which are very strict regarding member conduct.


Q: Does Youhodler Offer Higher Interest Yields?

When compared to many other cryptocurrency lending and borrowing companies out there, Youhodler offers higher interest yields. Their yields can go up to 12.3% APY, which is way above the industry average.

Q: Which Company Offers a Wider Crypto Assets Coverage?

Yuhodler seems to have a relatively wider crypto coin coverage with over 30 supported options, and the number is always growing. However, both companies still support all the primary cryptos.

Q: What is the Minimum Loan Amount you Can Get from Nexo and Youhodler?

Nexo allows borrowers to take a loan of as little as $50 to as much as $2 million, which is highly convenient. With Yohodler, you can borrow a minimum of $100, but they do not have a maximum limit.

Q: How Do You Earn Interest Yield on Nexo or Youhodler Platforms?

The two companies require the lender first to create an account and do KYC verification before depositing funds to the deposit account to earn yield. Both have specific minimum amounts needed for different cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies before you can get a yield.

Q: Are Crypto Loans on Nexo and Youhodler Safe?

Taking a crypto loan with either company should be safe enough as they take various security measures, from multiple-factor authentication for accounts to advanced encryption. Better still, they have insurance coverage to give funds an extra layer of protection.


If you are an investor looking to grow your crypto portfolio or want a collateralized loan to settle an urgent need, you can trust Nexo and Yohodler to have a product that will work for you.

The two companies are industry leaders that provide some of the highest LTV ratios and interest yields. Also, they charge relatively low-interest rates on their loans and have many supported cryptocurrencies for loan collateral.

Regardless of which company you choose you can be sure of a fantastic experience. But, the best way to decide which one works for you is to give both a try. What’s more, as a wise investor, you can always divide your assets and invest with both to distribute your risk.

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