6 Now You Can Buy Some Time Too

This Sunday I was occupied with a lot of stuff and was wondering where my all-time goes so quickly, including the weekends. I am sure you too do think like this sometimes.

Of course, I was able to reflect and jot down a few things which take up the majority of my time throughout the week.

And while I was jotting down, it hit me about Bitcoin. I realized that Bitcoin does the opposite. Instead of taking time, it gives me more time.

You know very well that time is money. We have learned this from our childhood. Time is the currency you spend every day in your life. Time is absolutely scarce, and nothing can recreate the lost time.

That’s why don’t you think this time should be exchanged for something only as scarce as time itself. But what is that which so scarce in this life of abundance?

We have an abundance of materialistic things from mobiles to cars to exotic lifestyle etc. Then what is scarce?

If you pause and think you will realize that there are only two strictly limited things in the universe: one is TIME, and another is BITCOIN.

  • So isn’t it logical that you exchange your extremely scarce time for something as absolutely scarce Bitcoin?

For me, it is so logical.

But yet we ordinary mortals refuse to take a pause and reflect on ourselves. We are mad today in the rat race of earning more than yesterday and again earning more tomorrow than today.

But what are we earning?

Fiat currencies like USD or EUR etc

I mean seriously?

We are running after these pieces of shit toiletries while compromising everything. Our health, our relationships, our inner peace, and most importantly, the limited time we have on this earth!!

Well, I am stopping this NOW and FOREVER!!


It is simple.

I have decided that I am going to exchange my limited time only for something as scarce as Bitcoin. There will only be 21 million coins out of which 4 million are already lost.

This way, I can have a fair deal.

Having Bitcoin is equal to Having Time. It is like buying time because then you would save time by deciding not to run after the fiat toiletries and focus on having more Bitcoin which will ultimately be convertible in more fiat as well as more time in the future to come.

After all, time saved it time earned.

However, I understand fiat is still the most fundamental unit of exchange everywhere, but it is slowly changing, and you should too change steadily with it !!

I know whatever I am saying might be confusing or hard to digest but let’s talk on this again. If you are still not convinced and want to have a word, do reach out to me @TheMoneyMongers Twitter account. 

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