OnJuno Review 2022: Your Crypto Friendly Fintech App

As the world opens about crypto, more and more businesses are going to need a crypto-friendly bank to run their businesses smoothly. But unfortunately, there are not too many great options available in today’s time.

And to fill up the market gap, services like OnJuno – A crypto-friendly checking account, are emerging. It offers some of the amazing features and services that businesses would love to use.

However, if you have not heard about OnJuno before or wondering what it is all about. Then here is a quick OnJuno’s crypto-friendly banking review.

OnJuno Review: What Is OnJuno?


OnJuno is an online-only crypto-friendly checking account. This allows people to grow their savings and reach their financial goals faster.

OnJuno’s Fintech platform aims to help you manage your cash and crypto-assets all in one place. OnJuno aims to make banking fair and transparent for everyone. It has bought the flexibility of crypto to your traditional checking account.

With OnJuno, one can easily buy, sell and store popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, Polygon, ETH, and others directly inside their checking accounts.

Also, OnJuno offers a bunch of features. One of them is the OnJuno cards that let you pay with cash or crypto at different online/offline stores. Plus, you can earn up to 10% cashback with each spend.

You will also get to earn interest on your crypto and cash savings. It pays an interest rate of 1.20% on cash and 4% on USDC. Plus, it doesn’t have any lock-in periods.

Key Products Of Juno

OnJuno offers two type types of bank accounts – OnJuno Basic Crypto and OnJuno Metal Crypto. Depending on the account type, you get access to different features, interest rates, and fees. To help you know better, let me share a detailed comparison below.

  • OnJuno Basic Crypto-Friendly Checking Account

OnJuno Basic crypto is an ideal account type for saving money as you spend. It does not have any monthly fees, and it promises to remain free forever.

With the basic crypto account, you will enjoy a yearly bonus of 1.20% on balances up to $5,000. Also, you will get a yearly cashback of 5% when you pay with cash and 10% when you pay with crypto on total annual spending of $500.

You will also get instant access to virtual debit cards and a free physical card. Furthermore, to help you trade crypto, you can buy, sell and store crypto at $0 fees. Also, you can send and receive crypto to/from any wallet.

You will also get to earn crypto yield. It allows you to earn a 6% yield on USDC without any yearly limit. Plus, you will get one free withdrawal per month from out-of-network ATMs.

Also, it has 85,000 Allpoint and MoneyPass ATMs where you can withdraw funds without paying any fee.

  • OnJuno Metal Crypto-Friendly Checking Account

OnJuno Metal is an upgrade from the basic checking account. OnJuno Metal is also free to use with a slight catch. It requires a qualifying deposit of $250 per month. But with this, you get a premium banking experience that offers you 6x more savings.

You will enjoy a yearly bonus of 1.20% on balances up to $50,000. Also, it offers you yearly cashback of 5% when you pay with cash and 10% when you pay using crypto on total annual spending of $3000.

It also offers you Black metal and virtual debit cards. And you can buy, sell and store crypto at $0 fees. It also allows you to earn a 6% yield on USDC with no yearly limit.

Plus, you will get 3 free withdrawals per month from out-of-network ATMs and zero-fee on cash withdrawals when you use OnJuno’s 85,000 Allpoint and MoneyPass ATMs.

Benefits of Banking With OnJuno

When you use OnJuno for banking, it offers you lot’s of benefits that most other bank fails to offer. Some of the key benefits that OnJuno offers are:

onjuno benefits

  • It is an all in one banking and crypto app. You can use the app for both cash and crypto management.
  • OnJuno’s checking accounts are free to use, and it doesn’t require a minimum balance.
  • You can store, buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly for as low as $1 with zero fees.
  • You can get paid in crypto by setting up a direct deposit and receiving part of your paycheck in crypto.
  • It allows you to earn actual cashback on all your spending. It pays 5% cashback when you pay using cash and 10% cashback when you pay using crypto.
  • It doesn’t charge you any foreign transaction fees.
  • OnJuno helps you with fast and low cost international transfers.
  • It doesn’t have any ACH fees. However, it charges you a fee of $1 for same day ongoing ACH transfers.
  • You can get started with OnJuno’s banking services within 5 minutes.

OnJuno’s Crypto-Cash Back Card Details

onjuno cashback on crypto

OnJuno’s cashback program is a bit different from other banks. While most banks offer you reward points on your spending or cashback on certain categories of spending, OnJuno has a different route to go about it.

It offers you cashback when you spend at its five partner retailers. Also, there are about 30+ brands to choose from to enjoy bonus cashbacks. These brands include names like Walmart, Amazon, Netflix, DoorDash, Dunkin Donuts, and more.

How To Earn Upto 6% on your crypto with OnJuno?

onjuno earn interest

If you are holding cryptocurrencies for the long term, then OnJuno lets you earn interest on that idle asset. It doesn’t have any lock-in periods or require any minimum balance. Also, it lets you earn up to 6% on your crypto without any fees.

As of now, it lets you earn interest on about 6 cryptocurrencies. Also, each cryptocurrency has a different interest rate. For instance, if you hold OnJuno(USDC) you will earn 6.00%, and if you hold Yearn(USDC) you will get to 2.30% interest rate.

To get started with this, all you have to do is deposit your supporting assets on your OnJuno checking account, and you are all set.

How to Make an Account OnJuno?

Getting started with OnJuno is pretty simple and takes about 5 minutes or so.  However, before you go ahead and sign up, it requires some of your personal details such as your social security number and documents like your passport, and driver’s license to verify your identity.

Once you have these things next to you, you can follow the below steps to sign up on OnJuno:

  • First, go to OnJuno.com and click on Create Account button.
  • Next, enter your email address and set up a password.
  • Verify your email address.
  • After that, enter your personal information and click on next.
  • Next, enter your home address.
  • Then verify your identity by uploading your documents.

Once you are done completing all the above steps, your account will get verified, and you are all set to use OnJuno account and your virtual card.

OnJuno Supported Countries

As of now, OnJuno is only operational in the United States. However, you can use OnJuno for an international money transfer service powered by Wise to 30+ different countries.

OnJuno Insurance & Security

Your funds on OnJuno is insured and kept safe. As OnJuno Checking account and debit card are part of an offering of CAPITALJ Inc (“OnJuno”) and Evolve Bank and Trust, who are a member of FDIC.

As a result, deposits at each bank are subjected to insurance by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or FDIC up to $250,000. 

Is OnJuno Safe & Trustworthy?

Using OnJuno is absolutely safe and trustworthy. It has placed industry-standard security measures to keep your funds safe and secure. Also, it uses encryption in its app and website to keep your account safe and secure.

Plus, all your funds are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through their partner bank Evolve Bank and Trust. Also, its debit card includes Mastercard’s Zero Liability policy which protects you from unauthorized transactions.


Overall, OnJuno is a powerful all-in-one checking account that lets you manage both cash and crypto. You can start investing for as low as $1 through OnJuno’s checking account at zero fees.

Plus, you will get access to virtual debit cards, which lets you get your paycheck in crypto. On top of that, you will enjoy lucrative cashback and interest rates.

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