Quadency Vs Cryptohopper: Which One Is The Best?

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If you are a professional crypto trader, then going solo is not a wise option due to the dynamic environment of the market. And, emotions can also affect your trading discipline.

Therefore, the ideal solution is using crypto trading bots, which automates your trade execution strategies and also cuts the emotions out of the process. It enables you to participate in the market 24/7, without affecting your daily routine.

There are quite a many crypto bot platforms available in the market which you can use to automate your trade set-up. But, Quadency and Cryptohopper lead the chart with their unique features and functionality. 

Let’s compare both of them and understand which one will be a better option for you.

Since Quadency and Cryptohopper are not exchange platforms, this comparison article will only focus on the key features and functionalities.

Quadency Vs Cryptohopper Overview

Quadency was established in 2018 and is based out of New York. It is a professional crypto trading terminal that provides a single unified interface for managing your crypto trades and analyzing the performance of crypto assets across multiple exchanges.

Quadency bot connects with some of the popular crypto exchanges and offers multiple trading bots to automate your trading strategies.

Cryptohopper is another famous crypto bot platform, started by two brothers, Ruud Feltkamp & Pim Feltkamp in July 2017 and is based in Amsterdam. It is designed to simplify the trading process by deploying semi-automated crypto trading bots.

The platform is compatible with multiple exchanges, thus allowing trading in a variety of coins and also offers access to multiple advanced technical features.

Supported Exchanges

Quadency can connect to 11 major crypto exchanges including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, KuCoin, Poloniex, Gemini, OKEx, Bitfinex, Bittrex, HitBTC, and Liquid.

All exchanges combined, it supports over 1,270 crypto assets and enables trading in over 3,670 trading pairs on a single unified platform.

Whereas, Cryptohopper connects to up to 11 major exchanges including HitBTC, Binance, & Binance US, OKEx, Bitvavo, KuCoin, Coinbase Pro, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitfinex, and Huobi.

The platform is compatible with up to only 75 cryptocurrencies.

(Winner: Quadency)

Exchange Features & Trading Bots

Quadency offers some of the advanced features and functionalities that enable users to devise their trading strategies smartly. Some of the key features offered by the platform are:

  • Portfolio analytics

Allows professional tracking and monitoring of all your crypto assets in both offline hardware wallets and connected exchange wallets. You can view the overall performance or monitor it account by account.

  • News and research

The exchange provides handpicked news articles curated by industry experts to provide the best view of the market dynamics and evolving trends. It also features a Messari-powered ranking table, where the coins available in the platforms are listed as per their market capitalization.

  • Crypto Trading Bots

Quadency offers 11 crypto trading bots, through which you can automate your trading strategies, It includes TradingView Bot, Grid Trader, Smart Order, Market Maker Plus, Bollinger Bands, Multi-level RSI, MACD, Mean Reversion, Accumulator, and Strategy Coder. You can also request a custom-built trading strategy that incorporates your trading strategy.

On the other hand, Cryptohooper brings many first for the industry and allows traders to enhance their trading performance. It includes:

Mirror trading: You can follow the trade strategies of an expert or a third-party technical analyst. Once you have finalized the trader, Cryptohopper automates the process by picking up the trade instantaneously.

Paper trading: Paper trading enables you to get familiarized with bot trading without putting your crypto assets at risk of loss. You can also test new trading strategies. 

Strategy designer: Use can create your buy and sell strategy using more than 130 indicators and candle patterns. It also enables backtesting of your strategy to check its efficiency without risking any funds.

Automatic trading: It allows automatic trading 24*7 and 365 days a year of your favorite coins using an automated crypto trading bot.

Crypto bot helps you to execute advanced strategies flawlessly with power and precision and grab every market opportunity, whether it is a bull market, bear market, or a sideways market.

Exchange and market arbitrage:  This feature allows you to profit from the price difference between exchanges due to supply and demand without sending funds from one exchange to another.

Quadency- a more useful platform for traders and offers a wide variety of crypto trading bots.

(Winner: Quadency)

Pricing: Cryptohopper Vs Quadency

Upgrade To Quadency Pro For FREE By Following These Simple Steps

  1. Register & login Quadency using this link.
  2. Next, connect your existing exchange account or new exchange account like (Binance, Kucoin, Liquid, OKeX) with Quadency with any deposit amount.
  3. Execute 1 manual or automated bot trade with partner exchange from Quadency.

After a successful trade execution, your account will automatically be upgraded to Pro for FREE (worth $49) within approximately 1 hour, triggering an email notification to confirm.

Both the platform doesn’t charge any trading fee or commission on transactions but is a subscription-based platform. Let’s look at the pricing structure of both platforms.

Quadency has three pricing structures, HODLER, PRO, and INSTITUTIONAL.

HODLER is a free account, which is suitable for beginners and passive investors. The plan has a monthly trading limit of up to $10,000 and users can run only one live trading bot.

PRO plan is suitable for active and personal portfolio managers. The monthly subscription plan starts from $49 ( can get a 20% discount is paid annually) has a trading limit of up to $100,000 and users get access to 10 live trading bots.

The INSTITUTIONAL plan is suitable for quant traders, professional portfolio managers. The pricing detail is available at request. The user gets access to all the available services of the platform including crypto bots and has no trading limit. 

Cryptohopper has four package plans, Pioneer, Explorer, Adventurer, and Hero.

Pioneer is a free account and users can only do manual trading and have exposure to a maximum of 20 positions. No access to automated trading bots.

Explorer is a starter package with a monthly charge of $16.58. You get access to 1 simulated trading bot, max 2 triggers, can trade in 15 selected coins, and have 80 positions.

The Adventurer plan is suitable for personal professional traders and users need to pay $41.58 monthly. Users can have 200 positions, can trade in 50 selected coins, max 5 triggers, 1 simulated trading bot, and exchange arbitrage.

Hero is a pro-trader package with monthly billing of $83.25. Users can trade in 75 selected coins, can have 500 positions, and all the services offered in the platform.

Winner: Quadency- the subscription packages are easy to understand and are cheap. Few plus points, it offers a crypto trading bot in its free account and no restriction on the usage of crypto assets.

(Winner: Quadency)

Parting words

Both Quadency and Cryptohopper are a robust and stable platform. But, Quadency has a clear edge over Cryptohopper in all the key aspects of the platform.

The primary factor where Cryptohopper loses out is the availability of trading bots and user interface. Users face a fair amount of difficulty in getting information about different features on the website. 

While Quadency offers a wide range of trading bots to select from, Cryptohopper offers a limited choice not only with respect to trading bots but also places restrictions on the usage of crypto assets, maximum positions. Also, there are negative reviews about the quality of free third party signals in Cryptohopper.

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