Since its launch, Ontology has created a bit of excitement in the blockchain space. It has enabled businesses of all shapes and sizes to install blockchain technology without the need to make changes to their current systems.

Based on the NEO blockchain, its coin ONT (a NEP-5 standard token) helps to fuel the blockchain and keep it operational.

With its limited supply of 1 billion ONT coins and a future program of having its unique blockchain, Ontology is making bigger strides by enabling quicker adoption of blockchain technology in businesses. 

Being a coin of the future and a potential store of value coin, ONT coins requires a special wallet for secure storage. Following are some of the best Ontology wallet for storing ONT coins:

Best Ontology Wallet In 2021


Ontology (ONT) Wallet Quick Links
Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano X
Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S
Hardware Wallet Trezor Model T
Mobile Wallet ONTO Wallet
Desktop Wallet OWallet

#1. Ledger Nano X

Ledger hardware wallets don’t need any introduction and are the most trusted hardware wallets in the space. 

Ledger Nano X is a BlueTooth enabled hardware wallet device, which lets you manage your crypto holdings on the go using the Ledger Live mobile app. The device has an additional layer of security, where every time you need to confirm your transactions on the device through its intuitive OLED display screen and touch buttons.

Apart from supporting ONT coins, Nano X supports up to 100 different crypto applications at the same time including all the major ones including BTC, ETH, XRP, etc.

Also, the device has an easy backup process, which enables you to restore your crypto holdings on any Ledger device using the 24-word recovery phrase. 

To access and store ONT tokens in Ledger devices, users need to synchronize Owallet with their Ledger device. At present, ONT coins are not supported in the Ledger Live application. To know more about the wallet, check the Nano X review

Check Out Ledger Nano X

#2. Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is another popular hardware wallet from Ledger with easy-to-use features and functionalities. The device can be connected to your desktop and smartphone via USB cable, where you can access your crypto assets through the Ledger Live app. 

Nano S supports up to 23 coins and ERC-20 tokens. You can install between 3 to 20 crypto applications depending on the file size and storage space available on your device. It supports ONT, BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, BCH, XLM, and many more coins. 

Ledger has also enabled staking features on Nano S, allowing you to earn rewards on your holdings. You can find more about the wallet by looking at our Nano S review.

Check Out Ledger Nano S

#3. ONTO Wallet

ONTO is more than just a wallet. It is a comprehensive client product that allows access to the Ontology blockchain system. The multipurpose wallet allows you to build your own digital identity, store digital assets, and many more important functions. 

Through ONTO, you can also stake ONT coins to earn ONG, which is a GAS token of the Ontology blockchain. You can find airdrop events in Candy Box and support Kakao’s Klay Asset. It also allows you to discover useful dApps of different categories making ONTO a versatile wallet platform.

You can download the wallet app either from the Apple App Store or download Apk File from Google Play Store. 

Check Out ONTO Wallet

#4. OWallet

OWallet is Ontology’s official desktop wallet and supports standard wallet management, shared wallet management based on multi-signature technology. 

Using OWallet, you can connect multiple hardware wallets including Ledger, Trezor, and other hardware wallets that support ONT coins. OWallet is supported by Windows, MAC OS, and Linux. Some other features of OWallet are:

  • Create or import wallet using Keystore, mnemonic phrase, WIF private key, HEX private key
  • Can view balance and record
  • Send ONG and ONT to other addresses
  • Withdraw ONG tokens
  • Node staking
  • ONT ID support
  • Can be integrated to Changelly and Cryptonex

OWallet is also planning to integrate more applications including providing developers with smart contract compilation, invocation, and other comprehensive services.

Check Out OWallet Here

#5. Trezor Model T 

With its sleek design and security features, Trezor Model T is regarded as the next-generation cryptocurrency hardware wallet. 

It is designed for your digital independence, supporting over 1,000 crypto applications and managing your digital identity securely. However, it should be noted that Model T currently doesn’t support ONT coin, but has listed the coin under ready to be listed soon. 

The Model T is built to last with its rugged design and advanced security features conforming to all international standards. Its design allows operating in temperature of -20°C to +60°C. Using 12-word recovery seed, you can easily backup your wallet in case you’ve damaged or lost it. You can also check how Ledger Nano X and Trezor Model T gets compared to each other. 

Check Out Model T Wallet


By now, going through the best wallet options for storing ONT coins, you must have decided on your wallet choice. But, if you’re still confused, then let me assure you that the discussed wallet options are the best in their respective categories. 

If you want to benefit from the growth and advancement of the Ontology blockchain in the long term, you can rely on hardware wallets from Ledger. Both Check Out Ledger Nano X are best in their category. And, in terms of a software wallet, ONTO looks like a better option, where you can benefit from many other features. 

If you’ve any questions or views to share, do write them in the comment box below.

Sudhir Khatwani