Well, if there is anything more popular than Covid-19 in the world right now – it must be Cryptocurrency. Digital currency exchange, also known as Crypto exchange, is an industry allowing you to trade with crypto or digital currencies.

What makes cryptocurrency stand out is its value. You can market with the 300+ cryptos worldwide and use them for swap exchanges anytime to increase your profits. Nowadays, using these digital currencies have become not only famous but also fashionable. They are easy to deal with and exchange and reap great benefits in no time.

However, if you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, you probably have no idea about swap exchanges. So, let us give you a guide on the Best Crypto Swap Exchange to Use in 2022 to help you make informed decisions.

Best Crypto Swap Exchanges

– ChangeHero

If you have been looking for a non-custodial platform with some great user-friendly methods, then ChangeHero can be the one for you. While most platforms come up with a long and tedious procedure before you can exchange your cryptocurrency, ChangeHero sums it up in just five easy steps.

Talking of safety, they vouch for absolute safe exchange. Unlike centralized exchanges, ChangeHero doesn’t keep records of the store users, making it less prone to be hacked. Besides, they do not even ask you to Sign up or Register – thus keeping your personal information at bay.

What’s more praiseworthy about the platform is its user-friendly interface, which allows any layman out there to come ahead and use their services without any prior experience. Throughout the procedure, they remain quite honest with the users and provide a transparent estimate of the fees to help you make an informed decision.

– CoinSwitch

Being an investor, keeping track of your cryptocurrency, and taking out the time to buy and sell them is tough – however, a mobile application can ease the hassles.

CoinSwitch has developed a great application where you can start investing within two minutes after completing the KYC. There are no additional hassles involved within the procedure, and all it takes is just one click to start trading with 100+ cryptocurrencies.

At CoinSwitch, no amount is small, and you can start by investing with a minimal amount of Rs. 100. It is a great platform for anybody interested in trading with no lock-in period or brokerage charges. Moreover, compared to the other applications and websites, they offer the best prices possible to their users.

– Changelly

Though we are presented with several options for exchanging cryptos, it’s important to choose a legit one that eases things out. With years of dealing experience, Changelly has won the trust of its users and aims to make investing and exchanging cryptocurrency easier.

Changelly offers a clean interface, which is greatly user-friendly and easy to use. What makes the website stand apart is that you can avail investments in more than one type of cryptocurrency.

Besides, Changelly’s charges are very minimal compared to the charges of other websites, that is, only 0.5%. All you need to do is, create an account, and you’re good to go!

– SwapZone

Imagine how great it would be to have all the crypto services at your fingertips – amazing, right? Well then, consider your dream fulfilled because SwapZone is such an online destination for managing your cryptocurrencies.

The best part about the application is that it has everything in one singular interface – from investments to selling and whatnot. Not only is the application trendy and handy, but it’s also quite progressive and remains packed with features.

Exchanging your cryptocurrency at SwapZone is simple as you hardly need to hover around. Moreover, their application is packed with information backed by great customer support, ready to solve your problem 24×7.

– SimpleSwap

Do you want an application that is reliable as well as user-friendly?

Then, you have come to the right place as SimpleSwap offers you a flexible crypto swap without facing any hassles. It requires no sign-ups. However, user safety is never compromised.

Being one of the major stock exchanges in the cryptocurrency world, SimpleSwap offers instant coin exchange without asking for any storage deposit. Besides, it also helps them to offer the best possible exchange rate for their clients.

– ChangeNow

Be it fiat-to-crypto or crypto-to-crypto – ChangeNow happens to be one of the most trending cryptocurrency platforms right now. At ChangeNow, exchanging cryptocurrency is fast, and trading becomes flexible, given the huge range of assets it has to offer.

You can avail ChangeNow from any medium – iOS, web platform, Android apps, and Telegram bots. Even if you want to make larger transactions, you can do it safely by verifying your authenticity.

Whether you are a beginner or have been doing it for longer, using its applications or web platforms is quite easy to navigate through for anyone out there.


Accept it or not, the most crucial decision to make while dealing with cryptocurrency is to find the best possible rates. Not every website or application can provide you with it – however, SwapSpace does that for you every second.

It has further partnered with several renowned crypto exchanges worldwide that increase its trustworthiness among users. However, the best part remains its flexibility as it allows you to trade without creating any user account.


Being one of the best custody-free swap exchange services, StealthEX happens to stand out among the list of cryptocurrency applications and websites because of the extensive features it has to offer.

With over 300 cryptocurrency assets, you can find some great options to choose from. Besides, the exchange procedure is quite simple and can be done with just a tap – give the simple and secure user interface.


LocalCoinSwap happens to be the first-ever multi-custodial platform that supports authentic PtoP, peer-to-peer exchanges. At LocalCoinSwap, you do not need to worry about the market inflations at all because it offers low-cost money transfers with a probability of higher profits.

The LocalCoinSwap is backed by 250+ payment options – so, go ahead, and invest in whichever cryptocurrency you want to. Besides, their methods are absolutely safe and easy to avail, supported by the latest technology.

How to Swap Cryptocurrency Instantly?

Though every cryptocurrency application or website has more or less the same features to access, certain steps remain the same. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Sign up/Register with an account or verify your authenticity to the website
  2. Select/Choose the type of Cryptocurrency that you want to swap with
  3. Select the amount of money that you would want to swap
  4. Select to receive the exchange of the cryptocurrency
  5. Once done, confirm the swap information and confirm

What is a Cryptocurrency Swap?

Swapping is nothing but exchanging. In the world of cryptocurrency, swapping, however, means exchanging one cryptocurrency for the other.

Swapping brings along some of its own perks where you do not need to leave your blockchain wallet to initiate your cryptocurrency exchange. There are many swapping applications out there that allow you to continue trading without signing out from your wallet. You do not even need to register in the application or the website and exchange your crypto without any major hassles.

You might wonder the reason behind swapping if you have never done it.

  • You can swap assets instantly, which can grow.
  • There’s no reason to risk your privacy by signing up
  • Grow your assets promptly by swapping assets from time to time

What is the Best & Cheapest Way to Swap Crypto?

Undoubtedly, there are many ways to swap cryptocurrencies, but the Best Crypto Swap Exchange to Use in 2022 is ChangeHero.

Staying true to its name, ChangeHero has definitely changed the cryptocurrency trading world with its extensive features. Being a non-custodial platform, it is absolutely hassle-free to work with. The application allows you to go through the stock information and check the prices simultaneously, thus helping you make an informed decision.

Talking of the cheapest way to swap crypto, Changelly offers the most affordable transaction procedure. Within a few minutes, you can buy and sell cryptos or swap your assets without avoiding the queue. Their application is absolutely top-notch and gets the work done within seconds – the best part is its amazing compatibility in mobile and tablets, and laptops.

With years of experience and expertise and a great team, they can provide you with the best possible prices to increase profits via trading. Besides, the exchange limits offered are quite higher compared to the other swap exchange websites and applications. The application is further backed up by great customer support who remain 24×7 at your service.

We have suggested the best one and the cheapest one, one of the Best Crypto Swap exchanges to Use in 2022.

Which Is The Best Place To Swap Crypto?

Though there are ample options to consider when it comes to swapping cryptos, ChangeHero happens to be one of the most renowned ones in the market. It happens to be one of the reliable sources of cryptocurrency exchange right now, backed by some of the best features and prompt services.

The best part about the application is that they remain absolutely transparent with their users regarding the brokerage fees. Knowing it upfront also allows you to make informed decisions and invest in the right stocks. Moreover, compared to the other websites, they take minimal charges, which doesn’t bother the higher swap exchange rates they offer.

Which Is The Best Crypto Swap App?

With years of dealing experience, Changelly has won the trust of its users and aims to make investing and exchanging cryptocurrency easier. Changelly offers a clean interface, which is greatly user-friendly and easy to use.

What makes the website stand apart is that you can avail investments in more than one type of cryptocurrency. Besides, Changelly’s charges are very minimal compared to the charges of other websites, that is, only 0.5%.


Cryptocurrencies have definitely changed the world for a better economy. But what about your finances? Still struggling? How about doubling up your assets with a crypto swap exchange? By doing so, you contribute to the world’s economy and get a lot closer to achieving your dreams!

Sudhir Khatwani