In the cryptosphere, there are hundreds of crypto exchange platforms, yet only a few exchanges can make their presence felt.

And, StormGain is one of those exchanges.

StormGain is a cryptocurrency exchange and leveraged trading broker that has stormed the market with its innovative product offering and unique features.

 It aims to provide a platform experience that goes beyond buying and selling trades.

In a small duration, the exchange has successfully generated a lot of interest around it.

It has over 120,000 registered users from over 100 countries. However, many questions regarding the trading platform’s safety, legitimacy, and efficacy are going around. 

Therefore, in this StormGain review article, we will look at those points and check how good the exchange actually is.

Let’s begin.

StormGain Review 2023: General Overview

StormGain was launched in July 2019 and is registered in Seychelles and headquartered in London, England.

The platform is designed for every trader and offers over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trading, leverage trading, and a multi-currency wallet.

It allows users to trade in some of the most popular and capitalized cryptocurrencies. It gets an average daily trading volume of over $250 million.

It is a promising cryptocurrency exchange platform that has found mentions in some of the leading mainstream news websites and is also nominated as an emerging fintech startup. And is also a member of the Blockchain Association of the Financial Commission. 

StormGain is also the official sleeve partner of Newcastle United F.C, a professional football club that plays in the English Premier League.

Other than trading in cryptocurrencies, you can earn passive income from your crypto holdings. The wallet lets you earn interest of up to 12% on your crypto deposit, one of the first exchanges to do so.

Leverage offerings, Supported Coins, & Contracts

A StormGain account allows you to buy, sell, and trade in leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), ZCash (ZEC), DASH, DAI, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and two stablecoins Tether and USDC in regular exchange trading.

Under leveraged trading, the environment offers trading in more than 40 different crypto-to-crypto pairs and three crypto indices, all settled in Tether.

It offers floating leverage of up 300X on BTCUSDT pair and 100X leverage on LTCUSDT, BCHUSDT, ETHUSDT, XAUtUSDT, XAGtUSDT, and three different crypto indices. 

On the rest of the trading pairs, it offers up to 50X leverage. The platform puts minimum leverage of 5X on every trading pair.

StormGain Crypto Index

StormGain also offers three crypto indices to trade- crypto index 3, 5, and 10 that contains a basket of several cryptocurrencies of varied market capitalization. The following are the details of the crypto index:

  • Crypto Index 3: It contains the top three cryptocurrencies, with each coin weighted equally in the index.
  • Crypto Index 5: It includes the three from the above index and Bitcoin Cash, having an equal weight of 20% in the index. 
  • Crypto Index 10: It includes DASH, EOS, Cardano, Monero, and Bitcoin SV, and all cryptocurrencies are weighted equally in the index. The index represents 80% of the cryptocurrency market by market capitalization and shows high levels of volatility compared to other indices.  

StormGain Platform Trading Fees

StormGain fees are charged in a flat-fee pricing model instead of the traditional maker/taker fee model and have a very competitive trading fee structure.

For OTC trades, the fees per trade range between 0.095 – 0.25%. The most liquid crypto trading pairs have the lowest commission rates, and the rest of the trading pairs are charged with the highest commission rates on the platform.

Whereas, for leverage trading, StormGain follows a unique commission model. It doesn’t charge any commission from trading; rather, it charges a 10% commission as profit share only from profitable trades. This is a very novel approach to trading fees and lifts StormGain compared to other exchanges in my eyes.

For leveraged crypto trades, the daily funding rate for long positions is 0.10 -0.30%, and for the shorting position, it ranges between 0.10 -0.30%.

Now, coming to funding options, the platform supports both fiat and crypto. It supports fiat on-ramps through bank cards and charges a commission rate of 5% or $10, whichever is less. To deposit real money, the limit for fiat currency is 50 USD and 50 EUR. Check the limit for other fiat currencies on the website.

Regarding crypto deposits, it supports Tether, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and XRP and has different minimum deposit limits for every cryptocurrency. 

StormGain offers up to a 15% bonus on each deposit. ( Use our StormGain Promo Code to get the Bonus)

StormGain Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

The minimum amount on StormGain differs from crypto to crypto. For instance, the minimum BTC deposit is 0.00003 BTC, and the ETH deposit is 0.001 ETH. StormGain charges no fees for these transactions.

For withdrawals, too, the minimum amount differs from crypto to crypto. There is no restriction on minimum Tether withdrawal. However, it charges a fixed fee of 35 USDT and an additional fee of 0.01% for withdrawing. Similarly, the minimum withdrawal amount for BTC is 0.0014 BTC and charges a fixed fee of 0.0006 BTC and an additional fee of 0.01% for withdrawing. 

StormGain is a crypto trading exchange and also offers the option of bank withdrawal through SEPA transfers for EU countries only for which the withdrawal commission is 0.1% and charges 5% as currency exchange fees. The minimum and maximum withdrawal amount is 150 EUR and 10,000 EUR respectively. 

You can also transfer your crypto from the StormGain wallet to another wallet.

StormGain Trading Platform

StormGain provides a unique platform interface compared to other crypto margin trading platforms in the cryptosphere. The platform’s minimalistic design removes the noise and makes it easy to buy crypto and trade in different markets. 

The StormGain platform contains only four windows, charts, an order book, recent trade widgets, and an order form, making it easy for traders, especially beginners on the platform, to start trading, where you need to select your trading pair and click on ‘open order.’ This makes it easy for a beginner to start trading crypto on StormGain.

The trading can be done on the mobile app or the StormGain website both of which are legit and safe.

You can place multiple order types such as market order, limit order, stop loss, and take profit order. Some other unique features of having an account on StormGain trading platform are:

  • TA & Charting tools

The StormGain platform offers customizable layouts and a host of different technical indicators and trading tools for advanced technical studies. For the convenience of users, it has categorized different indicators by trends, oscillators, and volatility.

It also features a professional chart, where you can select bar, line, and candle chart types for viewing and choose from 9 different time-frames ranging from 1 min to 1 month for a comprehensive analysis.

  • Sentiment meter

The sentiment meter shows the trader’s sentiment of a particular trading pair based on active trades. It helps traders determine market sentiment and price trends and place a long or short trade accordingly. 

  • Demo Account

StormGain offers a 50,000 USD Tether pre-funded free crypto demo account to practice trading using real market data without any risks and the hassle to move real money into the exchange.

Trading on a demo account before starting trading on a live platform helps you to get familiarized with the trading platform’s working and fine-tune your trading strategy. 

How To Open a StormGain Account?

Despite offering fiat on-ramps, the StormGain platform works to keep your anonymity intact and a new StormGain user account does not require KYC verification from its users, which means it allows users to buy cryptocurrency anonymously. 

  • Registration

The registration process with StormGain is quite easy and can be completed within minutes. Click on the “Create an account” button present in the top right corner of the website.

Enter your valid email address, phone number, and password, accept the terms and conditions, and confirm that you are not a US citizen.

Click on the “Register” button, and your account registration process completes. A verification link will be sent to your email address, which you need to click to verify your account. 

  • Deposit

Post verification, you need to deposit 50 USDT, the minimum deposit amount, to start your trading journey on StormGain. To deposit, click on deposit under the “My Wallet” section present on the right side of the screen. If you enroll under an ongoing promotion, you could get a deposit bonus as well.

You need to verify your email address and phone number to make your first deposit in the wallet. 

  • Exchange

Compared to other exchanges, where you need to swap your cryptos from a third-party platform, in StormGain, you can instantly swap your cryptos and offer a 0 percent swap for day trading.

After a successful deposit, click on the “Exchange” option in the menu bar and swap your fiat for the coins required at the lowest exchange rate.

  • Trade

After the funds are successfully in your account, you can go directly to the “Trade” section and buy, sell, or trade your favorite cryptocurrency. 

StormGain Trading Signals

Through this feature, you can automate your trading journey through ready-made trading solutions. 

The signals are generated with the help of in-house trading experts, artificial intelligence, and various market analysis models. You need to decide on the position size and leverage level of your trade. 

Each cryptocurrency trading signal generated on the platform has recommendations for the trade’s direction, entry price, stop loss and take profit parameters to help you make the right trading decisions. The signals are automatically corrected based on the asset’s current price and macro trends. 

The exchange claims to have a forecast accuracy of 70% on trading signals, the claim which is not verified from our side. 

StormGain offers free trading signals on the following crypto-to-crypto trading pairs:


The exchange also allows you to automate your trading journey through the use of free Telegram bots. With features like these, it is important to fully understand what you are doing before you use actual money to trade.

StormGain Wallet 

StormGain offers an in-app free multi-currency wallet to hold all your crypto assets securely. It supports six popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, and USDT. The wallet uses checksums to validate all your cryptocurrency transactions to make sure they reach the correct destination. 

The wallet offers multiple options to deposit the supported cryptocurrency in its integrated wallet. Traders can move fiat money through credit cards or debit cards and purchase supported cryptocurrencies. Users can also transfer already-held cryptocurrencies in other wallets to their StormGain wallet. 

You can transfer your crypto holdings from the StormGain wallet to another crypto wallet for withdrawals from the wallet. It currently doesn’t support the option of crypto-to-fiat conversion, which makes it a little difficult for users. 

On the StormGain crypto wallet, you can earn trading bonuses and discounts based on your crypto balance. Clients can earn up to 12 percent interest on the cryptos in the wallet and up to 20% on commission, depending on the trading balance. 

The wallet is protected by two-factor authentication, industry-leading security protocols, and strong encryption. 

Most on-chain transactions can take up to 30 minutes to reflect in your wallet so patience is key.

StormGain Loyalty Program

StormGain has an enriching and attractive loyalty program, offering a multitude of benefits to users. The program is divided into five different levels/tiers based on the account balance in the wallet: Standard, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP. 

The following are the details:

  • Standard: Requires account balance of less than 499 USDT and no trading volume. One can earn an exchange commission of 0.095%.
  • Gold: Requires account balance of greater than 499 USDT and trading volume greater than 150,000 USDT. You can earn 3% interest annually on your holdings and a 5% bonus for deposits. 
  • Platinum: Requires account balance of greater than 1,499 USDT and trading volume greater than 750,000 USDT. On this level, you can earn 4% interest annually on your holdings and an 8% bonus for deposits. 
  • Diamond: Requires an account balance of greater than 4,999 USDT and trading volume greater than 250,000 USDT. On this level, you can earn 8% interest annually on your holdings and a 12% bonus for deposits. 
  • VIP: The VIP level is divided into three levels VIP1, VIP2, and VIP3, where you need an account balance of greater than 49,999 USDT and earn an interest rate in the range of 10-12% annually and 15-20% on bonus for deposits. 

The platform’s interest is calculated daily, and one has to hold their cryptos in the wallet for a minimum of 30 days to qualify for the program. 

Based on what you put in, and trading volumes, the mining speed on the StormGain mining platform is also determined. 

Coinmarketcap has listed StormGain as the number one interest rate provider to crypto traders. 

StormGain Mobile Trading App

StormGain is now available on your favorite app store and makes it easy to trade on the go.

The StormGain app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and offers an advanced trading platform, a multi-currency wallet, a fiat-to-cryptocurrency gateway, and a secure environment for cryptocurrency trading. These features are available on the web-based platform also. 

Before you keep reading, go to your Apple App Store or Android’s Play Store and sign up to start mobile crypto mining and earn free Bitcoin which you can exchange for actual money.

StormGain Mining Review – Legit or Scam?

StormGain Cloud Miner tool helps you start mining cryptocurrency right from its mobile crypto mining interface through the StormGain mobile app in a fast and risk-free way, unlike other conventional cloud mining platforms that charge a mining fee for this process.

The cloud miner feature is hosted on remote cloud servers, making the mining process very easy and not draining your phone’s battery or processing power. 

The cloud mining tool is directly linked with the free StormGain loyalty program, where you can increase your mining speed by increasing the amount of crypto in the wallet. For even higher mining speeds, you can also increase your usage of the trading platform.

Using the Bitcoin cloud mining service, it takes exactly 4 hours to get a single Bitcoin mining reward. 

StormGain allows one to earn up to 497 USDT or 0.0318 BTC daily from the mining feature. You can withdraw your mining rewards for trading only after they are mined or the account reaches a total of 10 USDT mining rewards. 

StormGain Customer Support & Assets Security

StormGain has a 24/7 online customer support desk and provides support through live chat for quick resolution of the matter, email support ([email protected]), and a Telegram support bot. However, for non-funded accounts, the support functions will be limited.

A knowledge base and video tutorials are offered by StormGain, where users can learn more about the platform’s features and find solutions to all the common issues they face. 

The knowledge base is segregated by different products offered in the platform, making it easier to search the information. 

StormGain uses its strong social media presence, which you can follow to know about the latest updates and offers. 

Now, coming to platform security, StormGain doesn’t share much information on the security infrastructure of the platform. But, regarding asset security, it stores all the user’s funds on cold wallets to prevent theft and hacking. 

And, as an additional layer of security, while withdrawing, users need to authenticate their request via two-factor authentication through the Google Authenticator app. 

Conclusion: Is StormGain Legit & Safe for Crypto Trading?

StormGain is not only a safe and legit crypto trading platform but also has the most user-friendly trading platform suitable for all types of traders, from beginners to professionals, and an integrated crypto wallet. 

The exchange is one of the highly-rated exchange platforms on Trustpilot, a reputed review website for cryptos, where genuine reviews are posted by customers regarding the services. 

Now, let’s have a look at some of the unparalleled features of  StormGain:

  • Offers high leverage of up to 300X on BTCUSDT and up to 100X leverage on other popular trading pairs
  • Highly competitive trading fees and on leverage trading, it only charges for profitable trades
  • Offers to trade on a wide range of crypto pairs and three crypto indices
  • Robust and reliable trading platform suitable for all types of traders and investors 
  • Pre-funded demo account to get familiar with exchange features and functionality
  • Islamic trading accounts that offer zero interest and rollover commissions
  • Supports crypto and fiat deposits through credit cards
  • Instant 0 percent crypto swap for day trading
  • Multi-currency crypto wallets supporting most popular crypto
  • Quick and easy registration that requires only email and phone number
  • AI-generated trade signals with the higher profitability probability percentage
  • Start trading with 50 USDT
  • No KYC verification for users
  • Nicely-built mobile app available on both Android and iOS platforms
  • Free trading signals for mobile app users
  • A highly secure trading platform with the majority of the crypto stored in a cold wallet
  • 24/7 customer support to all its users with a live chat feature and a well-built FAQ section for common issues
  • Advantageous loyalty program with an opportunity to earn interest on crypto
  • Enables crypto mining through a mobile app

Like most things out there, there is always a con where there is a pro. With a platform like this, there is only support for accounts to be funded with crypto, including Tether USDT, and if you don’t maintain sufficient margin, the liquidations of your funds are quite fast.

And it doesn’t support crypto-to-fiat withdrawal outside EU countries, which I feel is a bit negative. Nevertheless, the pros and cons of the exchange are heavily skewed in favor of the pros.

In short, StormGain is very easy to deal with, user-friendly, and a futuristic trading platform designed to meet traders’ needs and provide a seamless trading experience. 

Previously, StormGain had a promo code for a 25 USDT no-deposit bonus so you should regularly check their website and app for promotional offers and competitions.

Now you tell us: When are you going to try StormGain? Which leverage exchange are you using now in crypto? What support would you need from us? Tell us in the comments below 🙂

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