How & Where To Buy Lisk (LSK) Coin?

Blockchains comes in all size and shapes.

Some blockchains are written in C++ while some are written in other languages such as Java, JavaScript, C#, etc.

That’s why blockchain developers and blockchain investors have the option to look at different blockchains from a technical standpoint.

One such blockchain that is quite popular amongst blockchain developers and investors is, Lisk.

For those of you who don’t know about Lisk blockchain, here is a brief explanation of it:

Lisk is a blockchain platform designed to run decentralized apps (DApps) and smart contracts in JavaScript language. It has its native token called Lisk (LSK) to fuel operations on the blockchain just like Ethereum has Ether (ETH).

Moreover, with Lisk’s sidechain development kit (SDK), Lisk promises to be more scalable and accessible for the developers as well as the DApp users.

And regarding price action, Lisk had reached an all-time high of $38 from its humble beginnings in 2016. During 2016 Lisk ICO it LSK was offered at $0.20 per token.

And as we speak, it is trading around $1 which is a huge bargain for a project that has a very systematic process and competent team for its blockchain development.

That’s why in this guide we will walk you through the process by which you can easily purchase Lisk coin and keep it in your portfolio for future returns.

There are numerous ways to buy Lisk that’s why we urge you to go through the whole guide and decide for yourself which method suits you the best.

How To Buy Lisk (LSK) Coin?

Lisk was born to cater to JavaScript developers, which is the second most popular programming language. Moreover, it makes more sense when Ethereum is only offering Solidity to write smart contracts.

That’s why Lisk has become quite popular in the cryptosphere, and now you have many options through which one can buy LSK coin.

Here are popular options that you can explore to buy Lisk (LSK):

  • Buy Lisk (LSK) with credit/debit card
  • Buy Lisk (LSK) with Bitcoin or Ethereum using Changelly
  • Buy Lisk (LSK) with USD or EUR with a bank transfer
  • Buy Lisk (LSK) peer-to-peer with Cash
  • Buy Lisk (LSK) from Lisk exchanges with other cryptocurrencies

Now that you are aware of all the popular ‘How to’ options for purchasing Lisk let us see where you can buy Lisk cryptocurrency through each of these options.

Where To Buy Lisk (LSK) Coin?

#1. Buy Lisk (LSK) with credit/debit card

An easy way of buying cryptocurrencies is through credit cards, but not all currencies can be bought with a credit card.

And the good news is, Lisk is not one of those currencies, and it is available for credit/debit on quite a few Lisk exchanges. Here are some of the popular services through which you can buy Lisk for a credit card:

  • Abra

#2. Buy Lisk (LSK) with Bitcoin or Ethereum using Changelly

Another safe and secure way to purchase Lisk cryptocurrency is through Changelly’s direct swap services.

Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency swap service where you will not find order books, but you will find competitive exchange rates for exchanging your cryptocurrencies.

For example, if you have BTC or ETH or any other Changelly supported cryptocurrency which you want to exchange it for Lisk, you can very well do so !!

To do this, you will need to do this:

  • First, get your Lisk address ready where you would like to receive your Lisk.
  • Second, you should have some bitcoins/altcoins to exchange for Lisk.

Now, head on to Changelly and select one of their recommended ways to exchange BTC for LSK and you should be good. And also the fee is quite low on Changelly as it only takes 0.5% of your transaction

#3. Buy Lisk (LSK) with USD or EUR with a bank transfer

I know you want to know, ‘how to buy Lisk with USD?’ and that’s the reason we have dedicated this section to help investors like you.

You can buy Lisk for various fiat currencies including USD, EUR, RUB, INR, etc. because many services are facilitating this feature for Lisk investors.

Through these services, you can fund your fiat linked crypto accounts and later deposit fiat into it to exchange it for Lisk Coin.

Here are some of the services that help you do that:

  • Exmo: Supported pairs are, LSK/USD, LSK/RUB
  • BitBay: Supported pairs are, LSK/USD, LSK/EUR, LSK/PLN

But on all these exchanges, you need to complete your KYC because you will be dealing here with fiat and the money laundering laws require that you abide by these regulations.

Moreover, on the above-listed Lisk exchanges, you will also have the option to bid on real-time deals through the order books that these exchanges maintain.

#4. Buy Lisk (LSK) from Lisk exchanges with other cryptocurrencies

It seems like you are not a fan of fiat currencies or KYC checks!!

That’s why we have listed another option for such investors. Using this option you can directly exchange cryptocurrencies like BTC/ETH for LSK.

Of course, for this, you already need to have BTC/ETH or any other cryptocurrencies, but since you are always dealing in cryptocurrencies here, you are not required to do a KYC.

Here are some of the established cryptocurrency exchanges that you can use for this:

  • Binance: Supported pairs are LSK/BTC, LSK/ETH, LSK/USDT
  • Exmo: Supported pairs are LSK/BTC
  • Supported pairs are LSK/BTC, LSK/USDT
  • Huobi: Supported pairs are LSK/BTC, LSK/ETH
  • BitBay: Supported pairs are LSK/BTC
  • KuCoin: Supported pairs are LSK/BTC, LSK/ETH

Also, on these exchanges, you will get access to real-time order books to choose your deals as well as advanced trading tools/charts to analyze your strategy.

Many people even ask ‘how to buy Lisk from Coinbase?’, for them; unfortunately, Coinbase doesn’t support Lisk coin directly, but you can buy BTC from Coinbase first and transfer to the above-listed exchanges to exchange it for LSK.

#5. Buy Lisk (LSK) peer-to-peer with Cash

Peer to peer cryptocurrency trading is the most relaxing because you can always meet the trader in-person and can get your hands on the cash almost instantly.

But peer to peer trade is dangerous too because not all cryptocurrencies have proper P2P trading platforms like Bitcoin’s LocalBitcoins.

Similarly, trading Lisk peer to peer can be risky because the other trader can try and fool you in the absence of an escrow-like LocalBitcoins.

But if you are getting a deal in your community through some trusted sources then you might want to get involved but that too at your own risk.

Lastly, there are no Lisk ATMs available as of now, so the idea of buying Lisk from an ATM is just an empty dream.

Conclusion: How To Invest In Lisk?

It looks like you are confused after reading about so many options to buy LSK coin but let me tell you that these are some the best ways to invest in Lisk.

Almost, all the services we have tried and tested before listing here so you can rest assured about the security and liquidity aspects of these services.

But we don’t recommend you to rely on these services to store your LSK coin and suggest you to get a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S for your LSK coins.

So that’s all from our side in this article, and we shall be back soon with another exciting coverage from the cryptosphere. Untill that time, share, read, and comment on TheMoneyMongers 🙂

Sudhir Khatwani


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