Bybit is one of the world’s fastest-growing derivatives cryptocurrency exchanges famous worldwide, including Europe & Asia. The platform currently offers various trading pairs, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Bybit is currently offering a chance to its new users to earn upto cryptocurrency worth $1000 by simply signing up and depositing funds into your account.

Bybit Voucher Code 2024: How To Get Bybit Bonus while registering? [Use Referral Code 5143 for BONUS]

You can avail of the Bybit sign-up and deposit bonus using the following easy steps:

Step 1 – Go to the Bybit bonus registration link here. Where you will see the below-shown screen.

Step 2 – Fill in the necessary account setup details including your email ID, password, etc. Most important, Enter the referral code 5143

Step 3 – Now click on the check box below the referral code field and click continue.

Step 4 – You are ready, your account is set.

Step 5 – Once your account is set using the referral code, the next thing you need to do is to deposit the funds. Log in to your, Bybit account and go to the ‘Assets’ section at the top and deposit the cryptocurrency of your choice as shown below.

Step 6 – Once you deposit the funds the bonus amount will be available for you to claim in your Bybit account.

Don’t forget, the higher the amount you deposit, the more bonus you get.

What is Bybit Deposit Bonus Amount that you can get?

Bybit Deposit Bonus amount depends on the quantity of crypto assets that you deposit in your Bybit account. Here is a table explaining how much deposit bonus you can get based on various cryptocurrency deposits- amount-wise.

BTC Deposit Amount XRP Deposit Amount ETH Deposit Amount EOS Deposit Amount USDT Deposit Amount Rewards Bybit Bonus Referral Code
0.01 500 0.15 70 300 $10 5143
0.02 1000 0.3 140 600 $20 5143
0.05 2500 0.75 350 1500 $50 5143
0.1 5000 1.5 700 3000 $100 5143
0.2 10000 3 1400 6000 $200 5143
0.5 25000 7.5 3500 15000 $500 5143
1 50000 15 7000 30000 $1,000 5143


Which Bybit Referral Code To Use?

When you try to look for a referral code online, you get a lot of information. And, it might become mind-boggling to determine the right and active code from incorrect and outdated codes.

Moreover, you will come across different links specially designed to scam you out of your money. This makes it important that you stay vigilant and only trust genuine sources. 

In this case, we have tried various available codes and conclude that ‘5143’ is the right code that can earn you a Bybit referral bonus.

What Is Bybit Sign-up & Deposit Bonus?

Bybit runs various promotional schemes from time to time to benefit all the new users and strengthen their trust in them.

Bybit sign-up & Deposit Bonus is one such promotional scheme that allows you to earn upto $1,000 worth of cryptocurrency by simply creating an account on their platform and depositing some funds. 

However, the amount of bonus you receive is directly proportional to the amount of funds you deposit. And also, you will get the bonus in the form of cryptocurrency that you deposit on the platform.

New to Bybit? Learn about Bybit supported & restricted countries

Why use a Bybit Referral Code while signing up? 

Referral codes are part of numerous promotional offers that Bybit runs to attract more users and develop goodwill. If you’re wondering why you should use Bybit referral codes, here are some reasons.

  • Used as free trading funds

Using a referral code you get Bybit bonuses which can be used as a margin to open new positions. They can also be used to cover trading losses and to offset trading fees prior to the user’s own capital.

But the bonuses cannot be withdrawn, while profits from trading with bonuses can be withdrawn. The bonus will be auto-credited to your Derivatives Account immediately once your referee becomes qualified.

  • Earn free cryptocurrency 

You can earn free cryptocurrency using a Bybit referral code (you get the amount after you’ve deposited some amount in your Bybit account). While Bybit might come out with a promotion where you don’t have to deposit cryptos, there is none right now.

  • Best utilize the promotional offer.

Promotional offers such as the sign-up and deposit bonus can attract more users and build goodwill with the community. You can make the best use of these offers by using coupon codes corresponding to the scheme.

Bybit Voucher Code FAQs

  • To claim a bonus, is it mandatory to deposit cryptocurrency?

Yes, to claim the bonus amount, you must deposit cryptocurrency to the Bybit account.

Currently, you can deposit BTC, Eth, XRP, EOS, and USDT to avail of the bonus. Moreover, you’ll get the reward in the form of crypto that you deposit.

  • How much deposit bonus can I get?

The amount of deposit bonus that you can get depends upon the amount that you submit.

More cryptocurrency you submit means higher the bonus you can get. This promotional offer runs on a tier system that is discussed above in detail.

  • How can I get more Bonuses? 

The amount of deposit bonus that you get is directly proportional to the amount that you deposit in the form of crypto assets. The more amount you deposit, the more bonus you get.

For example, if you deposit 0.5 BTC to your Bybit account, you’ll get a bonus worth $500. However, if you increase the deposit amount to 1 BTC, you’ll become eligible for a bonus worth $1000. The detailed classification for bonus is shared above.

  • In which currency do I get my bonus reward?

You will get the bonus reward in the form of a crypto asset that you have deposited as the pre-requisite for being eligible for the deposit bonus. For example, you deposit 1 BTC in your Bybit account. You will get your bonus of worth $1000 in BTC itself.

  • For whom is this deposit bonus available? 

The Bybit sign-up and deposit bonus are available to all the new users who have created an account on the platform after July 27, 2021, at 10 am UTC and live in countries that recognize cryptocurrency legally.

Terms & Condition To Claim Bybit Bonus 

Here is a list of terms and conditions for availing Bybit sign-up and deposit bonus.

  • New users who have joined Bybit after July 27, 2021, at 10 am UTC is only eligible for this promotional offer. 
  • Only direct deposits to the Bybit main account are eligible for the deposit bonus.
  • This promotional event cannot be paired with other running promotional offers.
  • One user is only eligible to receive one activity reward.
  • Deposits made from one Bybit account to another won’t be eligible for rewards.
  • The deposit bonus will reflect in your deposited assets after disbursement.

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Bybit has recently gained massive popularity due to its sign-up and deposit bonus that allows users to earn free cryptocurrency worth upto $1000. The bonus is easy to claim.

All you need to do is use the right referral code i.e. 5143 and deposit assets into your account. However, to receive the maximum possible reward, you must deposit as much cryptocurrency as possible. We have detailed the bonus structure in detail above. 

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