Don’t you have an account on Bybit yet?

You are at the right place.

With zero fees on spot pairs and tonnes of other bonuses, Bybit is one of the most famous options among crypto trading exchanges in the cryptosphere right now.

With some of the most advanced trading interfaces, unmatched crypto assets, and fee offerings, you should start trading futures on Bybit.

How To Open an Account in Bybit Exchange?

  • Register & Open Account On Bybit Using a Desktop/PC

Bybit offers you two modes to create an account, either through your email or your mobile number.

To sign up through a PC, head to Bybit’s homepage and ensure that your country of residence doesn’t fall under the restricted list.

If you are already on its site, click on the upper right-hand corner, Sign Up tab and follow the steps below:

Step #1: On the form, enter your email ID or mobile number, depending on your choice, and enter a strong password for your account. Go through the terms of service and privacy policy, then tick the check box to agree. Also, you can use this ByBit’s promo code to get sign-up bonus. 

Step #2: Now click the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom; after that, you will be asked whether you belong to any restricted countries(such as United States); click ‘No’ if you don’t.

Step #3: You will receive a verification code on your registered email or mobile number, depending on the mode of signing up, entering which you will be verified.

Now, let’s discuss how to signup through Bybit’s mobile app.

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  • Register & Open Account On Bybit Using a Mobile App

Step #1: Download Bybit’s App on your mobile phone; the application is available for both Android and iPhone.

Step #2: After the installation, enter the app and click on the bell-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the homepage or click on the ‘Register/ Sign In to get bonus’ tab in the middle of the page.

Step #3: Now, select your preferred method of registration. Then you can enter the required details like your email/ phone number and a secure password.

Bybit Email Sign Up with Continue button (on mobile)

Step #4: Read the terms and privacy policy and after cross-checking all the information, click on ‘Create Account’ on the app.

Entering Email verification code to verify email (on mobile)

Step #5: A verification window will pop up; you must drag the slider to complete the verification requirements. Then enter the verification code sent to your email/SMS, depending on the selected method.

As Bybit doesn’t mandate any KYC procedures, it is quite good news for traders who want their privacy to be a priority. Moreover, the usability and transparency this crypto exchange offers are just phenomenal.


Congratulations! on your trading account getting ready on one of the most dynamic, efficient crypto derivatives trading platforms.

Now you are prepared to take utmost advantage of the cryptosphere. So click the link above and start trading on Bybit Now!

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