YouHodler Review: Is It Safe & Legit In 2020?

YouHodler is not just any other crypto lending platform, where you can earn an interest rate or borrow funds against your crypto deposits. But, a platform that helps you to free-up additional fiat liquidity while not missing out any profit-making opportunities.

Started in 2019, YouHodler has made a significant impression in the market by offering improved crypto-backed lending solutions to HODLers. According to its CEO Ilya Volkov, YouHodler is an answer to the FOMO of crypto hodlers.

As the crypto market is a highly volatile space, HODLers remain in dilemma, whether to continue holding or liquidate the positions. Due to this FOMO perception, many miss out on massive bull rallies to protect their cash.

Plus, YouHolder has been constantly innovating the crypto lending products for its users such as MultiHodl, Turbocharge, Earn Interest. So let’s deep dive and have a look at ist product features and other functionalities of the YouHodler platform.

Update: Have been looking into YouHodler- a crypto lending service that is appearing to be more lucrative as their interest rates are better with the highest LTV rations and a plethora of cryptocurrencies to choose from.

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YouHodler Crypto Loans Review

YouHodler is an EU & Swiss-based company that is providing crypto-backed instant loans and crypto savings accounts to crypto users around the world since 2019. 

The loans are provided against the top 20 cryptocurrencies offering the highest LTV ratio of up to 90%. It provides fiat loans in USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF, which can be transferred in your credit card or bank account.

Crypto savings accounts let you earn interest on some of the top cryptocurrencies and six stablecoins. The interest rates are compounded weekly and are deposited directly into your wallet.

It also offers Turbocharge and Multi HODL features to users, which we will check at the product review stage.

Products Offered by YouHodler

Apart from crypto-backed instant loans and crypto savings accounts, YouHodler also has a Multi HODL feature to boost savings and the Turbocharge feature, which helps to borrow more. Let’s have a detailed look.

  • Crypto Loans

YouHodler accepts Top 20 cryptocurrencies as collateral for crypto loans and offers the highest LTV ratio of 90%. The coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, DASH, TRON, Cardano, Monero, etc.

The minimum loan amount is $100 and has a flexible repayment and loan-to-value option. The interest is paid at once at the end of the period.

How YouHodler Does Work?

You should note that YouHodler is not a P2P lending platform, but is a pawnshop. The loan agreement is executed between you and YouHodler that includes the loan tenure and other terms of the loan.

The interest rate depends on the type of token you choose as collateral, and based on that you need to select one of the following plans:

  • 30-day loan: It has a 3% loan fee, 5% price down limit, and offers 90% LTV
  • 60-day loan: It has a 5% loan fee, 25% price down limit, and offers 70% LTV
  • 120-day loan: It has a 9% loan fee, 40% price down limit, and offers 50% LTV

You can extend the loan tenure indefinitely by paying the loan fee at the end of every tenure. The loan approval process is easy and quick and you can secure the loan in just three steps:

  • Transfer cryptos to your YouHodler wallet
  • Apply for the loan and quickly receive funds in your preferred fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP, and CHF)
  • Withdraw funds to your credit card account or bank account through SWIFT, SEPA, or in stablecoins.

Crypto Savings Account

YouHodler lets you earn up to 12% annually on stablecoins and crypto deposits in YouHodler wallet. The interest rates differ for different cryptocurrencies like on BTC, you can earn 4.8%, on ETH & XRP, the rate is 4.5%, on Binance Coin, it is 3%, etc.

To start earning interest, you need to move your cryptos to YouHodler wallet and the interest payout gets credited every week. 

  • Multi HODL

The Multi HODL is an innovative tool that makes use of the Barbell Strategy to maximize returns potential. In this, you keep 80-90% of your crypto deposits in a safe and stable crypto saving account, and the rest is invested in speculative bets having high profits potential.

How Multi HODL feature works

The Multi HODL feature is available for all cryptocurrencies and stablecoins on the platform. 

You need to set the percentage of deposit to be invested, desired take profit level, and trigger level before putting your crypto deposits in Multi HODL.

You can close the position, whenever you want and get the cryptos back. Anyways, all positions are closed automatically after 10 days or in case the price falls below your loss level (trigger level).

The risks are limited but exist huge upside potential, thus providing a boost to your savings. Here, you cannot lose more than what you have set.

YouHodler only charges a one-time origination fee and loan fee when opening the transaction. If there are profits, the profit-sharing rate is 10%. 

  • Turbocharge

Turbocharge is a proprietary feature of YouHodler, which allows users to raise additional funds using borrowed money. It works on the principle of the cascade of loans, also known as the waterfall payment structure. 

Here the platform buys additional cryptos from the first loan without any conversion fee. That crypto is used again as collateral to raise the next loan and the process is repeated 3 to 10 times. With each additional loan, the interest rate is decreased by 0.1%, thereby making it a lucrative opportunity. 

How does Turbocharge works?

If you can predict a bull run, then you want to have as much as cryptocurrencies in your wallet to profit more. Here, you simply loan more to buy additional cryptocurrency.

Set the Take Profit price, and once it hits the level, YouHodler automatically closes the position. Using collateral, YouHodler settles the fees and returns the rest of your cryptos. You can profit up to 6.5 times of your initial collateral value.

There is also a downward risk associated and you have to set the trigger limit as per your risk appetite. If the prices fall below the trigger level, the platform starts closing all your loans and sells the collateral to protect you from further loss. 

What About KYC and Regulations of the Platform?

YouHodler complies with strict EU laws and needs to adhere to strict legal obligations. All the loan deals are legally binding contracts and fall under the jurisdiction of EU laws. 

Also, YouHodler is an official member of the Blockchain Association, an independent and self-regulatory crypto sub-group of the Financial Commission, which needs it to operate with the highest standard of safety and ethics. 

Concerning KYC verification, users need to go through an identity verification process to access all the features of YouHodler. 

Supported Countries

YouHodler is available to customers worldwide except in the USA, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the People’s Republic of China. 

Customer Support

It offers 24*7 customer support which is available through integrated intercom messaging. Users can live chat with YouHodler employees and get feedback on issues within minutes. The best part, the whole YouHodler team, including the CEO, is involved in providing feedback to their customers. 

Apart from this, it has many tutorials and FAQs listed on the Help section of the website, which helps users to get started on the platform. 

How YouHodler Performs Against its Competitors

Despite being a new platform with only a year of existence, YouHodler has made a significant mark in the industry and is well above its competitors.

Compared to other lending platforms like SALT, Celsius Network, Nexo, and BlockFi, YouHodler is more flexible with the needs of users and also offers more choices.

For instance, only YouHodler offers crypto savings accounts in 15 cryptocurrencies and 6 stablecoins, and that too offers the highest interest rate on deposits. 

If we compare the crypto loan feature, YouHodler has the maximum collateral option, offers the highest LTV ratio, and offers loans starting at $100.

Final Verdict

YouHodler is not just a crypto lending platform but provides true financial autonomy to users. Being regulated under the strict EU laws, this makes YouHodler a fully legitimate business providing much-needed confidence to users.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits YouHodler in a gist:

  • Loans starting from as low as $100
  • Over 20 crypto collateral options 
  • Upto 90% LTV, the highest in the industry
  • Highest LTV ratio and flexible repayment options
  • Get high interest rate on crypto deposits
  • Multi HODL and Turbocharge lets you profit more on deposits
  • Regulated platform with compliance & AML
  • Custody management solution and $150 million pooled crime insurance

YouHodler is a great solution and is a very easy-to-use platform. It is suitable for those who want to earn more on their crypto holdings without missing out on rallies. Also, it enables users to raise long-term loans at a very attractive rate.


So what are you waiting for, just go and check out YouHodler now and if you have used it, do tell us in in the comments section below what did you like about the service, we are waiting 🙂

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