Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers & Management Apps 2024

The crypto market is unlike any other market.

It is live 24/7 and 365 a day; that’s why you need to be on your toes to track the price and performance of your crypto portfolio.

This is no easy task as it is impossible to be online for every move of the market.

Hence using a crypto portfolio tracking app or website is the wise thing to do. It keeps you update about the price action and alerts you about the status of your portfolio at the right time.

This way, you can make informed and strategic decisions for your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Here are some of the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers you can use now:

Top Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker & Management App (iOS/Android)

#1. Blockfolio [Crypto Portfolio App]

Blockfolio is a pioneer cryptocurrency management and portfolio tracking app designed for the people of the cryptosphere.

The app is serving the crypto market since 2014 and has 5 million users with 90K+ reviews.

It is free to use the app for both iOS and Android users, which helps you track 8000+ cryptocurrency pairs on 300+ exchanges.

Having this wide range of coverage allows Blockfolio to alert its users for any specific currency at any time as per the conditions set by the user.

Using Blockfolio helps you see the correct picture of your portfolio and lets you know when & where you have spent your base currency like ETH or BTC or USDT to purchase which coins.

Some more cool features of Blockfolio are:

  • It is a mobile-centric app (iOS & Android)
  • One can read the latest crypto news, too, here.
  • Get personalized alerts on slack groups.
  • Set custom crypto price alerts.
  • View crypto candlestick charts and real-time order book.

Download BlockFolio (Android app iOS App)

#2. CoinTracking

CoinTracking is my go-to crypto portfolio tracker since I started seriously managing my portfolio.

The product has been there in the market since 2017 and has helped many in managing their crypto portfolios. If you are someone who wants more features to track seriously, your cryptocurrencies CoinTracking is the way to go.

It is primarily a web app which also provides iOS and Android apps.

But some people like me prefer a web app to deal with their cryptocurrencies because it is much easier to add/remove coins/exchanges/orders on a web app.

CoinTracking does an excellent job of syncing with 70+ exchanges and 7000+ cryptocurrency pairs to provide the correct picture or your portfolio.

It gets better:

In a real sense, crypto portfolio management is completed only when you have adequately analyzed your profits/losses and generated a taxation report for tax compliance.

CoinTracking does this job for you. Using the web app, you can generate the required taxation reports to complete your crypto portfolio management in a real sense of words.

Some more features of CoinTracking:

  • Setup price alert notifications
  • See your portfolio in different base currencies
  • See P/L statements & realized/unrealized gains
  • Access portfolio through iOS/Android app

Check Out CoinTracking Now

#3. Cryptocompare [Crypto Portfolio Website & App]

Cryptocompare is for anyone new to the cryptocurrency field, wanting a minimalistic crypto portfolio management app or website to track currencies.

I, too, have used Cryptocompare in my early days, and it does a fair job of showing what is necessary for your portfolio. The price alerts are not as fast as you would expect, but they are useful.

The Cryptocompare platform primarily isn’t for crypto portfolio management; instead, it for review and comparison of other stuff in the cryptosphere such as wallets, exchanges, and altcoins.

You can make as many portfolios as you want to get a profit and loss statement of yours. You can also make these portfolios as public or private.

Primarily it is a web app, but it also has iOS/Android apps for those who like to do the things on the go.

Cryptocompare is quite reliable in terms of the stats and the data it shows because that’s their UPS since 2014. They collect data for 200,000+ cryptocurrency pairs from various exchanges.

Try Cryptocompare Now

#4. Shrimpy

Shrimpy is a crypto portfolio management web app that you will fall in love with.

Shrimpy is serving the cryptosphere since 2018 and has started getting a lot of traction lately due it to its simple UI and features which it is offering.

Designed to tackle all the challenges of tracking and trading cryptocurrencies, Shrimpy keeps high industry standards to get you a bird’s eye of the world market and its impact on your portfolio.

Using Shrimpy, you link all your exchanges, wallets, cold storages to get an overall picture of your portfolio.

It doesn’t stop here:

Then after having a look at your portfolio status using Shrimpy, you can formulate automated trading and HODLing strategies, which will be executed even when you are away from your desktop.

Note: It is a web all only, and no mobile interface us available as of now for using Shrimpy’s crypto portfolio management website. So beware of scams !!

Check Out Shrimpy

#5. LiveCoinWatch [Crypto Portfolio Website]

LiveCoinWatch primarily is a price tracking web app and a decent alternative to CoinMarketCap.

Being like CoinMarketCap LiveCoinWatch does a great job in tracking prices, different cryptocurrency pairs, and various exchanges of cryptosphere.

You can see the volume, liquidity, market dominance, etc. for a plethora of coins using LiveCoinWatch.

More interestingly, apart from that, you can manage and track the performance of your cryptocurrencies using the LiveCoinWatch web app.

The design is minimalistic and straightforward. You don’t get any advanced features of charts or alerts in the portfolio, but it does a decent job in pictorially showing you the performance.

Lastly, you need to enter the tokens/coins you have bought and sold manually to get the correct picture of your portfolio. So, if you are new to the cryptosphere and want something simple, go for LiveCoinWatch.

Try Live CoinWatch Now

Free Crypto & Altcoin Portfolio Trackers & Management Softwares [Windows/Mac]

Tracking your cryptocurrencies correctly is one of the essential activities required to get the correct status of your cryptocurrency investments.

Anything wrong in it will make you take wrong decisions and hence choose wisely while deciding which crypto portfolio tracker or management app to use.

I have tried and tested the above trackers so far to found them decent enough to get listed on TheMoneyMongers.

Next up, I will be trying some more crypto portfolio trackers which are on my radar. If you want to suggest any that you are using, please do so in the comments below.

Now you tell us: Which portfolio tracker are you using? Which portfolio tracker do you like from this list the most? Tell us in the comments section below; we are waiting 🙂

Sudhir Khatwani


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