Best Free Crypto Screener Apps 2022

Using a crypto screener is a wise decision, especially in the current scenario of volatility in the crypto market.

With a crypto screener sorting through investment opportunities becomes much more easier and practical.

But given how gigantic the cryptoverse is today it is quite difficult to choose that ultimate crypto screener that would fit your trading needs.

And for that reason, I am here to help you make that choice by comparing the best free crypto screeners in the market.

They are:

7 Best Crypto Screeners

  • CryptoCompare
  • Messari
  • Nomics
  • CoinMarketCap
  • CoinGecko
  • LiveCoinWatch
  • Yahoo Finance

So, let’s begin by discussing them one by one.

#1. CryptoCompare


CryptoCompare is a prominent name in the crypto sphere. This crypto screener comes with advanced screening tools and was introduced in the market in 2014, based in London.

CryptoCompare is the world’s leading digital asset data company providing services that cater to corporate, government and retail clients. There are more than 8000 trades executed per second, with 300,000 orders received per second with more than 7,440 assets through more than 300 reliable and trusted exchanges. There are more than 3 lakh trading pairs available on CryptoCompare.

Its API gives you complete access to monitoring price activity and historical data with volume data from top exchanges for all currency pairs supported on the platform.

CryptoCompare coin list

The streaming API offers all the combinations of subs and pricing info to know what needs to be streamed and how to connect to the streamers. You can also get all the available streamer subscription channels for the requested pairs.

Its wide range of market data includes cryptocurrency trade data, order book data, blockchain data, social data and historical data. It ensures the integrity and accuracy of data through rigorous processes such as frequent API testing, monthly exchange reviews and anomaly reporting.

The API endpoints use HTTPS (TLS encryption), so the traffic is secured when requesting and receiving data. To ensure maximum security, you can also request that CryptoCompare sign its API responses. Some endpoints require registration and the generation of an API Key.


#2. Messari


Messari started its services in 2018 in New York as a data analytics and research firm. Since then, Messari has grown potentially in the crypto space. Trusted by millions of traders worldwide, Messari is undoubtedly one of the best crypto screeners.

The way it combines technical indicators with state-of-the-art analysis tools, and advanced crypto screening tools is just phenomenal. On Messari charts, you’ll get accurate and various information about each asset.

Also, you can access different on-chain data like realized market cap, Bitcoin hash rate, BTC & ETH active addresses, miner fees, and more. Additionally, you can draw on charts using different technical indicators like Pitchfork, speed resistance arc and Gann Fan, which come in handy in chart analysis.

Not just that, you can also choose between various indicators like Alligator, Aroon, Donchain Width and many more. You can also customize the candles and choose the one you prefer between line, bar, mountain or volume candle. You can also edit the time frame to get a broader or more detailed view of your chart. 5 mins up to 2 weeks are available.

messari ui

On Messari’s watchlist, you can track your favourite coins and view all its metrics like market cap, volume, price and more. Its screening tool lets you view all metrics in one window. Moreover, you will get different categories to choose between like:

  • Classification (DeFi, Stablecoins, Exchange assets, etc.)
  • Return on investment (Daily Gainers, Weekly Losers, etc.)
  • Stats (Volume, Liquidity, On-Chain, Staking, Supply & Marketcap, etc.)

Additionally, the Messari team also provides reports and research in the crypto field, which are conveniently categorized for ease of access.

Messari has different plans, starting at $24.99/mo ~ $625/mo. Also, they have a free plan which you can choose to familiarize yourself with the platform.


#3. Nomics


Nomics is an API-first crypto asset data company delivering professional-grade market data APIs to institutional crypto investors & exchanges. It offers products & services that allow funds, fintech apps, & exchanges to access clean, normalized & gapless primary source trade & order book data.

The company was introduced in 2017 and is based in Great Lakes; Midwestern U.S. Nomics is equipped with state-of-the-art API that is also compatible with mobile phones. The API allows you to create charting systems, trading bots, strategy backtests, portfolio valuation tools and pricing websites.

Undoubtedly the company has created the best cryptocurrency and bitcoin API for accessing price, markets, and exchange rate data from exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro/GDAX, Gemini and Poloniex.

Nomics API provides gapless raw trade market data, which means that it has all the trades that has happened on a currency pair on a given exchange, going back to the inception of that pair … with no gaps in trading data (i.e. no trades are missed or unaccounted).

Having gapless raw trade data also means having higher fidelity data points and more thoroughly trained machine learning models by having all the trades available (giving you confidence that you have accurate data).

nomics top crypto

Also meaning that if you want to look back at a particular time in history and consider what was occurring in a specific cryptocurrency exchange market, you’ll get to know exactly what was going on a specific day, and that data hasn’t been removed, aggregated, or interpolated.

Nomics is the only screening tool that comes with this particular feature, which comes in handy in quantitative and algorithmic analysis. Nomics can also boost latency to 0.6 seconds which is quite impressive.

It is made possible with something they call layering of endpoints. They collect the current prices, updated more frequently, the currency interval response, and all the close prices replacing them with the data from the prices interval.

Meaning that they take the currency interval from past 24 hours using one-hour candles, updated every 10 minutes but enhance the close price using the current prices, which are updated every 10 seconds. So, every 10 minutes, they re-fetch the currency interval, and every ten seconds update the prices. The same logic applies to exchange market intervals and exchange market prices.

These features are counted as the USPs of Nomics, and if you are impressed with them as I am, you should definitely check them out.


#4. CoinMarketCap


One of the most prominent names among crypto screeners is CoinMarketCap, founded in 2013 and is even used by the U.S. government for research and reports!

CoinMarketCap was acquired by Binance Capital Mgmt., a well-known company in the crypto market. So you know how accountable, reliable and trustworthy this platform is. Even though the company is acquired by Binance, but there is no ownership relationship between the two.

CoinMarketCap offers its services and functions independently. CoinMarketCap offers almost all the advanced tools, artificial intelligence integrated free screener, and all the other basic features in different crypto screeners, all under one roof.

It comes with the world’s most powerful crypto app, allowing flawless sync between platforms. Hence, no matter if you use the web interface or the mobile app, your data is always synced. It comes with an inbuilt privacy mode and app locking to protect your data all the time.

You can track over 35,000+ active crypto markets and get descriptions, price charts, exchange rankings as well as market capitalization all in the same place. Additionally, you can also follow your favourite crypto projects in the space, letting you stay up to date with all your favourite coins and tokens. Your watchlist will sync between your mobile app and your P.C., so you never miss a beat.

CoinMarketCap market capitalization

It lets you keep track of your investments; being user-friendly for beginners as well as sophisticated enough for advanced traders, it is the best combination and just the right screener for a variety of trading strategies. There are more than 4000 cryptocurrencies supported on the app, and it comes with a built-in currency converter where you can convert crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat at your fingertips.

The CoinMarket API is a suite of high-performance RESTful JSON endpoints specifically designed to meet the mission-critical demands of the industry. On the API, you will find all current and historical cryptocurrency exchanges, and the endpoints are updated every minute.

The API supports pricing data in 93 different fiat currencies. The API is free; you can use their basic tier to get the benefits of enterprise-grade infrastructure, documentation and flexibility. And to access the other features, you can, of course, get the paid version anytime.


#5. CoinGecko


Another prominent name in the crypto screeners space is CoinGecko, founded in 2014 with the mission to democratize access to crypto data and empower users with actionable insights.

The company boasts its 10 million+ average monthly users with more than 8+ years of historical crypto data and more than 10 billion monthly API calls. It is the world’s largest independent source of reliable crypto data and is frequently applauded across the industry by various well-known publications like Forbes, The Block, CNBC, and the list goes on.

With CoinGecko, you can power your crypto screeners apps with independently sourced crypto data such as live prices, trading volume, exchange volumes, trading pairs, historical data, contract address data, crypto categories, crypto derivatives images and more. There are more than 12500 supported tokens.

CoinGecko top crypto returns

There are three plans on this platform:

Free Version

  • 50 Rate limit per minute
  • 30+ Market data endpoints
  • 50+ Fiat/crypto conversions endpoints
  • 100% with no hidden charges

Analyst Version

  • 500 Rate limit per minute
  • 500,000 monthly rate limit
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • 30+ market data endpoints
  • 50+ Fiat/crypto conversions endpoints
  • $129/ month

Lite Version

  • 500 Rate limit per minute
  • 2,000,000 monthly rate limit
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • 30+ market data endpoints
  • 50+ Fiat/crypto conversions endpoints
  • $499/month

Pro Version

  • 1000 Rate limit per minute
  • 5,000,000 monthly rate limit
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • 30+ market data endpoints
  • 50+ Fiat/crypto conversions endpoints
  • $999/month

Enterprise Version

  • 1000 Rate limit per minute
  • Custom monthly rate limit
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • 30+ market data endpoints
  • 50+ Fiat/crypto conversions endpoints
  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Enquire Pricing Now

Your API Key would only be revealed once you have generated the API key in the Developers Dashboard. Remember that, if the API key is compromised, you will need to delete this key and generate a new API key.

CoinGecko api

CoinGecko has a comprehensive FAQ section on its website under the ‘Help’ section. You’ll get answers to most of your questions here, but if you want additional support, you can submit a ticket request; they are available 24×7 with all the solutions to your questions.

#6. LiveCoinWatch


LiveCoinWatch is yet another great cryptocurrency screener that provides you with institutional-grade data letting you identify patterns and quantify crypto pretty conveniently. It offers real-time market data to help you with its carefully designed technical analysis tools.

It is a 100% free platform with updates every 2 seconds. LiveCoinWatch provides 8+ years of price history and executes more than 10,000 requests per day. It offers complete cryptocurrency market coverage with live coin prices, charts and crypto market capitalization featuring 18851 coins on 495 exchanges.

LiveCoinWatch crypto price list

The market capitalization of a cryptocurrency determines its rank. This is calculated by multiplying the volume-weighted average price of the coin by its circulating supply.

In order to be ranked, a coin/token must trade on at least two exchanges and three markets. Prices are pulled directly from exchanges. The volume-weighted average global market pairs traded on spot markets with fees are used to calculate the price of a cryptocurrency. This means that the volume of a coin is directly related to its influence on the global average price.

This platform also comes with multiple widgets that support all those 18000+ coins and come with various appearances that will fit your taste and needs.

Marquee Widget

livecoinwatch Marquee Widget

The Scrolling Ticker Marquee Widget is a convenient way to show top and trending coins. These widgets are fully responsive requiring very little space to display cryptocurrency prices on any of your devices. Choose from top coins by volumes or biggest gainers and losers and even filter by a blockchain platform. It Shows live prices for up to 60 tokens on your website in just a few clicks.

Other than that, there are also 2 more widgets:

  • Coin Widget

livecoinwatch Coin Widget

  • Mini Widget

livecoinwatch mini widget

LiveCoinWatch is undoubtedly one of the best crypto screeners that come with unique functionalities and customizations. The security and precision of data that this platform comes with are also phenomenal so you should definitely check them out.

#7. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance

Talking about crypto screeners, then how can I not tell you about Yahoo Finance Crypto Screener? It is one of a kind and all-in-one platform where you can find all crypto-related information.

Yahoo Finance is a vast platform and comes with top-notch features for charting and crypto screening. It offers all the resources for your trading needs as well as a dedicated portal where you can share ideas of your own all on the platform itself.

Yahoo Finance also provides you with training resources to understand the tokenomics of new tokens and to increase your knowledge about new crypto projects. The platform supports a wide range of crypto pairs with accurate, latest and authentic real-time market data.

Yahoo Finance ui

The platform has been highly reputed and trusted by crypto enthusiasts worldwide and the best part is that it is completely free. This cryptocurrency screener also integrates with other applications and exchanges letting you easily buy and sell cryptocurrency on various networks.

Yahoo Finance renders its services with these integrations with the best service providers. It provides real-time data which is updated every minute. So without further doubt, you can go for this crypto screener.



– What is the best crypto screener?

Considering all the aspects, CoinMarketCap is the best crypto screener in the entire market right now. The wide range of crypto assets it supports and the powerful yet subtle trading platform makes it stand apart from its peers.

The API CoinMarketCap comes with is just phenomenal; it offers the best trading assistance with constantly updating real-time data as well as provides custom alerts so that you never skip any profitable trading opportunities.

CoinMarketCap also provides day traders with one of the best charting systems and toolsets, as well as has a lag-free and smooth interface. It offers all these features completely free, and that is the combination you won’t get anywhere else.

– Which website is best for crypto analysis?

Messari is undoubtedly the best website for crypto analysis.

It comes with state-of-the-art advanced analysis and charting tools like the relative strength index, percentage change, detailed information about each market, volume profiles from various exchanges and moving averages through Bollinger bands, as well as charting patterns which makes it far easier to analyze cryptos in vast amounts all under one roof.

Messari is suitable for both experienced traders and new crypto users. Additionally, you can customize the trading view and charting systems as per your convenience, which comes in really handy in determining investment opportunities during high trading volumes.

– What is the best app to watch crypto?

CryptoCompare is the best choice when it comes to the best app to watch crypto, as it comes with advanced screening tools.

It gives you complete access to monitoring price activity and historical data as well as fits your trading strategy no matter how varied it might be. It also notifies you about new projects and offers research all under the same app.

The API that CryptoCompare comes with is exceptionally terrific as well. It gives you information about trade data, order book data, blockchain data, financial data, social data and historical data with integrity and accuracy through API testing and technical scores.

The API endpoints use HTTPS (TLS encryption), so the traffic is secured when requesting and receiving data. To ensure maximum security, you can also request that CryptoCompare sign its API responses.


As for the benefits that come with crypto screeners it is important to choose a reliable and reputed crypto screener so that the accuracy and safety of your trades are not hampered.

And for that matter, the screeners I have enlisted are highly advanced, secure and authentic so you don’t need to worry about the precision of your data. And without a doubt start trading worry-free and make the best out of your crypto investments.

If you have any questions, feel free to type in the comment box below.

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