If you have been into the cryptosphere for some time, you would know about the mischievous fork of Bitcoin, i.e., Bitcoin Cash.

I say mischievous because of the circumstance it came into existence. For now, I will not go into the fine details but would like to firmly state; there is only one Bitcoin.

You might be a fan of Bitcoin Cash, and I respect you that way. If you are looking for reliable wallets to store your BCH, I am there to support you.

Disclaimer: I  hold some BCH coins, but I too hold Bitcoin. I also like to call Bitcoin Cash Bcash because it is right to be called like that…

Here is my list of favorite best bitcoin cash wallets that you too shall like:

2021’s Best BCH Wallet

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallets Wallets
Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano X [Recommended]
Desktop Wallet Exodus
Android & iOS Wallet App Trust Wallet
Web Wallet Rahakott
Paper Wallet CashAddress

#1. Ledger Nano X [Recommended Bitcoin Cash Wallet]

Ledger Nano X is a sleek crypto hardware wallet designed by Ledger SAS- a company pioneering the era of hardware wallets for the security of digital assets.

The company is churning out one good product after another since 2015, and this time they have come up with Ledger Nano X hardware wallet which is capable of storing 1000+ cryptocurrencies.

The good thing is, you can even store your Bcash in it. It is a wireless device that is Bluetooth enabled and allows you to connect to your iOS/Android wallet without any OTG or USB.

Moreover, it is a battery device that you can carry in your pocket with millions stashed in it to cross borders. Isn’t it fascinating?

To me, it is !!

PS: Always buy Ledger Nano X from this official website, purchases made through other sources such as Amazon have been reported faulty resulting in compromising of user’s funds.

Also, compared to its precursor, Ledger Nano X can support 100 cryptocurrencies at a time. That’s why I believe so it will become the go-to hardware wallet for the masses as it is future-ready.

Buy Ledger Nano X Now

#2. Exodus [Desktop Wallet]

Exodus is a well know crypto desktop wallet serving this space since 2016.

Exodus was the first ready use and intuitive crypto desktop wallet of the industry. The UI is beautiful and easy to understand that even your grandparents can use it.

At the same time, the company has not compromised the security of your digital assets stored on the Exodus. It is a non-custodial hardware wallet that allows you to store 100+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash or Bcash.

Exodus gives you the seed while you set it up for the first time. This seed has to be secured at any cost because losing this would mean losing all of your crypto stored on Exodus.

Within the Exodus app, you have the liberty to exchange one coin to another, so you need not worry about exchanging or selling your BCH during the market movements.

Lastly, Exodus has recently launched its mobile apps as well for iOS and Android devices.

Try Exodus Wallet Now

#3. Rahakott [Anonymous Wallet]

Rahakott is my go-to wallet if I want a web wallet.

Rahakott is an easy and fast way to store as well as access your cryptocurrencies. As of now Rahakott wallets allows you to store BCH, LTC, ETH, DASH, ZEC, etc

Registering on Rahakott is easy, and it only takes 15 seconds to do so. Rahakott throws a mnemonic phrase after you have registered which you need to safeguard.

Lastly, Rahakott is also an anonymous Bitcoin Cash wallet, which is multilingual as it supports English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

Check Out Rahakott Wallet

#4. Trust Wallet [Mobile Wallet]

Trust Wallet, trust me is very good.

I came across this wallet in 2017-2018, and since then it has forced me to move from the Coinomi wallet to Trust wallet. However, it is not to say Coinomi is not good.

Trust wallet is a multi-coin wallet that supports 100+ cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Bitcoin Cash. It is a non-custodial HD wallet which is the kind of wallet only we recommend.

Non-custodial wallets are not worth our time. The trust wallet was initially only focused on the Ethereum ecosystem. But last year after getting acquired by Binance its development has accelerated to become the most sought after multi-coin mobile wallet.

It looks like the Trust team is also going to achieve it as for starters their UI is super clean. They also follow the best security standard practices in the mobile wallet industry.

Trust wallet is available for iOS and Android platforms as well.

Try Trust Wallet Now

#5. CashAddress [Paper Wallet]

CashAddress is for wallet paper wallet lovers.

Those who have read TheMoneyMongers would know that we are not a fan of paper wallets simply because they are cumbersome to use. Also, it is 2019; we have hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X we don’t need paper wallets.

Paper wallets are susceptible to get damaged or can expose your private keys to an intended party. But if you still want to use paper wallets, you can make one for Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash paper wallet can be made from CashAddress and make sure your web address is correct before accessing CashAddress.

Check Out CashAddress

Final Words

Bitcoin Cash as you might be knowing, forked off from Bitcoin due to the scaling debate. Bitcoin Cash people went ahead and brought it into existence in 2017.

Of course, 2 MB blocks of Bitcoin Cash is a good experiment, and we want these experiments, but the approach might have gone wrong in bringing it to existence.

But anyways, Bitcoin Cash still holds a market value and is likely to only increase in the future as BCash supporters increase. That’s why it wouldn’t be wise to keep your BCH coins on any centralized exchanges.

Adios !!