StormGain is currently welcoming all the new users to their platform with a welcome bonus.

When you register on their account using a specific promo code and deposit funds with them, they transfer free cryptocurrency to your account. This, of course, happens after you fulfill certain terms & conditions that are discussed in this article.

StormGain is one such platform that allows you to gain a bonus by depositing crypto on its platform.

StormGain Referral Code: How To Get Bonus while registration?

Unlike many exchanges that have a complex reward-claiming process, it is easier to claim StormGain Bonus. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps and fulfil some conditions. 

  • Step 1 – Go to the StromGain website.
  • Register on their website by fulfilling your basic contact details, including your email address and phone number.
  • Step 2 – Enter the promo code BONUS25 while filling in these details.
  • Step 3 – Once you sign-up, $25 worth of USDT will be transferred to your bonus account within one day.
  • Step 4 – To activate and use this bonus, you need to add at least $100 worth of USDT to your trading account.
  • Step 5 – Once you add the balance, you’ll be able to use the bonus amount for margin trading or spot trading on the StromGain exchange.

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What is the StormGain Deposit Bonus Amount?

StormGain is known to run various promotions from time to time. You need to be aware of the right code and the time period for which the offer is active. 

In this case, you can easily earn $25 worth of USDT by applying the right promo code and by adding cryptocurrency to your account.

Which StormGain Referral Code to use?

Moreover, StormGain runs limited-time offers, and chances are, the code you’re using has already expired.

This is why we have tried and verified that you can use the code ‘BONUS25‘ without any worry. By activating this code, you’ll get $25 worth of USDT within 24 hours. But, please know this code will continue to remain active till the promotional offer continues. 

The amount of information available on the internet makes it difficult to determine the correct codes. Once you enter an invalid, incorrect, or outdated referral code, you’ll lose your chance of getting a bonus worth $25 and other promotional benefits.

Why use a StormGain Referral Code while signing up? 

There are many reasons why you should use a StormGain Promo Code, and we have listed some of them below.

  • Make money without any efforts

Using a StormGain Promo Code is the easiest way of earning free money without making any effort. All you have to do is create an account, enter the promo code, deposit some amount and start using the bonus amount that StormGain will transfer to your bonus account.

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  • Benefit from the promotional offer

As mentioned above, StormGain runs various promotional offers from time to time. However, you can only avail of these offers by entering the right code. So, it is crucial that you enter the correct and functional StormGain Referral Code before making any transactions on the platform. If you don’t, you won’t get your hands on the $25 worth of USDT that StormGain is currently offering for free.

  • Make free trades

Most such platforms don’t allow you to withdraw the bonus amounts, and instead, they let you use that amount for trading or paying trading fees on their platform. So, by using this StormGain Promo Code, you can make free trades.

StormGain Promo Code FAQs

  • Is it mandatory to deposit cryptocurrency to claim a bonus?

You can claim the bonus without depositing cryptocurrency. However, you won’t be able to use it till you deposit cryptocurrency or USDT worth $100 at least.

  • How much deposit bonus can I get? 

The maximum deposit bonus that you can get is $25 worth of USDT.

  • How can I get an additional bonus?

In this promotional offer, you can only get a maximum of $25. To ensure that you are able to use all the $25 for margin trading, deposit as many funds as possible, and this is because you can only use a maximum of 20% of your total account balance.

  • In which currency do I get my bonus reward? 

You get your bonus in USDT, equivalent to $25.

  • For whom is this deposit bonus available? 

This deposit bonus is available for all new users who are of legal age and haven’t added the funds to their StormGain account.

What are the terms & conditions to claim the StormGain bonus?

  • This promotional code can only be availed by mentioning it before depositing funds to your account.
  • While the bonus USDT will be transferred to your bonus account in 24 hours, you won’t be able to use it till you deposit $100 worth of cryptocurrency in your account.
  • The bonus USDT amount cannot be directly withdrawn but can be used for margin trading. However, any profit a user makes by using the bonus funds will be transferred to their account that can be withdrawn later, not including any portion of the bonus amount.
  • This promotional offer is valid till 12/30/2021 unless extended.
  • The promotional offer is available for all new users above the legal age living in countries where cryptocurrency is recognized legally.
  • The bonus amount available for trading operations cannot exceed 20% of the total account balance at any given moment.


With many crypto exchanges coming to the scene, the competition has also gained full momentum. As a result, these platforms are coming up with new offers and discounts to attract as many people as possible.

StormGain is a cryptocurrency leverage trading and investing platform that has taken the crypto world with a storm.

Not only does it offer unique and efficient services, but it’s also offering its user a chance to make $25 worth of USDT by just depositing $100 worth of cryptocurrency in their account. All you have to do is use the right code ‘BONUS25‘ to ensure that you get your hands on the reward. 

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