Best Blockchain Courses for Training & Certifications

A survey from Glassdoor reveals that the demand for Blockchain and cryptocurrency people is higher than ever.

And interestingly it is not just developers in demand but much more.

Anyways, I think you know this fact, and that’s why precisely you are interested in online blockchain training, but I will still leave you with the stats from Glassdoor.

Top 15 Occupations for Open Blockchain Jobs on Glassdoor
Rank Occupation # of Job Openings % Share
1 Software Engineer 331 19%
2 Analyst Relations Manager 88 5%
3 Product Manager 76 4%
4 Front-End Engineer 54 3%
5 Technology Architect 50 3%
6 Risk Analyst 45 3%
7 Technical Consultant 39 2%
8 Back-End Engineer 33 2%
9 Marketing Manager 30 2%
10 Community Manager 26 1%
11 Engineering Manager 23 1%
12 Product Designer 23 1%
13 DevOps Engineer 19 1%
14 QA Engineer 15 1%
15 Strategy Manager 14 1%

So you see there many other types of blockchain and crypto jobs available and the highest demand is for blockchain software engineers.

But whether you are a developer or not doesn’t matter because you need to understand blockchain and Bitcoin fundamentally to get started in any blockchain job.

Realizing the need of the hour, we have these list of best blockchain online courses that have been taken up by 1000s of blockchain aspirants already.

Blockchain skill is a must-have if you are a techie or a semi-techie guy.

Our expert team has put together this list of popular blockchain courses for you so that you need not look around and waste your time.

Best Online Blockchain Training & Certifications 2019

#1. Blockchain for Dummies Crash Course By Ivan On Tech

This course is presented by Ivan On Tech and I have personally listened to his YouTube videos during my beginner’s journey. Ivan was a professional developer who jumped into the blockchain/crypto space to share his insights from the perspective of a developer.

Now he has launched Blockchain for Dummies Crash Course for people aspiring to learn basics of blockchain. Expect to learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Consensus Algorithms, Mining etc in the shortest possible time

It gets better:

You will also get the BONUS opportunity to participate in monthly live Q&A’s as well as individual student support just for $1 for the first month (This is a special value offer only for TheMoneyMongers readers).

After the first month, you will be charged $49 per month for subsequent months and get lifetime access to the whole of Ivan On Tech Academy which has 11 courses worth of $2189. This comes out to be a discount of 98% which isn’t going to stay the same for long !!

Enroll Now For Blockchain for Dummies Crash Course ($1)

#2. Udemy’s Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals Certification

This is the best online course on the basics of Blockchain and Bitcoin accompanied with a blockchain glossary. Anyone aspiring to learn high-level fundamentals such as hashing, tokens, mining, smart contracts, Bitcoin Cash, wallets, blocks, etc. should take this course.

Moreover, this is the complete blockchain for beginners course where more than 40,000 students have registered to clear their basics about blockchain and Bitcoin.

There are no pre-requisites beyond an interest in learning about blockchain for taking this course.

User Review: Very good and clear introduction to blockchain and Bitcoin. The sequence of lectures might be adjusted a bit. For example, it makes sense to move lecture about block contents before explaining how blocks are connected in ledger. Also, some use cases with businesses accepting Bitcoin would add value, so far topic of conversion from currency to Bitcoin and back is not covered at all.

#3. B21 Block: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain School

B21 Block is an online cryptocurrency & blockchain school, and since 2015 has been creating the highest quality educational products, on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Whether your goal is to learn about bitcoin, start trading cryptocurrencies, become an ethereum developer, or understand blockchain technology on a theoretical level, B21 Block will help you navigate this challenging ecosystem.

Their subscription model is quite simple and very cost effective where you will get access to all the 15 courses (ranging from basics to Ethereum development) that you will ever need to get started and become the master of blockchain & cryptocurrency realm.

With their monthly/annual subscription you also get access to the private community, exclusive interviews, Job placement support, etc.

User Review: It is excellent, as much as he provides important information, he back peddles to make sure we know the definition. So it’s great for clarity on certain topics.

#4. Blockgeeks: Blockchain Courses & Training

Blockgeeks is another blockchain training platform that you will love because it has the same monthly and annual subscription model.

So anyone who wants to deep dive into blockchain and cryptocurrencies month after month should opt for Blockgeeks, and it is for experts & beginners alike.

When you sign up, you’ll immediately have unlimited viewing of expert courses, paths to guide your learning, tools to measure your skills and hands-on resources like exercise files. There’s no limit on what you can learn because new content is released on a weekly basis.

Plus it gives you access to the learning path and suggests you which course you should take first according to your chosen career path and skills.

#5. Coursera Blockchain Training: Foundations & Use Cases By Consensys Academy

When some course is brought to you by ConsenSys Academy, you should take it seriously because they are best in the business and a well-positioned blockchain startup specifically focused on Ethereum.

In this course, you should expect a definitive introduction to blockchain for both the developer and non-developer audience. Plus you will be introduced to the philosophy behind decentralization and why there is so much excitement around it.

This course is updated for 2019 and requires 15 hours of effort from your end to get well versed with blockchain technology.

#6. Edureka’s Blockchain Certification Training

This is one of the best instructor-led online blockchain training course for an intermediate and advanced audience. So if you are a developer or banking/finance professionals aspiring to be a blockchain architect this course should be your priority.

You can expect here an overview of the structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Multichain Blockchain platforms.

Also, you will learn to set up your private blockchain and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum. Consecutively, you will also learn to implement the business network using Hyperledger Composer and be able to set up a private Multichain environment.

User Review: Edureka has been an unique and fulfilling experience. The course contents are up-to-date and the instructors are industry trained and extremely hard working. The support is always willing to help you out in various ways as promptly as possible. Edureka redefines the way online training is conducted by making it as futuristic as possible, with utmost care and minute detailing, packaged into the a unique virtual classrooms. Thank you Edureka!

#7. Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate

If you are someone who is looking to get into the blockchain then this the best blockchain online course for you to develop that future-proof skills.

After taking this course, you will be able to synthesize your blockchain solutions, regulations around cryptocurrencies and enterprise level blockchain implementations.

Moreover, the course is offered by the University of California, Berkeley faculty, so you need not worry about its quality and curriculum.

Plus you get the discounted combo of two courses in this introductory to intermediate level course.

#8. Simplilearn’s Blockchain Basic Course

Through this course, anyone who is a beginner developer can get an overview of blockchain concepts and learn about the blockchain data structures and identifiers.

You will also learn about mining basics and will be creating blocks to understand blockchain transactions. And Later you will learn about emerging trends and blockchain public policies.

#9. Online Blockchain Classes With SkillShare

Want to learn even deeper about blockchain apart from programming then this platform is for you.

SkillShare has more than 50 courses on blockchain where you can learn about various usecases as well such as blockchain in the supply chain; blockchain is financial services, blockchain 101, web 3.0 for non-techies and cryptocurrency investing.

#10. Certified Blockchain Expert Course By Blockchain Council

CBE (Certified Blockchain Expert) course is for anyone wanting to add a blockchain certification in their resume for quick hiring.

It is an exam-based program where you will learn about blockchain basics, blockchain usecases in health care, supply chain, digital marketing, finance industry, etc.

Which Blockchain Online Training Courses & Certifications To Choose?

The next common confusion faced by professionals is:

Which course or certification to choose?

Well, certainly this a valid concern and that’s why we have specifically listed which course is for which type of professional- developer or a non-developer, etc.

So we suggest you stick to those benchmarks while choosing the right blockchain course or certification for you, thus accelerating your career.

That’s all from us in this exhaustive list of the blockchain certifications, and we will keep adding more quality blockchain courses here.

Sudhir Khatwani


  1. I am going through courseera block chain and cryptocurrency course. I have done some basic research from my side in the internet domain. so will this course can be entry into basic job level and improve my skill in an company. Is any bank are offering or I should be a freelancer

    1. Freelancing after the course might work. Banks aren’t interested in basic roles but if you are someone with lots of experience, it will work

  2. Is it advisable to be an freelancer if so how and where to start in India. How safe is my investment? Is it job fetcher or I should do it freelancer.Is bitcoin valid in india context

    1. You can, of course, freelance. As of now, India has no stance on BTC. It is not illegal yet but it is not a legal tender per se.

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