9 CoinMarketCap Alternatives To USE In 2021 [UPDATED]

The right information at the right time is the holy grail in any market.

So the crypto market is no different.

But I feel the right information at the right time matters even more in the cryptosphere because this space moves insanely fast.

If you are lazy, please don’t come here.

And sometimes due to speed, there are mistakes too that can often cost the investor.

In 2017, CoinMarketCap had wrongly mentioned some data about XRP coin which lead to inflated numbers on it, and it turned out that investors invested in XRP based on those numbers.

You can only guess what would have happened then?

Of course, many investors were Rekt !!

This incident reminded the crypto community that they could not afford to rely on one single platform like CoinMarketCap (CMC). And this is a good realization also because tracking decentralized assets on a centralized platform like CMC is itself ironic.

That’s why we have decided to list down some of the best sites like CoinMarketCap that will help you process the information in a more distributed manner.

Alternatives To CoinMarketCap 2021

Alternatives To CoinMarketCap (CMC) Quick Links
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#1. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare was the first crypto pricing web app that I started using in 2016.

It started in 2014 and since then has earned a name for itself by making a user-friendly web app for the crypto community.

On CryptoCompare you will find more than 1000 coins listed with their real-time prices, circulating supply, and total supply in easy to comprehend manner.

You will also get access to their forum, exchange comparison, and wallet’s comparison section that will help you keep your cryptocurrencies safe.

Last but not least you will also get to use their beta version of the portfolio management web app where you can add, buy/sell details of your crypto investments to conclude.

#2. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is another very reliable alternative to CoinMarketCap, and in its first look it might resemble CoinMarketCap, but if you dig down, you will find vast differences.

At CoinGecko you will be able to tack prices, market cap, supply, volume in real-time which is pretty much standard in any app for fundamental analysis of coins.

But apart from that CoinGecko also tracks community growth, specifications of different chains, open-source code development, major events, and on-chain metrics.

Apart from tracking 1000 coins, CoinGecko also shows market cap in more than ten fiat and digital currencies so that you can always check relative prices.

CoinGecko also has its Android and iOS mobile apps to help investors who like check crypto markets on the go !!

#3. Nomics

Nomics is my recent finding, and I am seriously blown away with the amount of hard work its team is putting in bring the right data into the cryptosphere.

At heart, it is an API first company exclusively working to deliver professional-grade market data to institutional crypto investors and exchanges.

You can bet on their indexes to be more accurate then other peers in the market as their UPS itself is to provide clean, normalized, and gapless primary source trade and order book data.

Here you will find primary data for cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and different market pairs that you can use to make data-driven decisions.

#4. LiveCoinWatch

Are you looking for something more elegant and fast to track your cryptocurrencies? Then you might look into LiveCoinWatch.

Here you will find price tracking, volume monitoring, coin supply, circulating supply for almost 2000 cryptocurrencies. To top it all, you can quickly access coin specific sites and social media channels to enhance your research game.

Moreover, you will find coin specific data and data related to crypto exchanges all in one place in one glance.

To top it all, you can also make your portfolio for tracking cryptocurrencies and watch that portfolio as well as the indexes in 20+ fiat currencies.

#5. CoinCap

CoinCap is a ShapeShift product launched in 2017.

CoinCap provides reliable real-time cryptocurrency prices and market capitalizations for the crypto community. If you are someone who is paranoid about a single source of truth like CoinMarketcap and are looking for an alternative, you must check CoinCap.

The UI might not look so impressive on the home page, but it is clean and does the job of giving you the most real-time view of cryptocurrency trading taking place around the world.

It is built to meet the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and that’s why CoinCap adapts to the unique demands of cryptocurrency markets.

#6. OnChainFx

Want to deep dive into the specifics of the crypto market, you might want to check out OnChainFx.

OnChainFx provides more actionable metrics other than the standard metrics of price movements, the supply of the coin, volume, and exchanges on which a coin is trading.

Those actionable and insightful metrics are such as Y2050 market cap realized, mining algorithm, 51% attack cost, number of active addresses, GitHub commits, short-term and long-term ROIs, etc.

On the first look, it might look very technical and too much information for a newbie, but if you are looking for in-depth crypto information, OnChainFx has got your back.

#7. CoinCodex

Want something which provides details as well as looks clean?

Try CoinCodex, and you will get real-time coin prices, historical charts, trading volumes, coin supply, and crypto market cap at your fingertips.

Apart from that when you go to each coin’s description, you will find the social media and news items related to that cryptocurrency which will help you fine-tune your research.

And once you are done researching, you need not leave CoinCodex because they have made step-by-step guides for almost all coins to help you buy them.

#8. WorldCoinIndex

WorldCoinIndex is another decent competitor of CoinMarketCap but is more inclined on price information and news.

They supply reliable and fast actionable data and crypto information to help cryptocurrency users. They have also listed over 1500 cryptocurrencies and brings data fees from 100+ cryptocurrency exchanges trading over 7000+ markets.

You can also make indexes in BTC plus other 13 fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, CNY, GBP, RUB, CAD, JPY, HKD, BRL, IDR, AUD, KRW, INR, TRY, and ZAR.

In addition to price information, the platform also supports quick access to crucial information of individual cryptocurrency like their website, block explorer, forum, Twitter, and reddit feed, etc.

#9. CoinLib

CoinLib – a decent alternative to CMC is operating in this space since 2017 and has succeeded in getting some market share.

Using CoinLib, you can get live and historic cryptocurrency prices, portfolios, alerts, news, charts, and detailed coin data. Apart from that is UI is quite welcoming and any newbie or experienced user will be able to make sense of it.

It also shows its indexes in more than 40+ fiat and cryptocurrencies, so you need not worry about the relative price of your coin portfolio.

Alternatives To CoinMarketCap.com API

Through this article, I am not suggesting that CoinMarketCap is not reliable but brings home this message that, relying on one service is detrimental for a decentralized economy.

That’s why as crypto enthusiasts we should work in this direction to help create more awareness so that many investors can learn this best practice of checking at several crypto indexes before taking any decisions.

This will help in more maturity in the cryptosphere in the long run.

Disclaimer: A few of the services listed here are sponsored ones, but we have done our due diligence before registering them here !!

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