Bybit gives you the option of terminating your trading account anytime you want, with no contracts and no strings attached.

Deleting your Bybit account is quite easy and can be done in a few easy steps.

However, staying with Bybit is still a good idea considering the amount of features it offers like spot trading, margin trading and futures trading at low cost.

But in case you want to delete your Bybit account, I have got you covered with a few simple steps, so let’s begin.

How To Delete Your Bybit Trading Account Permanently

Step # 1- Register & Login into your Bybit Account. Open your email application or the web portal, no matter which one it is.

Step # 2- Create a new email which you will be using later to send a request to Bybit’s support team.

Step # 3- Using the newly created email, mention ‘Account & Personal Information Termination Request’ as the subject of the mail since both the account and the associated information need to be deleted.

Step # 4- Now mention all the necessary details to ensure correct account deletion. You can also copy the following account deletion template for your ease.

“I would like to request the permanent termination of my Bybit account under the email ‘Your email address’ and all the associated information. If, for whatever reason, you cannot accommodate this termination request, please provide an adequate explanation.”

Step # 5- After carefully double-checking all the mentioned information, email the termination request to [email protected].

The procedure of deleting your account takes just about 10 minutes, but the approval of your request or their reverting back can take an unspecified amount of time to delete your account.

You can expect anywhere between 1 to 7 business days at least.

If you are unsure about the permanent termination and want to deactivate your account temporarily, you can follow the steps below.


Following the above steps will permanently delete your Bybit trading account.

Just so you know, you will receive an email from the Bybit support team regarding your account deactivation. If you want to reactivate your Bybit account, you need to contact their customer support. Or you can create a new Bybit account and enjoy sign-up bonus using ByBit referral code.

Even if you permanently delete your Bybit trading account, you can always reactivate your account by contacting the customer support team anytime you want with ease.

Moreover, you can access, edit, update or delete your account or personal information that you have shared with Bybit at any time by accessing your account settings or emailing [email protected].


Bybit exchange wallet is one of the best crypto derivatives exchanges that takes care of its user’s privacy.

When you delete your account, Bybit removes all your shared information permanently, and you don’t have to worry about your sensitive information.

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