One of the most popular spots and margin and futures trading with leverage exchanges globally, Phemex offers retail and institutional crypto users several products.

In 2017, Phemex rapidly gained popularity because of its services, products, and various promotional activities. It is currently running a sign-up & deposit bonus that can help you earn free cryptocurrency.

Phemex Referral Code E7W4W2How To Get Phemex Bonus While registration? 

Unlike many other similar promotional schemes run by other platforms, the process of availing this bonus on registration is quite simple. All you need to do is follow a series of steps that we have mentioned before, and the bonus amount will be yours.

Step #1 – Click here to go to the Phemex website and register your account using your email address and password.

Step #2– After clicking here, you will see a page like shown below where you need to enter the unique Phemex Invite Code as this-  E7W4W2

Step #3– Now click on the button ‘Create Account‘ button as shown in the above image.

Step #4 – You will now get an email on your entered email ID to confirm your account. Once you do that, you are ready; your account is set.

Step #5 – Once your account is set using the Phemex Bonus code, the next thing you need to do is to deposit the funds.

Step #6. Now Log in to your Phemex account, go to the ‘Assets’ section at the top, and deposit the cryptocurrency of your choice below. Once done, you are all set to start trading on the exchange

How much Phemex Deposit Bonus Amount can you get?

Phemex runs a tier-based bonus system. It means that the bonus amount that you receive depends on the tier in which your deposited amount lies.

So, the more Bitcoins you deposit in your account, the more bonus you get. We have shared a list of the bonus tiers below for your reference.

Remember, you need to maintain this deposit amount throughout the verification period to be able to use the amount for trading. If you make some transactions and your amount falls in the lower tier, the amount of bonus you can use will also reduce.


  • Single Deposit Advanced Bonus

The users can avail of the following benefits if their deposits meet the target requirement and have accumulated a certain amount in contract transactions. 

Deposit Crypto Depsoit Amount Rewards Amount Phemex Deposit Bonus Code
BTC > or = 0.05 $60 E7W4W2
USDT > or = 2000 $60 E7W4W3
ETH > or = 1.5 $60 E7W4W4
LINK > or = 80 $60 E7W4W5
XTZ > or = 700 $60 E7W4W6
LTC > or = 15 $60 E7W4W7

Apart from the bonuses mentioned above, Phemex offers other benefits, such as $10 for a single sport order of 500 USDT or greater or a single BTC/USD contract transaction of 5,000 USD or more. 

  • Deposit Bonus

The following deposit bonus can be claimed after depositing a specific value of BTC and ETH and completing Identity Verification.

BTC ETH Rewards Phemex Bonus Code
> or =0.0003 > or = 0.04 $10 E7W4W2

Which Phemex Referral Code To Use?

When looking for referral codes online, you might come across bogus codes or invalid/ expired ones. Moreover, several scammers are fishing for naive users looking for referral codes to dupe them out of their money. Therefore it is vital to stay vigilant and trust genuine online sources. 

In this case, we have tried several online codes and concluded that E7W4W2 is the correct code to earn a Phemex referral bonus. 

What Is Phemex Sign-up & Deposit Bonus?

A Phemex Trading Bonus is a reward awarded to members through multiple events, campaigns, and promotions. Examples of such bonuses include the Phemex Trading Bonus as well as many others.

Through this, new users get a chance to earn a trading bonus by simply creating an account on their platform and depositing some funds in their account.

While Phemex is known to run various offers from time to time, this is the latest offering from Phemex to the market to increase its user base. 

Why Use a Phemex Referral Code while sign-up?

Referral codes help to make platforms such as Phemex more attractive and develop goodwill for the platform. But it has additional benefits for the users as well because the users of referral codes literally get free funds to trade or cover their trading fees.

A bonus can be used in several ways. It can be used to open new positions, pay fees, or cover losses. In general, a Phemex trading bonus can cover 50% of your fees and losses. This is made up of 50% from the bonus and the other 50% from your funds within your trading account.

So when you open a position, you’ll be able to use your trading bonus to pay fees and cover losses. The more trading bonuses you have in your trading account, the higher the percentage is of what you can use to cover losses and fees.

But if you have no funds other than trading bonuses in your contract trading account, then the bonus will cover 100% of all fees and losses.

Phemex Sign Up Bonus FAQs

  • To claim a bonus, is it mandatory to deposit cryptocurrency?

Yes, it is mandatory to deposit cryptocurrency in your Phemex account to claim bonus amounts. Currently, Phemex accepts BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, and USDT to avail bonus. 

  • How Much Deposit Bonus Can I get?

The amount of deposit bonus you can get depends upon the type of reward you apply for. Depositing more cryptocurrencies usually means more rewards, as discussed above. 

  • How Can I Get More bonuses?

The amount of bonus you get depends directly upon the number of tokens you deposit on Phemex. Moreover, you can avail other benefits such as following their social media to earn more rewards. 

  • In Which Currency Do I get my Bonus Reward?

You get your bonus reward in USD or BTC, depending on the type of contract you choose to trade.

  • For Whom Is This Deposit Bonus Available?

Phemex deposit bonus is available for every new user who has registered on Phemex after 3:00 UTC June 22, 2020. 

Terms & Condition To Claim Phemex Bonus

  1. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn to wallets or transferred between trading accounts.
  2. A trading bonus cannot be withdrawn. Attempting to do so will just immediately cause the entire bonus to be removed.
  3. Trading bonuses come in two kinds: USD trading bonuses, which you can use for contracts settled in USD, and BTC trading bonuses, which you can use for contracts settled in BTC.
  4. Also, you can only use these additional funds for contract trading and are not applicable on spot trading.
  5. You are not allowed to register with multiple email addresses to receive multiple Welcome Bonuses. Your account will be banned if the system detects any cheating.
  6. Deposits and transactions are only valid starting from 3:00 UTC on June 22, 2020. Previous deposits and transactions will not be counted.
  7. The New User Deposit Bonus and the Social Media Bonus are not eligible for users in the following regions/countries: India, Venezuela, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Users from these regions can still qualify for other bonuses.
  8. If your account is banned due to multiple account checks, don’t hesitate to contact online customer support or email [email protected]. Phemex will refund your deposit.


Phemex has recently become increasingly popular due to its several deposit bonuses that allow users to earn free cryptocurrencies. The bonuses are easy to claim, and all the user needs to do is use the correct code and deposit assets in their accounts. 

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