6 TradingView Alternatives For Crypto & Forex Market [2022]

When you are trading, you don’t want to go wrong.

Notably, not because of the tools you are using, you would like to go wrong.

You don’t want this scenario when you speak of cryptocurrency trading because it can quickly cost a lot when you go wrong in crypto trading.

Also, you don’t want to depend on one charting tool, i.e., TradingView, which many use.

It is always good to have an alternative for double-checking, and also dependency on a single source in a decentralized world of crypto is counter-intuitive.

If you agree with me, now is the time to check out some of the best TradingView alternatives:

Best TradingView Alternatives 2022

Below are some of the Top Alternatives to TradingView for both Crypto and Forex Markets. So without keeping you more waiting, let’s start:

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#1. TrendSpider

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There are many alternatives to TradingView but if you are looking for a tool with much more up features? Well, you are in the right place, and I have TrendSpider for you.

TrendSpider is the smartest chart analysis software which is designed to help Crypto and Forex traders like you (beginners or advanced) make more intelligent, more efficient trading decisions.

With data being sourced from 150+ crypto exchanges and 6500 trading pairs, you can expect a full hold on the whole crypto markets.

Apart from that, you can use TrendSpider to make beautiful charts and automate the manual technical analysis which you used to do along with instant backtesting with the available data.

Interestingly, all these things at a much lower price and higher up-time than TradingView, which has costed many 1000s of dollars in the past.

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#2. CryptoView [Recommended]

CryptoView is like a professional fund manager for cryptocurrencies. It is comprehensive portfolio management and trading software that allows users to connect seamlessly with all 15+ exchanges in one easy-to-reach location. With CryptoView, you are able to sync your portfolio and trade history with all of the platforms and see your balances and trades in one place.

CryptoView offers a variety of tools to help you analyze the crypto market. You can select from 75 different indicators and charting tools, syncing data from multiple exchanges. This enables you to calculate order depths, bids, and asks on the fly. It also has advanced features that will help you protect your capital in times of volatility.

One thing about managing your personal portfolio is that you want one glimpse at it to understand the current position. CryptoView helps you achieve this goal while also providing balance data from all connected wallets, exchanges, and accounts. This one-look portfolio can be shared with friends, clients, or colleagues.

Ready to get started? Try the 30-Days Free Trial for access to all of this advanced and beginner-friendly trading software that you’ve been looking for.

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#3. Coinigy

What if at the same price as TradingView, you could get much more than just Crypto/Forex charts!! I will be excited if it were to happen and the good news is it is already happening. So rejoice.

Coinigy provides a paid trading terminal capable of integrating with all the major crypto exchanges. It also helps you in portfolio management 24/7.

Now the main thing:

You can access more than 75 technical indicators on Coinigy and do your TA on the charts of your favorite exchange (Coinigy supports 45+ exchanges).

Enhance your crypto awareness by getting low-latency alerts in the form of SMS, E-mails, and in your browser itself.

Lastly, Coinigy also has its iOS and Android apps which you can use to chart your TA strategies as well as execute them through a single window.

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#4. GoCharting

GoCharting is an advanced real-time crypto and stock charting tool.

I know you are interested in crypto and I will cut it short for you. It is a free tool for crypto charting where you have access to 100+ crypto exchanges and 14,000+ crypto pairs.

You get 300+ indicators to do your crypto TA on GoCharting with features like customizable HTML5 charting.

Lastly, unlimited social sharing and advanced charts such as Renko, Kagi, Heikin Ashi, Point, etc. make the matter of crypto TA all the more impressive.

Check Out GoCharting Now

#5. TabTrader

Want something lightweight for your mobile?

Well, I have TabTrader for such users. It is a highly mobile-focused trading terminal allowing you to integrate with 20+ popular crypto exchanges.

Moreover, it’s charting tool is so light and userfriendly that you can easily chart in your mobile too. Hence, making it the first choice for traders who like to do TA on the go.

Furthermore, its integration with crypto exchanges lets you execute your TA strategies quickly and seamlessly.

What more can you ask from a free tool?

As of now, it is available for iOS and Android devices alongside its web version in beta.

Check Out TabTrader

#6. Tradelize

Tradelize is just more than a charting system.

I will get to it in a minute.

Tradelize allows you to trader faster and invests smarter; that’s their tag line too. Via Tradelize you casual investors can connect with experienced traders to copy their trading strategies or avail their services for a subscription.

But whatever may be the case:

You can use Tradelize’s trading terminal to connect with popular crypto exchanges where you can do a lot of charting and make your TA strategies.

If you are copying someone or leveraging their services, then you can double-check or analyze their TA strategies by sharing the charts.

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Alternative To TradingView

Trading can be a costly affair if not done with proper tools.

Costly because if your trading strategy goes wrong, you might lose everything in the trade. That’s why charting, and TA analysis based on it are so important.

You don’t want charting tools which don’t save your charts and crashes frequently.

What else to speak of charting tools, apply indicators in a wrong way to give you a false impression!

Many users have experienced problems with TradingView, and I think the above-listed alternatives will help people who are looking for reliable alternatives to TradingView.


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