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What Is Bitcoin

Duration: 2 minutes

Get a sneak peek of Bitcoin under 2 minutes through this most watched video on the internet about Bitcoin. It is for everyone including you !!

The Essence of How Bitcoin Works (Non-Technical) 

Duration: 5 minutes

Aim of this video is to tell you how Bitcoin works? How is it transferred from one person to another? How are new bitcoins generated? Etc. in the most non-technical way you have ever heard or read !!

How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes (Technical)

Duration: 5 minutes

A high-level overview of how Bitcoin works in technical terms. Get introduced to Bitcoin walletsPrivate keysPublic address Signatures, and Bitcoin mining. Don’t get intimidated it is simple and not so technical !!

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

Duration: 25 minutes

Beware !! This part is quite technical. If you have understood the previous two videos, you are welcome to skip this one. However, it’s a reinforcement video for those who want to have a somewhat more in-depth understanding of Bitcoin and its workings.

Money vs. Currency

Duration: 25 minutes

This is a much watch video after you have watched the above introductory videos on Bitcoin to give you the context. It might look slightly off-topic, but it isn’t actually. For starters, Bitcoin is money,  just like the Gold. But often in society and in schools we don’t talk about Money vs. Currency. Many consider both as same, but they aren’t !!

Andreas -Introduction To Bitcoin

Duration: 40 minutes

The speaker, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, will make you obsessed about Bitcoin. He will tell you about Bitcoin from monetary history’s perspective and what bankers do to you which Bitcoin aims to stop !!

Why Decentralized Technology Like Bitcoin Matters for Freedom 

Duration: 40 minutes

Get introduced to Bitcoin like other decentralized technologies. Get to know the cost you are paying for not using Bitcoin and similar technologies. And how humanity stands a crossroad today. I promise you will appreciate Bitcoin more after viewing this…

The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous in tweets 

Duration: 60 minutes

This is a must read tweetstorm on one of the best Bitcoin books written so far for non-technical people like you and me. It will touch upon hard money and soft money. How Bitcoin like hard money has the best chance of making society a better place to live in.

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution | Full Documentary 

Duration: 60 minutes

This documentary tells you how Bitcoin will separate money and state. Right now money is generated by the state, i.e. by respective nations. It talks about Cyprus and how their government confiscated citizen’s money through bail-ins in 2013 and how this is an impossibility with Bitcoin. Thought-provoking work !!

Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble – Full Documentary 

Duration: 35 minutes

Watch Milton Friedman – a noble prize winning economist predicting Bitcoin way before it was invented and know why Bitcoin matters beyond its speculative price actions. Get a full perspective on last century’s impact on today’s money that we use and the roles of banks and government in printing that money !!

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

Duration: 50 minutes

This is the most read Bitcoin article on Medium right now. The article ends by saying ’50 years from now, that monetary base will be Bitcoin.’ So how can you not read this when you start dwelling into Bitcoin? The article talks about the origins of money and the monetization of money itself and how Bitcoin might be monetized to become the ultimate medium of exchange !!

The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument

Duration: 100 minutes

The boldest argument on Bitcoin that you will find on the internet today. It talks about, how you should look at Bitcoin? What will it do to humanity? What will it do the current credit bubble that the nation states have created? How you can benefit from Bitcoin and what will be its price in 10 years or so…& why all fiat currencies like USS or EUR are doomed to fail !!

Lightning Network’s Introduction by The Money Mongers 

Duration: 10 minutes

Exploring Bitcoin and not knowing about the lightning network is highly illogical. Lightning is the second layer solution of Bitcoin which will make it scale for billions of people around the world.

Real Lightning Network

Duration: 50 minutes

Hear from Elizabeth Stark, CEO, and Co-Founder of Lightning Labs herself who is contributing directly to the infrastructure of lightning. Get to know about SplicingAtomic Multi-Path (AMP) Transactions, etc.

Revisiting Lightning

Duration: 60 minutes

Learn more deeply about lightning network and how it is developed? Get to know more about payment channels and channel factories like innovations to push Bitcoin to the next level for the masses

The case for a small allocation to Bitcoin

Duration: 30 minutes

As the name suggests, ‘The case for a small allocation to Bitcoin’ is an exploration guide on investing in Bitcoin. It proposes to allocate 1% of your net worth in Bitcoin as it sees Bitcoin going to the levels of $1 million per coin.


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