Cryptohopper is one of the best-engineered crypto-bot trading platforms in the market and is loaded with features that allow users to generate consistent profits.

With its intuitive interface and easy-to-use functionalities, Cryptohopper is suitable for all types of traders, including beginners. In short, Cryptohopper is the gold standard in the crypto-bot trading segment.

But, today in this guide, we will be looking at Cryptohopper alternatives that are as easy to use as Cryptohopper and offer a rich experience in the bot-trading segment.

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Best Cryptohopper Alternatives 2022

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#1. Quadency


Quadency is a US-based digital asset management platform founded in April 2018. The platform offers to trade, automate strategies, and monitor your holdings under a unified platform. 

The platform incorporates a range of features and functionalities to streamline the process of crypto trading and investing. Quadency provides access to 12 leading global crypto exchanges and 11 trading bots to automate your trading strategies. Moreover, combining all supported exchanges, it supports over 1270 crypto assets and lists around 3670 trading pairs. 

Quadency offers pre-configured bots like smart order, market maker, mean reversion, multi-level RSI bots, which is available to all account holders. For premium account holders, there is also an option of strategy coder, that allows you to code your strategies, run unlimited backtests, and use multiple live bots at a time. 

Pricing-wise, Quadency has three account types, HODLER, a free account type, PRO, billed $49 monthly, and is suitable for active traders and personal portfolio managers, and INSTITUTIONAL, for quant traders and professional portfolio managers. 


Why should you use Quadency?

  • All-in-one easy to use platform
  • Wide range of trading bots
  • Integrates with leading exchanges
  • Free HODLER account for beginners

#2. Bitsgap


Bitsgap is an all-in-one crypto trading platform founded in 2018 and based in Estonia. The platform lets you connect to over top- 25 crypto exchanges and enable trading in one place. 

Through the Bitsgap platform, you can trade and analyze signals in over 10,000 crypto pairs, arbitrage from the price difference in different exchanges, automate your trading strategies, automatically detect signals of coins with the strongest potential. 

Apart from all these features, Bitsgap also allows you to monitor your real-time portfolio performance at a glance.

Bitsgap free plan includes standard features with a $1000 trading limit. The BASIC plan starts at $19 monthly, which offers a $25,000 trade limit and access to 2 trading bots. The ADVANCED and PRO account costs $44 and $110 monthly respectively. 

It also supports local currency conversion through VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal. 


Why should you use Bitsgap?

  • Integrates with close to 30 crypto exchanges
  • Wide range of trading both
  • Multi-monetary account set-up
  • Allows fiat conversion

#3. 3Commas


3Commas is a well-regarded crypto bot trading platform that started in 2017 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. 

The platform connects to up to 23 leading crypto exchanges and lets you manage all your crypto accounts in a single portfolio. It offers a smart trading terminal that allows you to customize your own trading strategies and also copy the trading strategies of other successful traders. 

3Commas offers four types of bots- short bot, simple bot, composite bot, and composite short bot. It also offers Options Bot, which lets you automate your options trading strategies. 

Other features include TradingView cryptocurrency signal finder, performance analytics, social trading, back-test crypto portfolios, etc.

3Commas doesn’t offer a free account and its STARTER plan costs $14.50 monthly. The monthly charge PRO and ADVANCED plans are $49.50 and $24.50 respectively. Access to the trading bot is available only on PRO and ADVANCED accounts. To know more about the bot, have a look at this 3Commas review.


Why should you use 3Commas?

  • Offers access to leading crypto exchanges
  • Smart trading bots
  • Social trading option
  • Clean and intuitive interface

#4. TradeSanta


TradeSanta is purely a crypto-bot trading platform and specializes in automating trading strategies. First came out in 2018, but started gaining traction in the later part of 2019. Now, it has a strong community of over 25,000 members having executed over a million deals.

Getting started with Crypto Trading? Know What is Basis trading?

TradeSanta has simplified the crypto trading bot universe and offers some great trading tools to its users. Currently, it has over 6,400 active trading bots, the highest among its competitors. It offers three bot templates, a long bot template, a short bot template, and a custom bot template. Other TradeSanta tools include extra orders, martingale, buying coins for commissions, advanced technical indicators, etc. 

It currently connects to seven leading crypto exchanges including HitBTC, Binance Futures, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Huobi, Upbit, OKEx, and has plans to add BitMEX soon.

TradeSanta is very affordable compared to other crypto bot trading platforms. It includes four plans, MINIMUM (free plan), BASIC ($14/month), ADVANCED ($28/month), and MAXIMUM ($42/month). The MINIMUM plan includes access to 2 trading bots and has a monthly trading limit of $3,000. 


Why should you use TradeSanta?

  • Simple and straightforward platform
  • Supports a wide range of trading bot and other trading tools
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cloud-based platform

#5. Zignaly


Zignaly is a next-gen cloud-based crypto trading bot platform with a ton of useful features and is suitable for all types of traders. The trading platform is currently linked to only Binance and KuCoin but has plans to add more crypto exchanges.

It mainly provides services like copy trading, crypto trading bot, and trading terminal. One of the unique additions to features is it lets you trade automatically with the help of third-party signal providers. Currently, it supports over 21 different crypto signal providers that offer high-quality signals. 

Zignaly is currently free for users and offers unlimited exchange accounts, unlimited coin pairs, unlimited positions, and priority support.


Why should you use Zignaly?

  • Advantage of integrating third-party signal provider
  • User-friendly platform
  • Free account set up
  • Cloud-based platform


You can see, there are plenty of alternatives of Cryptohopper to choose from and each platform offers some distinct functionalities.

All the options discussed here are some of the best and reliable crypto trading bot platforms in the market. However, Quadency, 3Commas, and Bitsgap are way ahead with their functionalities and capabilities.

Crypto trading bots are the future of crypto trading and let you profit from every opportunity in the market which would not have been possible otherwise. So, choose the platform wisely and are highly regarded.

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Profits from volatility, with 0.05% fee

  • Liquidity from Binance & Huobi

  • Access 2000+ tradable crypto-assets

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