StormGain and KuCoin are two of the most popular crypto exchanges available out there. Both exchanges offer you tons of features, trading markets, and cheap trading fees.

So the question is, between StormGain and Kucoin – which one should opt for?

The decision can be confusing and hard to make.

But to help you out, I have compared both exchanges at many key factors, such as trading fees, product offerings, customer support, and more.

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StormGain vs KuCoin: At A Glance Comparison


Stormgain is a pretty unique crypto exchange that works as both CEX and DEX trading platforms. The highlight of the exchange is that it offers you crypto trading with leverage up to 500x.

The exchange was founded in mid-2019, and it is registered in Seychelles and headquartered in London, England.

Being a CEX and DEX platform, Stormgain allows you to trade directly from your blockchain network and requires no deposit.

As well as it offers you many other cool crypto features, such as trading signals, crypto options etc.

You can use StormGain promo code to sign-up on the exchange to get welcome bonus.



KuCoin is a leading cryptocurrency day trading platform available out there.

The exchange was established back in 2017.

In today’s time, KuCoin is known for offering tons of features and other services. For instance, you can use the exchange to trade in the spot, margin, and derivatives markets.

Along with that, it also offers you additional crypto features, such as crypto lending, KCS bonus, and more.

StormGain vs KuCoin: Trading Markets, Products & Leverage Offered


  • Spot Trading
  • Crypto Options with up to 500x leverage
  • DEX Perpetuals with up to 500x leverage
  • Tokenized assets
  • Crypto indices


  • Spot Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • USD-Margined contracts with up to 125x leverage
  • Coin-Margined contracts with up to 125x leverage

Verdict: In terms of product offerings, there are hardly any differences between KuCoin and StormGain. But since StormGain is offering leverage up to 500x. Hence, it is the winner for this section.

StormGain vs KuCoin: Supported Cryptocurrencies


When it comes to supported crypto tokens, the number of tokens available on StormGain is pretty limited.

However, there is no number on how many tokens it supports. But you can be assured that it has all the popular crypto tokens. Some of these tokens include:

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • LTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • USDT


KuCoin supports a huge number of tokens compared to StormGain. The number exceeds the 700+ mark, and you will find all sorts of coins, be it popular tokens, meme coins, DeFi tokens, and more. Some of the listed tokens are:

  • TRX
  • DOT
  • SOL
  • DOGE
  • ADA
  • XRP

Verdict: KuCoin becomes the winner by offering 700+ digital assets, whereas StormGain only supports a limited number of tokens.

StormGain vs KuCoin: Trading Fee & Deposit/Withdrawal Fee Compared

StormGain Trading Fees

When it comes to charging you a trading fee, StormGain is quite different.

As the exchange doesn’t charge you any fee at all.

But the exchange will charge you a profit share of 10% from your profitable trades only. Also, when you are placing a trade on the exchange, you must meet the minimum trade amount.

StormGain Deposits & Withdrawal Fees

stormgain deposit withdrawal fees

Talking about the deposits and withdrawal fees, StormGain charges you a fee for both.

It supports the deposit of funds in multiple ways like debit/credit purchases, SEPA, and crypto deposits.

And depending on what fiat currency you are depositing, you will get charged a deposit commission. Plus, you must meet the minimum deposit amount.

For instance, if you are depositing USD via credit/debit card, then there is a deposit commission of 5% on a minimum deposit amount of 50 USD.

Talking about crypto withdrawal, if you are depositing USDT, then there is no deposit fee. But it has a fixed withdrawal fee of 7 USDT. Also, it will occur an additional withdrawal fee of 0.1%.

The fee varies from one deposit/withdrawal method to another, so I would recommend you check out StormGain’s deposit fees & limits page.

KuCoin Spot Trading Fee

kucoin spot trading fee

Coming to KuCoin’s spot trading fee, you get to see a tiered fee structure that is based on your last 30 days’ trading volume.

Plus, it follows a maker/taker fee.

Unlike StormGain, it will charge you for both your profitable and lost trades. But won’t charge you a profit share.

Additionally, you can also avail 20% discount on your trading fees by paying it via KCS (KuCoin’s native crypto token). And here is what the fee looks like:

So the regular fee stands at:

  • Maker: 0.1%
  • Taker: 0.1%

And with 20% discount:

  • Maker: 0.08%
  • Taker: 0.08%

KuCoin Futures Trading Fee

kucoin futures trading fee

For KuCoin futures trading, you don’t get any additional KCS discount. Instead, it charges you a flat fee of:

  • Maker: 0.02%
  • Taker: 0.06%

KuCoin Deposit & Withdrawal Fee

There are no deposit fees on KuCoin when it comes to depositing crypto tokens. But if you are depositing crypto via credit/debit card, bank transfer, or any other payment method, you will get charged a transaction fee.

You also have to pay withdrawal fees and additional transaction fees when withdrawing fiat. And the same goes for crypto token withdrawal.

But you can avoid paying both deposit and withdrawal fees using KuCoin’s P2P Trading.

Verdict: StormGain is a favourable choice as it doesn’t charge you a trading fee but only a profit share commission.

StormGain vs KuCoin: Order Types


  • Market
  • Limit Stop


  • Limit
  • Market
  • Limit Stop
  • Market Stop

Verdict: In terms of supported order types, there is hardly any difference between the two. Hence it is a tie between StormGain and KuCoin.

StormGain vs KuCoin: KYC Requirements & KYC Limits


StormGain has made it mandatory to complete KYC for its users. As a result, to use the exchange, you are required to go through identity verification. The exchange implemented strong KYC procedures to boost security and comply with international KYC regulations.

However, if you are going to use StormGain’s DEX features, there is no need to complete KYC.


KuCoin doesn’t require you to complete KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. Without verifying your account, you can deposit crypto from another wallet or exchange and start trading. However, you are only required to complete KYC if you wish to deposit fiat.

KYC Limits

KuCoin has two different KYC levels. These levels are:

  • Basic Features: A daily withdrawal limit of 1 BTC and a P2P trading limit of 2,000 USD. However, you won’t get access to fiat deposits.
  • Advanced Features: A daily withdrawal limit of 200 BTC along with a P2P Trading limit of 500,000 USD per day. Also, it supports fiat deposits.

Verdict: KuCoin wins this section, As you can use KuCoin without completing KYC to an extent.

StormGain vs KuCoin: Deposits & Withdrawal Options


  • Method 1: Deposit or withdraw fiat via debit/credit card deposit methods or use SEPA transfer only applies to EU countries.
  • Method 2: Deposit crypto tokens from another wallet or exchange.
  • Method 3: For DEX, connect your crypto wallet to the exchange.


  • Method 1: Deposit or withdraw fiat via payment options like debit/credit card, bank transfer, etc.
  • Method 2: Deposit/withdraw crypto tokens from another crypto wallet or exchange.
  • Method 3: Use KuCoin’s P2P trading for free deposit/withdrawal of funds using your local payment methods at zero cost.

Verdict: It is a tie between StormGain and KuCoin. As both exchanges offers you a similar way to deposit & withdraw funds.

StormGain vs KuCoin: Trading & Platform Experience Comparison


stormgain trading

StormGain offers you a pretty straightforward trading experience for both CEX and DEX. It provides you with all the features that you need for placing trades. Some of these features include:

  • Technical Chart
  • Easy-to-use order form
  • Trading pair details
  • Order book
  • Active trades & closed trades
  • Reports


kucoin trading ui

KuCoin has different platforms for both spot and futures trading. For spot trading, you have a simple buying/selling form.

But for futures trading, you have two different platforms – Futures Classic and Futures Lite.

The classic version helps you with a full-fledged trading experience with all the trading tools. In comparison, Futures lite offers you a simple trading system.

As far as the features are concerned, here is what you get:

  • Technical chart powered by TradingView
  • Trading pair details
  • Multiple trading pairs
  • Order book
  • Easy-to-use order form
  • Open orders, order history, stop orders, realized PNL, etc

To learn further about the exchange’s trading experience, you can check this quick guide on how to short Bitcoin on KuCoin.

Verdict: StormGain is the clear winner. The exchange offers you a simple trading experience with no hassle of choosing or navigating multiple trading platforms.

StormGain vs KuCoin: Customer Support


StormGain offers you support in multiple ways. The first option is to reach out to them via the live chat support. Alternatively, you can also contact them via email or phone support. Additionally, you can also join the exchange’s Telegram channel to get further support.


KuCoin also offers you support via their live chat window, and it will connect you with a support agent right away. The live chat can also be used for accessing different help guides. So you can solve your queries quickly. Additionally, you can raise a support ticket to get help over email.

Verdict: StormGain once again wins the comparison by offering more options to contact the support team.

StormGain vs KuCoin: Security Features


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-Signature
  • SSL encryption
  • PCIDSS and GDPR compliance
  • Encryption of all sensitive data
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Quarterly security audit
  • Strict control
  • Controlled and Monitored access


  • Google verification
  • Trading password
  • Restrict login IP
  • Email anti-phishing code
  • Withdrawal anti-phishing code
  • Freeze account

Verdict: StormGain offers you tons of security features more than KuCoin. Hence, the exchange stands out as the clear winner.

Is StormGain Safe & Legal To Use?

StormGain is a safe and secure platform to trade crypto.

The company is registered in the Republic of Seychelles and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) under license number SD036.

Along with that, it also has implemented industry-standard security measures and uses cold storage of funds to protect users’ assets and personal information.

Is KuCoin Safe & Legal To Use?

KuCoin is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade in various crypto assets.

The company is registered in Seychelles, and it follows all the rules and regulations of the region.

Along with that, it also offers you various security features that help you to protect your account, such as multi-factor authentication, trading password, and more.

Plus, the exchange keeps its user’s funds in cold storage.

StormGain vs KuCoin Conclusion: Why not use both?

In the end, StormGain emerges as the clear winner.

Although, both exchanges gave each other a tough comparison. But StormGain offers you high leverage, and zero trading fees, and the combination of CEX and DEX made it the winner.

But KuCoin cannot be ignored as well. The exchange has an advanced trading platform, cheaper trading fees, and allows you to trade in all sorts of crypto markets.

So go ahead and check both these exchanges thoroughly and see which one suits your needs.

Still Can't Decide??

  • Upto 500x Leverage on Cryptos

  • No Deposit or Withdrawal Fees

  • Higher Volume & Liquidity 

  • Cold storage for funds

Learn how does StromGain & KuCoin stack up against the competition:

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