Although Zignaly is a relatively new entrant into the crypto trading bot industry, it is slowly becoming a top-rated option for beginners and experienced traders.

The cloud-based bot offers next-gen services with a myriad of advanced features to make it easier for traders to automate their trading process. From crypto trading bots to lots of trading signals, the company seems to have it all.

However, Zignaly is not as polished as other trading bots, and it seems a bit lacking when it comes to the number of exchanges you can access. If these shortcomings are a deal-breaker for you, here are some other great alternatives.

Zignaly Alternatives To Try



Although you often need to pay something every month to use most crypto trading bots, there are still many free ones out there, and Pionex is one of the best ones. Pionex even outperforms most other paid trading bots, which explains why it is one of the most popular options.

The company offers 12 free trading bots, and the traders can use them to automate their trading 24/7. What’s more, they aggregate liquidity from Huobi and Binance, which are two of the largest and most successful future trading crypto exchanges in the world. Pionex is also one of the biggest brokers for Binance in the world.

Some of the most popular Pionex bots are their grid trading bot, allowing you to buy and sell high and leveraged grid bots with up to 5x leverage.

Traders can also use the trading bots on iOS and Android devices, and the company guarantees maximum security by using highly advanced protocols.



You can hardly ever go wrong with 3Commas regardless of what you are looking for in a trading bot, as they are one of the top companies in the industry. The company has been a pacesetter since 2017, and they allow traders to automate their trading in over 23 top-tier exchanges.

3Commas provides tools to help you develop your unique automated trading strategies or copy what the most successful traders in the market are using. They offer 4 main bot types: short bots, composite bots, simple bots, and composite short bots.

Additionally, they have more than 20 trading indicators and support 24/7 automated trading to allow you to make a profit on your digital assets without having to do much. Other features include backtesting support, custom TradingView signal, and dollar-cost averaging.

The price for their starter plan is $14.5 per month, but they also have two other plans for $24.5 and $49.5 per month.



Quadency is also a highly popular trading bot that has been around for quite some time now and has thousands of loyal users from across the globe.

The company is best known as a digital asset management app and provides tailormade automated solutions to cater to individual and institutional traders. They offer more than 15 trading bots and access to over 4,000 trading pairs.

Quadency aims to make the process of investing in crypto assets smooth for you, and they will allow you to trade on at least a dozen top exchanges that include OKEx, Binance, and KuCoin.

Customizing your trading bots should be easy when on this platform, and the company also offers a variety of these trading bots. What’s more, they have integrated TradeView charting, and they provide unmatched customer support.

There are 3 main pricing plans at Quadency: the free Lite plan, $49 Pro plan, and the $99 Unlimited package.



Bitsgap makes crypto management as easy as it can get, which explains why the company is one of the most popular trading bots out there. They are also one of the largest, with a capacity to analyze more than 10,000 trading pairs from dozens of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

The company also makes automating your trading strategies a breeze. They have a comprehensive tutorial that will help you get started, and once you figure out what to do, you can create an automatic bot trading strategy in just a few mouse clicks.

Keeping track of your trading should be easy when using Bitsgap as they have a simple chart for this. Also, their fully automated bots work 24/7 to ensure you never miss any opportunity, and you can access the bot without downloading or installing it, which is highly convenient.

Other things that give Bitsgap an edge include the fact they allow you to test settings before adding your funds, and the assets always remain with the exchange to ensure maximum safety. Prices on the trading bot start at $19 per month. To know more about it, check out Bitsgap review.



Cryptohopper is one of the best trading bots to turn to if you are more into trading the primary coins like LTC, BTC, and ETH, as they seem to have tailored most of their products around them. Additionally, they provide a secure place for managing all your digital assets.

Many traders love that Cryptohoppers allows them to come up with their unique technical analysis. Also, they make it easy for the traders to access different trading strategies and bot templates.

Their trading bots and other functionalities are also straightforward to use, thanks to the user-friendly interface. Security is also guaranteed by secure account protocols and algorithms. There are also real-time reports to help traders track the market and their trading and Apps for iOS/Android devices.

Cryptohopper has a free starter package, and prices for their paid plans start at $19 per month.



Haasonline offers you more trading bots than most other companies out there, and it will be your best Zignaly alternative if you want to get more bot options. They have over 16 different customizable bots. These bots, 50+ technical indicators, and other things like insurances and safeties allow you to create highly complex trading strategies.

The company offers traders programmable script bots written in C#, and they will allow you to integrate backtesting via Discord and the Telegram App. Additionally, traders can take advantage of the highly comprehensive tutorial that the company offers to gain more insight on how to use the bots.

Users will also love the user-friendly dashboard and how they can customize it to suits their specific needs. Haasonline charges their bots in BTC with prices for the beginner plan starting at 0.004 BTC per 3 months. To get a better understanding of the bot, check this Haasonline review.



TradeSanta offers a cloud-based bot that will allow you to take advantage of market fluctuations to make a profit on your digital assets. You can automate your trading fully using their bots, and they are available 24/7 to ensure you never miss an opportunity and that you do not need to make trading a full-time job to make money.

The company makes it easy to manage your trading risk, and you also get to choose a trading strategy that best suits your preferred trading style. With TradeSanta, you can develop a unique trading strategy or even emulate what other successful traders use.

When using this bot, you can be more specific about what you want to achieve by choosing your profit target and closing the deal at just the right moment. The bot works with at least 8 top exchanges that include Binance, Huobi, and BitMEX.

There is a 3-day free trial package at TradeSanta, but you need to choose from one of the 3 plans that start at $14 per month to use all their features.



The story of Coinigy goes back to 2015, and they claim to be one of the pioneers of automated crypto trading bots. Therefore, if you prefer a company that has been tried and tested over a long time, Coinigy will be an excellent Zignaly alternative for you.

Besides being a highly experienced company, they also offer attractive products. These products include portfolio tracking and management and an efficient multi-exchange trading system. Additionally, traders get over 70 different trading indicators and an analysis of more than 50 trading pairs to ensure they make the most informed trading decisions.

The company will support your trading round the clock by giving you valuable information like real-time price change alerts. You can give the bot a try with their free beginner package, but to get the best from them, you should go for their paid plans that start at $18.66.



Coinrule offers you access to leading crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken. But what makes it a fantastic Zignaly alternative is that it provides more than 130 trading strategies templates that you can use to create a winning automated trading formula.

The company has many unique features that make it stand out from the crowd and give its users a significant advantage when trading.

They include the capability to test rule performance using past data and set custom rules for all your trading. Additionally, the trading bot has advanced market indicators that make it easy to allocate your funds.

You can use the Coinrule trading bots with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your funds are always secure as they use military-grade encryption. Also, in case you run into issues when using their services, they offer real-time customer support. And you can get all this for as little as $29.99 per month.

Stacked Invest

Stacked Invest

Stacked Invest is an easy-to-use trading bot designed to cater to all kinds of traders out there regardless of their experience level. There is no coding required to use the trading bots, so you will be ready to start immediately after you sign up.

The company also gives the traders multiple tools and features that will allow them to expand their trade. These tools include some highly profitable trading bots, pre-built indices, and automatic rebalancing.

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Currently, the trading bot supports more than 10 major exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and BitMEX. The trading bot will support more than 1,300 crypto assets and thousands of trading pairs.

Stacked Invest prices start at $24.99 per month, but they also have a free package with its basic features and functions.



NapBots allows you to use a wide selection of trading bots to improve the outcomes of your trades. The bot works with reputable exchanges, including BitMEX, Binance, and OKEx. With this application, you can execute buy or sell orders automatically.

NapBots offers a safe environment to execute your trades and round-the-clock support to ensure your transactions flow smoothly. Also, you can choose from over 15 different trading strategies, and the bot makes managing your savings a breeze.

Any funds you trade using the trading bot are secured with API keys to ensure you never have to worry about losing your assets to hackers. The company offers a 7-day free trial to give you a feel of their service, and pricing for their packages starts at €19 when in the Silver plan.


If Zignaly does not work for you, even with its many impressive features and advanced trading bots, you still have more than enough alternatives, and you only need to pick what works for you.

From the top-tier options like 3Commas and Quadency to the free trading bots like Pionex, it is all up to you to decide what alternative suits you best. However, if you can try out a few before deciding, the better for you.

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