One of the severe drawbacks of the current crypto ecosystem is, it relies heavily on the centralized structure to drive the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. This altogether defeats the purpose of cryptocurrencies and also brings unnecessary regulations and restrictions. 

However, there are only a few platforms that are truly promoting the decentralized way of transacting in cryptocurrencies without any restrictions. And, one such platform is ChangeHero, offering seamless, limitless access to cryptocurrencies.

ChangeHero has established itself as one of the most reliable exchanges that is trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world and blockchain leaders. 

Let us check how ChangeHero works?

ChangeHero Review

Founded in 2016 and started operating in 2018, ChangeHero is an instant cryptocurrency exchange service provider based in Hong Kong. It allows you to swap over 100 crypto assets and lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies using a credit/debit card. 

ChangeHero is an aggregator platform, which means it facilitates transactions via the third-party platforms like Binance and Huobi, that helps users to get the best rate for their transactions and ensures faster transaction. 

And, it lets you access the crypto market without any registration and limits in place.

Features of ChangeHero

  • Supports a wide range of crypto assets

The exchange lets you buy, sell, and swap over 100 cryptocurrencies including all the major coins and alt-coins.

  • No limits on exchange

The exchange has no limits and restrictions on the size of the transaction and lets you swap as much as you want. 

  • Swap at best rates

Through its integration with multiple trading platforms, ChangeHero helps you to get the best rates for your crypto transactions.

  • Ensures safe transactions

ChangeHero is a non-custodial exchange, which means the exchange never stores your private keys and you have full control over your crypto coins all the time.

  • Faster transaction

Being an instant crypto exchange, ChangeHero ensures all the transaction orders are completed within the shortest possible time. The average transaction processing time on the platform is mostly under the 15 min mark. 

  • Requires no-user registration

You can simply start exchanging cryptos without any registration or KYC verification, thus offering full anonymity to users on the platform.

However, if the ChangeHero system spots any suspicious activity, it will put the transaction on hold and will ask the user to complete KYC/AML verification before proceeding. 

How ChangeHero Works?

ChangeHero services can only be accessed through a web browser and have not added any mobile support. All the transactions can be completed in just five simple steps. 

  • Step 1

Select the type of crypto-assets from the drop-down menu in the “You Send” field and enter the number of funds you want to exchange. Also, choose the currency you want to exchange funds to. ChangeHero will automatically calculate the approx amount you will receive in your wallet

  • Step 2

In this step, check the transaction details and enter the recipient wallet address

  • Step 3

Now, ChangeHero will generate a deposit address for you, where you will need to send the funds from your own wallet

  • Step 4

In approximately 40 min or less (depending on the network speed), ChangeHero will find the best rates after scouring the partner exchanges and complete the transaction

  • Step 5

Following the successful exchange, ChangeHero will now send the exchanged amount immediately to your wallet

In partnership with Coinfy, ChangeHero allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies through credit/debit cards.  And, in partnership with Mercuryo, it allows you to sell your cryptos and transfer funds to your bank account. The said process requires ID verification. 

ChangeHero Fees

The rates are minimal at ChangeHero and charge a reasonable commission of 0.5% per transaction on the platform. However, the fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transaction types will have a higher transaction fee. 

For buying cryptos using fiat, Coinfy charges a convenience fee of 3% for credit/debit card and 1% for bank transfers, apart from the network fees.

Minimum and Maximum Limits 

The minimum and maximum limits for buying cryptos vary as per the verification level of the user. For instance, ChangeHero allows buying cryptos without verification up to a maximum of EUR 300. And, with full verification, the user can buy a maximum of up to 10,000 EUR worth of cryptos per month.

Similarly, there is also a minimum and maximum limit on selling cryptocurrencies. Without verification, the user can sell maximum cryptos of worth EUR 300. And, with verification, the limit increases to EUR 15,000 worth of cryptos. 

What is the Best Rate and Fixed Rate system?

ChangeHero has a two-rate transaction system, best rate transaction, and fixed-rate transaction for users swapping cryptocurrencies. 

The best rate on ChangeHero means the transaction is executed at the best market rate at the time exchange is made. Since the crypto market is highly volatile and also there is a change in network fees depending on the network congestion level, the exchange rate changes continuously. Therefore, ChangeHero scours the market to find the most profitable rate for you, and the final amount one receives slightly varies.

Whereas, in a fixed-rate transaction, you will get the same amount of coins that you see while placing the order. If by any chance, the prices move in your favor, the exchange will not pass the benefits.

However, the difference is minuscule when compared. The best rate is a bit of a gamble and if luck is in your favor, you may receive a bit higher amount of coins. So, if you are a risk-averse person or don’t like to risk losing any value of coins during the buying process, then the fixed-rate system is best for you. 

Customer Support

ChangeHero offers a 24*7 live chat feature for quick resolution of issues. The executive mostly replies within minutes which is quite impressive compared to other exchanges.

Customers can also reach via support email For any question related to buying cryptocurrencies, you can send an email to

Also, you have the option to reach them via their social media account which they maintain on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Reddit. 

Conclusion: Is ChangeHero Safe and Legit?

ChangeHero looks quite legit and safe for users. It allows a safe and quick option to exchange cryptocurrencies without the need to go through the lengthy registration process. And, its high approval rating from its customers gives testimony of its high-quality services.

Some of the benefits of ChangeHero are:

  • Wide range of crypto support
  • Fast and limitless crypto swaps
  • Non-custodial crypto exchange
  • No registration and login
  • Helps to maintain anonymity
  • Low transaction fees
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • Trusted and well-reviewed

The exchange has proved its mettle in this hyper-competitive space by providing superior customer experience and has a solid reputation. It is one of the recommended crypto platforms from our side.