Bitget and Bybit are the two most prominent industry leaders in the crypto space.

Both exchanges have a significant global presence with millions of active traders.

But going through all their features and comparing them is quite a struggle.

So I will closely examine these cryptocurrency exchanges in-depth to tell you which of the two will best fit your strategic trading.

Let’s begin with some basic details about them.

Bybit vs Bitget: Compared

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One of the most prominent names in the crypto sphere that has captured eyeballs and become a popular crypto brand since its launch is Bybit.

This crypto trading platform was launched in 2018, headquartered in Singapore, and registered in the British Virgin Islands, with its key focus on compliance, security, and product. 

Bybit has also attracted 10 million users worldwide, building trust and innovation in its ecosystem and with users who want to be in the crypto trading space. 

It offers up to 100x leverage readily on all crypto pairs on the platform with ample trading volume. 

If you want to start trading with one of the most popular exchanges, feel free to use Bybit’s referral code to sign-up to enjoy deposit bonus. 

In the past, Bybit has run a marketing campaign celebrating 10 million users on the platform and clocking 1 Billion+ trading volume daily.

As part of this campaign, they were offering a fee waiver on all spot trading pairs, so you should keep an eye out for more such campaigns to join the Bybit family.



On the other hand, Bitget is another user-friendly and great crypto exchange in the crypto verse for variable crypto trading strategies, including copy trading and automated trading using APIs.

It was also founded in the same year, 2018, in Singapore. It is a reliable derivatives trading platform that has been granted regulatory approvals in Australia, the US, and Canada. 

At the moment, more than 8 million registered users worldwide, and this number is rapidly increasing.

Bitget is one of the platforms which runs regular campaigns offering sign-up bonuses for new customers.

You can then take a closer look at the exchange, purchase crypto, and start your journey to becoming a crypto trader.

Bitget offers up to 125X leverage on the available cryptocurrency pairs on the platform, with the maximum leverage allowed on the BTC trading pairs.

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Bitget vs Bybit: Supported Cryptocurrencies


Bybit offers more than 319 crypto coins, including all the major ones like BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DOGE, XRP, and many more.

All these assets seamlessly integrate with the product offerings. Users on Bybit can deposit their coins from other exchanges or wallets here via crypto deposits. 

If you want to buy crypto, Bybit is equipped with all you need to make crypto purchases, such as bank transfers.


Bitget, on the other hand, offers a more significant number of cryptocurrencies.

There are more than 526 crypto coins, including the most famous crypto assets like BTC, DOGE, USDT, ETH, XRP, and Solana.

Regarding Futures trading, Bitget has 209 pairs that can be traded.

Verdict: Bitget is the winner in this segment as it offers far more assets than Bybit. 

Bybit vs Bitget: Product Offerings


Bybit features a wide range of crypto trading products you can explore and experiment with. These are:

  • Spot Trading
  • Derivatives Trading
  • Buy Crypto with Fiat
  • Options Trading
  • Bybit Earn
  • Mobile App
  • Trading Bot
  • Margin Trading
  • Copy Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • P2P Trading
  • NFT Marketplace


Bitget also comes with a broad offering of crypto trading products, like:

  • Futures Trading
  • Copy Trading
  • Spot Trading
  • Bitget Earn
  • Margin Trading

Note: Some of these features are to be used by professional traders. Even though the exchange allows users to delve into them, do your research and not bet your house on it.

Verdict: Bybit offers far more products than Bitget and is a clear winner in this segment.


Bybit vs Bitget: Order Types


You can use various order types readily supported on Bybit’s platform to take full advantage of the market. Bybit provides the following order types:

  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
  • Conditional Order


Similarly, Bitget also has a list of order types. These are:

  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
  • Trigger Order

Verdict: Both exchanges offer similar order types. Hence, it’s a tie in this segment.

Bybit vs Bitget: Fees Comparison


Bybit’s fee structure constitutes three types of fees, i.e., Spot Trading Fees, Futures Trading Fees, and Deposit and Withdrawal Fees, and I will discuss them below.

Trading Fees

You will pay this to the exchange every time you open or close a trade.

As the table below shows, Bybit charges users in a maker-taker fashion, and your fees reduce as you ascend the VIP Levels.

With Spot trading, you start at 0.1%/0.1%, and if you keep up your trading without lowering your average 30-day trading volume, you can reach Pro 3 and only have to pay 0.005%/0.02%.

Regarding Bybit’s Futures trading fees, the method of charging fees remains the same, i.e., the Maker/Taker model, starting from 0.01%/0.06%.

This can decrease to 0%/0.03% if you keep upping your 30-day average trading volume.

These fees are subject to change at the exchange’s discretion, so keep an eye on them once you start trading regularly.

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Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Bybit doesn’t charge any deposit fee on the platform, so you will only be paying whatever it costs to send the crypto from where you have it stored to the Bybit wallet.

This allows users to deposit whatever coins they might have in a separate cold wallet or another exchange. 

However, the crypto withdrawal fees are minimal as cryptocurrency withdrawals require on-chain transactions.

The exchange charges you according to the blockchain fee, which might vary due to network congestion.


Bitget also constitutes three types of trading fees which are:

  • Spot Trading Fees: The spot trading fees follow a maker/taker fee model. Bitget charges a flat 0.1%/0.1% fee for all its spot trades. You can get a discount of 20% if you hold Bitget’s native token, $BGB. You will only pay 0.08%/0.08% as spot trading fees in this case.
  • Futures Trading Fees: This fee also follows a maker/taker fee model where 0.020% is charged for the maker and 0.060% for the taker for all the trading pairs supported on Bitget.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Fees: Bitget doesn’t charge deposit fees to fund your wallet. However, the withdrawal fees are vast and depend on the asset you choose to withdraw. Though these fees are minimal, you can refer to this page to understand them in detail. 

To ascend any VIP levels, you will need your 30-day spot trading volume to be above a threshold, hold assets above a certain threshold, or hold $BGB above a specific number.

For example, to reach the highest level (VIP 5), your account must have a 30-day spot trading volume of over 50,000,000 USDT, assets greater than 3,000,000 USDT, or $BGB more than 6,000,000.

In this case, your spot trading fees will be 0.01%/0.04%, and your 24-hour withdrawal limit will be 8,500,000 USD.

Verdict: Bybit offers lesser trading fees and is the winner in this segment.


Bybit vs Bitget: Account Funding Methods

Both platforms offer different funding methods, so let’s compare them.


Starting with Bybit:

  • Method 1: It supports a multitude of fiat currencies. The payments through your account on the platform are handled by some of the most trusted third-party payment providers like Banxa, XanPool, MoonPay, Simplex, Paxful, and Mercuryo.
  • Method 2: You can even fund your account through cryptocurrency transfers from your wallet.


On Bitget, there are two different methods of funding your account. These methods are:

  • Method 1: Bitget currently supports a lot of fiat currencies. You can use these to buy crypto directly and fund your wallet using your Debit/Credit card, P2P services, or any available third-party payment providers.
  • Method 2: You can deposit crypto into your Bitget wallet from another cryptocurrency wallet or exchange directly; this process is quite simple and straightforward.

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Bybit vs Bitget: Trading Platform Comparison


bybit market overview

Bybit’s trading platform and interface have various features and services like Spot and Futures with leverage.

I should be transparent that Bybit’s interface is one of my favorites.

It is a beginner-friendly and advanced trading-worthy exchange.

None of this must be considered investment advice as it is only a personal opinion.

All this means is that it worked for me, and you should try it and see if it does for you, also.

No matter what your trading strategy is, Bybit will fit in flawlessly.

Additionally, it offers features like a Dual Price Mechanism that protects you from price and trade manipulations.

Bybit even provides a trading feature called Testnet, which helps beginner traders understand the platform’s key functionality and features without involving your funds. To get a complete overview of the trading system, here is a quick Bybit tutorial.


bitgate trading platform

Like Bybit, Bitget also houses a robust yet subtle trading interface that houses all the industry-leading functionality and features like margin trading.

Both web and mobile versions are well designed and laid out and easy to navigate with all the advanced trading options at your fingertips.

The platform is designed to aid advanced traders and be simple to understand for beginners.

As the interface leverages TradingView, it is appropriate for any skill level and requirement of the trader.

I also liked that the exchange interface is customizable, something unfamiliar.

Verdict: With my experience on these platforms, I must say Bybit has one of the best user interfaces in the crypto sphere, making it the winner in this segment.

Bybit vs Bitget: Account Types


Bybit allows nearly complete access if your account is verified under its KYC verification policies, but earlier, it used to allow users to trade without KYC.

There is no way to trade anonymously on Bybit now, and a non-KYC account only has the option to withdraw funds from the exchange.

A non-KYC account will be acknowledged under level 0 by default when you register on the exchange.

You don’t need to go through any KYC processing at this level, but the only feature you can use is the daily withdrawal limit of 20,000 USDT and the monthly limit of 100,000 USDT.

At level 1, you need to submit a request following this process:

  1. Click the “Account & Security” tab present in the upper right-hand corner of the home page
  2. Click the “Verify Now” tab in the “Identity Verification” column under the “Account Information” tab.
  3. Click” Verify Now” under Lv.1 Basic Verification

Documents required:

  • Documents issued by the government of your origin country (passport/ID)
  • Facial recognition screening

Level 1 verification gives you access to nearly all of the platform’s features, a higher daily crypto withdrawal limit of 1 million USDT, and no restriction on monthly withdrawals.

For account verification level 2, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Account & Security” tab present in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.
  2. Click the “Verify Now” tab in the “Identity Verification” column under the “Account Information” tab.
  3. Click” Verify Now” under Lv.2 Residency Verification.

Information required:

  • Proof of residence

Once your documents are accessed and verified (within 48 hours of upload), you will receive an approval email.

Level 2 will allow you to withdraw up to 2 million USDT daily and have no monthly withdrawal limit, similar to Level 1.


Like Bybit, Identity Verification or Know Your Customer (KYC) standards are required for all users on Bitget to protect the account against fraud and financing risks.

Completing the KYC process enables you to access all Bitget products and services.

The verification process on Bitget is straightforward.

To complete this process, log in to your account, click on [Account Information], and complete with your nationality, first name, last name, and pictures of your government-issued ID. 

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Bybit vs Bitget: How to get started?


bybit create account

You can follow these steps to register on Bybit 

  1. Go to the Bybit website and click the “Sign Up” button.
  2. Choose your preferred registration method- contact number or email.

Under both methods, you must enter the required information, and you will receive a code depending on your chosen method.

You can register via your Telegram or Google account as well. Once registered, complete the KYC procedures according to your requirements and start trading.

Now, you can fund your account via different methods on the platform and withdraw as required.


The registration procedure on Bitget is quite similar to any other crypto futures platform; follow these steps to create an account and register:

  1. On Bitget’s homepage, visit the sign-up page to register for an account.
  2. Enter your email ID, set a secure password, and complete the KYC procedures as discussed earlier.
  3. That’s it. Now you can fund your account using the methods supported on Bitget and start trading.

Bybit vs Bitget: Customer Support


The platform provides live chat and email support in multiple languages like English, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese, which is helpful for users worldwide.

The customer support team is quite knowledgeable and responsive.


There are various ways to reach customer support on Bitget.

Bitget provides live chat, detailed tutorials, and guidelines for all trading-related procedures if you have any queries.

It also has a FAQ section covering all the fundamentals of crypto trading.

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Bybit vs Bitget: Security Features


Bybit has an impenetrable security system; it spends 20% of its annual budget, significantly more than the industrial average.

With an advanced encryption system, its servers store all the deposit addresses in cold wallets worldwide.

In addition to this, Bybit also has a rigid and regulated policy regarding system security, crypto-asset consolidation, monitoring, operations, and audit.

Bybit also integrates two-factor authentication, features like IP address, and SSL encryption for a safe and secure user experience.


Bitget is a licensed platform by several regulatory authorities in Australia, Canada, and the US, unlike Bybit, which does not have the required licenses to operate in the US.

It uses a combination of hot and cold wallets, storing most of the user’s funds in cold storage.

You also get an option of two-factor authentication, which you can activate anytime for an additional layer of security.

  • Is Bybit safe?

A clear answer to this question is, yes, this platform is pretty safe and legit.

With 24×7, responsive customer support and military-grade cold wallet security, Bybit is one of the market’s most trusted, leading, safe, secure, and transparent platforms.

  • Is Bitget safe?

Yes, Bitget is a safe platform, certified and regulated by various renowned authorities worldwide.

It also offers all the advanced security features, so safety is not an issue on Bitget.

Conclusion: Is Bitget better than Bybit?

Though these platforms look pretty similar at first glance, comparing them head-to-head, clearly, Bybit is a better deal.

The main difference between Bybit and Bitget is that Bybit offers higher liquidity with lower trading fees than Bitget.

With all the features and functionalities and leading in the crypto trading exchange market, Bybit holds the winning spot in this comparison.

Therefore, without a second thought, check them out now by clicking here.

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Learn how Bybit and Bitget stack up against the competition.

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