Bybit and Delta Exchange have recently become really popular in the crypto market. Both of them have made their way among the top major exchanges in the world. I know it is quite a task to compare the best among them.

But don’t worry; I am here to ease it for you. I will help you choose that one platform by comparing both these platforms head to head.

So without further delay, let’s get an overview of both these platforms.

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Bybit vs Delta Exchange

A well-known name in the cryptoverse, conquering the market in a brief period.

Bybit was founded in 2018 in Singapore and registered in the British Virgin Islands. This exchange was set up with a key focus on product, security and compliance.

Bybit has attracted more than 10 million users worldwide, building a sense of trust and innovation in the market.

It offers up to 100x leverage for all the crypto assets supported on the platform. It is currently offering fee waivers on all spot trading pairs, which you should definitely take advantage of. To sign up, use this Bybit referral code to get sign-up bonus.

delta exchange

On the other side is Delta Exchange, another popular name in the cryptosphere, which was founded in 2018, allowing trading in multiple financial markets and supporting numerous products.

This exchange has one of the most powerful and intuitive trading platforms, which makes it a preferred exchange for beginners as well as professional traders and offers up to 100x leverage.

Bybit vs Delta Exchange: Supported Cryptocurrencies


Bybit offers a comprehensive collection of more than 119 crypto assets, including all the major ones like BTC, ETH, DOGE, XRP, SOL, USDT, etc. All these available assets seamlessly integrate with the products offered on its platform. 

Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange offers around 100 crypto assets which can be traded through spot, options and futures markets, including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Link and BCH.

Delta lists various innovative derivative contracts, including DeFi Index futures, calendar spread contracts, interest rate swaps and MOVE options.

Verdict: Bybit is the clear winner in this segment as it offers comparatively more crypto coins than Delta Exchange.

Bybit vs Delta Exchange: Product Offerings


Bybit offers a wide range of trading products which are highly appreciated in the industry; these are:

  • Spot Trading
  • Derivatives Trading
  • Bybit Earn
  • Mobile App
  • Trading Bot
  • Margin Trading
  • Buy Crypto
  • Options Trading
  • Copy Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • P2P Trading

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Delta Exchange

  • Futures Trading
  • Options Trading
  • Spot Trading
  • Spreads
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Robo Strategies
  • MOVE
  • Margin Trading

Verdict: Bybit is again the winner in this segment as it offers more and essential products, which Delta Exchange does not.

Bybit vs Delta Exchange: Order Types


You can utilize various order types in your trades, readily supported on Bybit’s platform, and take full advantage of the market. These order types are:

  • Market Order
  • Limit Order
  • Conditional Order

Delta Exchange

Similarly, Delta Exchange also has a subtle compilation of order types. These are:

  • Limit Order
  • Market Order
  • Stop Order
  • Bracket Order
  • Advanced Attributes for Orders

You can understand them and learn to use them by clicking here.

Verdict: Delta Exchange is the winner in this segment as it offers more order types than Bybit.

Bybit vs Delta Exchange: Fees Comparison


Bybit’s fee structure constitutes 3 types of fees; let’s discuss them now.

  • Trading Fees

Spot Trading Perpetual & Futures Trading
VIP Level Taker Fee Rate Maker Fee Rate Taker Fee Rate Maker Fee Rate
Non-VIP 0.10% 0.10% 0.06% 0.01%
VIP 1 0.06% 0.04% 0.05% 0.006%
VIP 2 0.05% 0.02% 0.045% 0.004%
VIP 3 0.04% 0.01% 0.0425% 0.002%
Pro 1 0.03% 0% 0.04% 0%
Pro 2 0.025% 0% 0.035% 0%
Pro 3 0.02% 0% 0.03% 0%

However, these spot trading fees are free for a limited period.

  • Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

Bybit doesn’t charge any deposit fee on the platform. However, there is a pretty minimal withdrawal fee; I have mentioned them below:

0.0005 0.005 0.25 0.1 10 1 5 0.1 0.001 0.02

Delta Exchange

  • Trading Fees

The trading fees on Delta Exchange follow a maker/taker fee model combined with settlement fees and liquidation factors. You can refer to them in the table below: 

Category Taker Fees Maker Fees Settlement Fees Liquidation Factor 
Inverse Futures 0.05% 0.02% 0.05% 0.2%
USDT Linear Futures 0.05% 0.02% 0.05% 0.2%
ALT-BTC Futures 0.1% 0.1% 0.1% 0.2%
Commodity Futures
Options 0.03% 0.03% 0.03% 0.2%
MOVE 0.03% 0.03% 0.03% 0.2%
Calendar Spreads
Spot 0.05% 0.05% NA NA

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

When it comes to depositing fees, there is no minimum limit for deposits, and there are no deposit charges to fund your account.

However, for withdrawal fees, the deposit fees depend on the asset you are trading in and a minimum withdrawal level set. For DETO holders, there are no withdrawal fees. You can understand the fee structure in more detail by clicking here.

Verdict: Bybit is the clear winner in this segment, with an affordable fee structure and zero fees for spot trading.

Bybit vs Delta Exchange: Account Funding Methods

Both platforms offer different modes of funding your account; let’s see what these are:


  • Method 1: Through fiat currencies

There are 59 currencies to choose from, and the payments through your account on the platform are handled by some of the most trustworthy third-party payment providers like MoonPay, Simplex, Mercuryo, Banxa and XanPool.

  • Method 2: Crypto Transfers

It lets you make deposits directly using cryptos from your wallet.

Delta Exchange

Regarding Delta Exchange, this platform also offers similar funding methods as Bybit. Additionally, you can also transfer funds using ZebPay. You need first to make an account and use your fiat currency to make a deposit.

Bybit vs Delta Exchange: Trading Platform Comparison


bybit ui

I have been using Bybit for a while now, and the reason this crypto future trading platform has clinched me for so long is its commendable interface.

Bybit’s UI is equipped with all the advanced charting systems and is powerful as well as lag-free even during high server congestion.

The trading platform consists of various trading tools that include:

  • Trading View: It comprises the order book, Buy/Sell boxes, and chart view demonstrating an asset’s price history. Its interface offers candlestick charts and enables multiple timeframe analyses using indicators and price action.
  • Mobile App: It is available on both iOS and Android devices and seamlessly works on all your devices, supporting all the functions like the web portal.
  • Bybit Calculator: It enables you to calculate Profit/Loss, Target Price, Available Leverage, Required Margin and Liquidation Price. That’s how you can minimize your risk and manage your positions better.
  • Bybit Testnet: It lets you test the platform before signing up, which is quite handy. It is a dummy version of Bybit where you can make a demo account and experiment with its features.
  • Trading Bot: Bybit exchange has integrated with 3Commas to provide a crypto trading bot that lets you automate your trades.
  • Data Analysis tools: Bybit offers four crucial data analysis tools, which are:
  • Price Moving Averages
  • Monthly Price Range
  • Rolling Volatility
  • Daily Realized Volatility

To get into details, you can go through this guide on how to use Bybit exchange.

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Delta Exchange

On the other hand, Delta Exchange is also equipped with one of the most versatile and robust trading platforms. The interface has institution-grade trading features and functionalities for an optimized trading experience. The highlights of these features are:

  • Extensive Trading Panel

The panel is located at the extreme right of the window and includes the following data:

  • 24h change
  • 24h volume
  • Funding rate
  • Est. next funding
  • Next funding in
  • 24h high
  • 24h low

Charting System: You can see the chart of four variables: funding, market depth, the traded and market price. Delta exchange comes with the TradingView charting system.

The system comes with all the TradingView features, including:

  • Multiple Time Frames
  • Chart Types
  • Indicators
  • Drawing Tools
  • Strategy Tester
  • Mobile App
  • Testnet

Verdict: With personal experience and thousands of reviews from crypto enthusiasts, Bybit takes the lead in this segment.

Bybit vs Delta Exchange: Account Types


Bybit allows complete access once you are verified through KYC policies. However, you can also trade anonymously without sharing your personal information, but the accessibility is limited.

When you register yourself, your account is acknowledged under level 0.

You don’t need any KYC here, but your daily withdrawal will be set to 2 BTC.

For level 1, you need to submit essential identification documents like Documents issued by the government of your origin country (passport/ID) and Facial recognition screening.

Country of Residence Type of User Daily Withdrawal Limit Lifetime Withdrawal Limit
All Countries Unverified Users No trade or withdrawal access
India, China, Canada (expect Ontario & Quebec) Verified Users Infinite Infinite
Rest of the world Level 1 Verified – Phone 5K 50K
Level 2 Verified – Phone and Identity 50K 500K
Level 3 Verified – Identity and Address Infinite Infinite

For the corresponding level 2, you need to submit proof of residence. All these documents must be submitted via clicking the “Account & Security” tab and selecting the “Verify Now” option.

Once your documents are accessed and verified (within 48 hours of upload), you will receive an approval email; you can withdraw up to 100 BTC equivalent funds daily.

Delta Exchange

Account types and accessibility on Delta Exchange depend on your country of residence; it makes sense as each country has its regulatory norms. Please go through the following table to understand it better.

Bybit vs Delta Exchange: How to get started?


bybit sign up

You can follow these steps to register on Bybit 

  1. Go to the Bybit website and click the “Sign Up” button on the top.
  2. Choose your preferred registration method- contact number or email. Under both methods, you must enter the required information and the code you’ll receive depending on your chosen method.

You can register via your telegram or google account as well. Once you’ve registered, complete the KYC procedures according to your requirements and start trading.

Now, you can carry on funding your account via different methods on the platform and make withdrawals of your profits.

Delta Exchange

delta exchange sign up

Creating an account on Delta Exchange takes hardly 30 seconds. You must enter your country of residence with your email ID and a secure password. You must go through the KYC procedures depending on your country of residence and get verified.

Once your account gets verified, you can enjoy complete access to the tools and features of the platform. Currently, there is also a 10% discount offered on trading fees for signing up.

Bybit vs Delta Exchange: Customer Support


The platform provides support through live chat and email in multiple languages like English, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Vietnamese, which is helpful for users worldwide. The customer support team is quite knowledgeable and responsive.

Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange offers support via Telegram only, which is a significant drawback. However, the exchange compensates it with its support centre, which includes a comprehensive knowledge base. It has dedicated sections for

Bybit vs Delta Exchange: Security Features


Ensuring a bulletproof security system, its servers store all the deposit addresses in cold wallets with an advanced encryption system.

Additionally, it also has a rigid and regulated policy regarding system security, crypto-asset consolidation, monitoring, operations and audit. Bybit also integrates two-factor authentication and SSL encryption for additional safety.

Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange comes with an impenetrable security system, including a Multi-Signature Cold Wallet, Two-Factor Authentication and Withdrawal Authorizations.  

It provides a secure infrastructure through cutting-edge technologies like IP whitelisting, SSL encryption, traffic monitoring, etc., to further enhance the exchange’s security.

  • Is Bybit safe?

Yes, Bybit is undoubtedly a safe platform with top-notch security features, highly reputable customer assistance, and military-grade cold wallet security that ensures your funds are not going anywhere.

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  • Is Delta Exchange safe?

Delta Exchange is also a safe platform, where security is not at all a joke, and the platform takes care of your fund’s security and safety as its priority. So, you don’t need to worry about your funds when trading on Delta Exchange.


These exchanges, when compared head to head, clearly Bybit stands way better than Delta Exchange in many factors. And being an industry leader for a while now, I would surely recommend you to go for Bybit.

It offers all the features and tools you’ll need to grow in the cryptosphere significantly. So what are you waiting for? Click here, create an account on Bybit and see your profits skyrocketing.

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Learn how does Bybit and Delta Exchange stack up against the competition.

Sudhir Khatwani