In light of recent liquidity issues, we DO NOT RECOMMEND opening an account with FTX Exchange, and users should AVOID sending/receiving money through FTX Exchange.

FTX always seems to generate positive sentiments from both experienced traders and those just starting.

The company offers a wide variety of products for traders to use when trading their crypto and has an easy-to-use interface.

Despite only being around for a few years, FTX is one of the most popular exchanges globally, thanks to its originality and inventiveness.

That said, it is always a good idea to make sure you understand the platform well before investing.

This FTX tutorial looks at the crypto exchange in more detail to help ensure you know what to expect when you choose to use it to trade your crypto.

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FTX Trading Tutorial: What Is FTX? 

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that has been in operation since May 2019. The company was founded by Sam Bankman-Fried, the current CEO, and Gary Wang, the company’s current CTO.

The cryptocurrency exchange has backing from Alameda Research, one of the leading quantitative crypto trading firms.

Additionally, over the years, the company has managed to raise millions of dollars from dozens of investors, including Binance, which has ensured it has solid financial muscle.

The FTX platform supports over 130 cryptocurrencies, from most famous ones like BTC, ETH, and XRP to others like MATIC and SHIB. Also, the platform supports more than 45 leveraged tokens and 20 perpetual swaps.

FTX also offers one of the broadest fiat currency support in the market. You can buy crypto using over 10 different fiat currencies, including USD, GBP, AUD, and CAD.

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What Does FTX Offer? 

FTX is a diverse and highly innovative crypto trading platform that aims to cater to all crypto traders regardless of how they prefer to make money with their assets. 

Therefore, they offer various products, from futures to options. Here is an overview of the FTX crypto exchange platform’s main products.

1. Futures Trading

Futures are derivative contracts that obligate you to buy or sell an asset in the future but at a pre-determined price and size.

FTX allows for futures trading for over 80 different crypto assets. They allow for futures trading on even some less now crypto assets and maximum leverage of 101x. Additionally, the company has two types of futures: quarterly and perpetual futures.

Quarterly futures expire after every three months. The perpetual futures do not have an expiry date and require regular price updates to keep up with the underlying asset price.

2. Spot Market

While the derivatives markets seem to be the most robust on FTX, the company also has a spot market that allows you to trade a wide variety of crypto assets that form dozens of trading pairs.

The spot market is perfect for traders that prefer to trade the traditional way. Traders can trade popular coins like BTC, XRP, ETH, LINK, and several less-known assets. Given the high daily trading volumes at FTX, the spot market also has excellent liquidity.

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3. Leveraged Tokens

FTX provides more than 45 different leveraged tokens for traders to leverage on. They offer a maximum leverage of 101x, but they keep it at 10x by default for safety, given the high risk of leverage trading.

Leveraged tokens on FTX are ERC20 assets that will reflect the real-world price of the underlying asset. 

The Bull, Bear, and Hedge tokens on the platform will rebalance automatically throughout the day to maintain the target leverage. 

This means that when you make profits, the tokens reinvest the money, and when you make a loss, they sell some of your position to reduce the leverage and minimize the risk of liquidation.

4. MOVE Contracts

MOVE contracts are a unique product on FTX, and they allow you to estimate an asset’s volatility over time. Provided the price of the asset moves in either direction, you will make a profit.

For example, if BTC moves by $10 a day, the MOVE contract is worth the same amount. Therefore, a trader can open a long position if they think the price of an asset will move up. If you foresee the price remaining stable, you should go short.

FTX offers these contracts in either daily, weekly, or quarterly expiry periods. Like most other products on the platform, traders can also trade MOVE contracts with leverage to amplify their earnings.

5. Options 

Options are also derivatives, and they work more like futures. However, unlike futures, the traders have the option not to buy the underlying asset when the contract expires.

Instead of an obligation, FTX options will give you the right to buy or sell the asset when the contract expires.

FTX only offers Option contracts for BTC, but they allow the traders to customize their contracts and request a quote from the crypto exchange.

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How Do I Register On FTX

Registering on FTX is similar to the process you would follow on many other crypto exchanges, and it is pretty straightforward as there are only a few simple steps to follow. Here is how to register on FTX:

  • Go to and click the “Register” button at the top right 

Register ftx

  • A registration window will open, and you will need to enter your email address and password

create ftx account

  • Next, read the terms of service and check the box to show that you agree
  • Click on the blue “Sign Up” button to complete the basic signing-up process
  • You will receive a confirmation code that you should use to verify your email
  • You can now secure your account by setting up 2FA under the “Account Security” section on your profile

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How Do I Deposit and Withdraw on FTX?

FTX allows you to deposit and withdraw both crypto and fiat. The deposit and withdrawal process is quick and easy, and you can do it in just a few steps.

When you want to add funds to your wallet, start by going to the “Wallet” tab and clicking on “Deposit” next to the specific currency you wish to deposit. 

You will then get the wallet address to send the assets to/from your other wallets. It should take under an hour for the assets to reflect in your wallet.

Deposit and Withdraw on FTX

The withdrawal process is the same, but you should click “Withdraw” instead. But when you want to deposit fiat, you can use SEPA transfer, wire transfer, PayID, or credit card.

How To Trade Bitcoin & Altcoins On FTX?

Once you have funds in your wallet, you can now start trading. You can easily buy the currency you want to trade and convert it into another. Here are the steps to follow to purchase crypto.

  • Click on the crypto asset you want to buy to open its chart screen
  • Next, click on “Buy” on the asset’s chart screen
  • Choose the amount you want to trade on the keypad or choose the percentage of your wallet to use
  • Tap on “Review” to check the details of your order before completing the transaction
  • Slide to submit, and you will receive a confirmation screen where you should click “Done” to complete

Note: You can also easily trade by converting to a different digital coin.

For example, if you have ETH and want to convert to USDT, you only need to click on “Convert” next to the asset. Next, choose the amount you want to convert and if the price sounds good to you, click on “Convert.”

What are the Various Trading Fees on FTX?

There are different fees and commissions you need to know about before you start trading on the FTX platform

FTX uses a tiered system for its trading fees. There are 6 tiers from 1 to 6, and the higher the volume you trade per month, the smaller the cost you will pay. Here is a breakdown of the fees you will pay at the different tiers.

Trading Fees on FTX

Unlike many other platforms, FTX tries not to charge you any deposit or withdrawal fees when making transactions to/from your digital wallet. However, if what you are withdrawing is more than your trading volume, FTX will charge you a fee of 0.1%.

Also, traders need to note that fiat withdrawals might attract a fee. For fiat withdrawals less than $10,000, FTX charges a $75 flat-rate fee.

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Does FTX Require KYC? 

KYC verification is not mandatory on FTX. However, the company places restrictions and limitations for accounts that do not do KYC verification.

If you do not verify your account and just register with your email, you can withdraw a maximum of $1,000 from your account. 

FTX KYC Levels?

There are 4 different verification tiers on FTX: tier 0, tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3.

Traders are tier 0 are those who only register with their email and create a password without filling up basic profile information. Such traders can still trade crypto on FTX, but their withdrawal limit is $1,000 per day.

FTX KYC Levels

Traders at the tier 1 level are those that will fill up their basic profile information like name and country of residence. The traders can withdraw a maximum of $2,000 per day.

Tier 2 is where you need to do the KYC verification. Here you will have to fill up your date and place of birth and provide an ID document as proof. 

Also, to get tier 2 verification, you have to provide proof of address and take a picture holding your ID card and a piece of paper handwritten with the day’s date and the word FTX. With tier 2 KYC verification, you get unlimited crypto withdrawals.

Tier 3 is the highest level of verification at FTX. Besides the documents you provide for tier 2 verification, you must upload a bank statement not older than 3 months.

FTX gives you unlimited crypto withdrawals and OTC fiat wire transfers when you get this verification.

How To Complete KYC on FTX?

It is crucial to ensure you have all the documents ready before starting KYC verification to ensure a quick and smooth process. Once you have everything, here are the steps to follow.

  • Log in to your account and go to your profile
  • Click on “Verify Identity” under the profile section
  • Fill out your basic information, like your full name and country of residence, to get tier 1 verification
  • Next, complete the level 2 form and upload the required documents to complete the verification process

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FTX is a highly innovative and secure crypto exchange platform that offers a variety of features to ensure every trade gets their preferred way of making money with their crypto. 

Whether you prefer traditional spot market trading or riskier and more profitable derivatives with leverage trading, FTX has a product for you.

The company also has one of the best liquidity in the market and supports over 100 crypto assets that form hundreds of trading pairs.

Also, the company is constantly evolving to improve trader experience, and so it is a good platform for both beginner and experienced traders.